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Create and use a colored dock poof in 10.2 Desktop
I'm happy! I just changed my dock poof from a harsh outlined cloud to a colorful Jaguar face fadin' out, and it looks SWEET! If I remember right, Mac OS X.0 had color to its poofs, but they took it out, and we were stuck with monochrome poofs. But now with Jaguar, POOF! We've got color poofs again!

In order for this hint to work, you need System Admin access, a good Image Editor that supports PNG image file support, and a good image to play around with.

Read the rest of the article for the how-to ... or click here for a short movie showing the normal poof with a neon effect [editor: my color test poof...]

Here's how I did it:
  1. Find the Easter Egg. Go to System -> Library -> CoreServices. Control click on Dock, then select Show Package Contents. Go to Contents -> Recources and there you see a WHOLE bunch of goodies.

  2. Set the Overbearing File Permissions. In the Resources window, type command-i to Get Info. Go to Ownership and Permissions, click the Unlock button, enter your Admin password, change the owner from "system" to YourName (me), and click Apply to enclosed items.

  3. Back up. A little more ... hold it, that's right. Control-Click on poof.png and select Duplicate. Rename your fancy new poof copy.png to something more understandable like, I don't know ... poofbackup.png.

  4. Open says me! Open poof.png with your favorite image editor! I'll use myself for an example with this step. I used Photoshop to cut out an image of a full color Jaguar I swiped somewhere off the interent. I then faded it out by 20% fade through each of five increments, and put the sequential images on a 128 x 640 image. I then placed guides on 128 pixel increments, and made sure my little fading Jaguars were perfectly centered in each of those 128 x 128 squares. If you kinda follow me ... I think ... yeah.

  5. By the power of Steve Jobs, I command you to be SAVED! Make sure your layers have not been flattened if you have more than one layer. Save your file as poof.png -- make sure your file is save as a .PNG file. Save it to your desktop, since chances are you can't save it directly into the Dock's resources folder.

  6. Out of the way, Peck! I sure hope your Dock's resources window is still open. Cuz if it ain't, go back to step one, and open the resources file again. Move your fancy new poof.png from the desktop to the Dock's Resources folder. It might ask you if you want to replace poof.png. Say Yes.

  7. Make your Overbearing File Permissions come back. Type command-i again to get the info window open. Go to Ownership and Permissions, and change the owner from YourName (me) back to system. Click the lock button, and enter your password. Click Apply to enclosed items once again.

  8. Clean up. Close all your windows, either log out and log back in, or find some way to restart that snazzy new dock! Throw a few applications or folders in there, and drag them right back out and see the colorful new poof you just created!
Feel special that you just done something that a crazy Graphic Designer (locked in solitary confinement under his own free will, has no life what so ever, needs to find a hobby) has figured something so silly like this!

[Editor's note: I did this myself in a slightly different manner through the Terminal, but the net of it is, it works! My experimental poof was just a colored version of the disappearing cloud, and that's exactly what I saw after restarting the dock. Very fun. Now to find something more interesting...]
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Create and use a colored dock poof in 10.2 | 14 comments | Create New Account
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Authored by: zadak on Sep 01, '02 02:05:42PM

If someone does some nice explosion please post it here...

Another idea is to do a comic stylee POW! thingie.

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Authored by: wuf810 on Sep 01, '02 06:12:09PM

Some poofs avaliable from here

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Authored by: robg on Sep 02, '02 12:19:20PM

In 10.1, poofs were PDFs. In 10.2, they are PNGs. I'm not 100% positive a PDF won't work, but I only see one PNG (the Jag cloud) on the site at the moment.


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Authored by: BlueGus on Sep 03, '02 09:57:21AM
I've made a cartoon-y explosion Dock poof. You can get it here.

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Authored by: omegasdx on Sep 03, '02 11:33:05AM
I know, this ain't the 60's Batman TV show, but it's a really cool poof I made myself. ;) Thought I'd take the opportunity to share. ;) Click here. There's gonna be a slight problem with this though. My free trial membership to .Mac will expire VERY soon. If the link don't work, it's the ONLY time you can yell and scream at Apple. While you're at it, why not enjoy my website goodness? Thank you!

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Authored by: jasonxz on Sep 01, '02 04:24:43PM

Is there a resource for changing the color of the arrow?

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Arrow And then some!
Authored by: omegasdx on Sep 03, '02 06:52:14PM

You're in luck! I just checked out (and suprise suprise) There's an application called "Transparent Dock 2.0.2" It's got everything...maybe...too much of everything...I kinda makes my hint a bit obsolete now...Go check it out!

Well, squish! If this app came out earlier, I wouldn't have had to post this hint! Ok, I think it's about time I shut up now. ;)

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What about Sounds?
Authored by: BlueGus on Sep 02, '02 12:12:02PM

Very cool tip. Any idea how to change the sound? I looked through the resources and it\'s not there. I also searched through the plists and couldn\'t find it. It sounds like on of the iChat sounds, so it should just be a pointer...

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What about Sounds?
Authored by: omegasdx on Sep 02, '02 10:31:09PM

I am VERY glad you asked that question! Which actually brings up another totally cool hint! The sounds for the dock (and other User Interface Sounds) are buried deep here:

System -> Library -> Components -> CoreAudio.component -> Contents -> Resources -> System Sounds (hold it right there)

You see a bunch of folders? Those are like...THE stash of all the User Interface Soundsets. Cool, huh?

Go to the Dock folder. Now, i haven't changed them myself so far, so I have no idea if I'm 100% right, but I'd backup the sounds they have there, rename them, and place a new sound (let's say starspangledbanner.aiff) and remame it to poof item off dock.aiff.

I'm sure you can do similar fun things with the other UI sounds. ;) Have fun!

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What about Sounds?
Authored by: BlueGus on Sep 03, '02 01:05:57PM

Unfortunately, changing these doesn't work. I added a sound to the dock folder, then renamed it to 'poof item off dock.aif' then restarted the dock. The sound, however, didn't change. Too bad.

Also, I noticed in the contents is the finder icon as well as the trash icon. These can be mucked with as well!

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What about Sounds?
Authored by: omegasdx on Sep 03, '02 04:58:18PM

It didn't work?! Well, sqush! I feel completely and utterly sheepish and idiotic. Like I said, I didn't change the sounds myself, so I wouldn't have known, really... ;) Maybe next time I should look before I leap, huh? ;)

Thanks for correcting me! I appreciate it. :)

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What about Sounds?
Authored by: BlueGus on Sep 03, '02 08:23:47PM

It's funny about that folder. If you look in the 'finder' subfolder, there are sounds there for Moving something to the trash and Emptying the trash. But neither of those sounds play when I do that action. Perhaps it's just some sort of leftover folder and isn't used by the system.

Just a guess.

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No need for an alpha channel
Authored by: meancode on Sep 03, '02 02:24:35AM

all the poofs at resexellence sans the new jaguar poof will not work in 10.2, even if just converted to a PNG. 10.2 poofs dont use an alpha channel at all!

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No need for an alpha channel
Authored by: chmod007 on Sep 03, '02 05:04:31PM

Of course they do. They use the alpha that is inherent to the png image.

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