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Add a screen locking icon to the menubar Desktop
I just noticed this - I think it's a Jaguar only feature.

Go into Keychain Access (in /Applications -> Utilities) and select View -> Show Status in Menubar. As expected, this puts the keychain menubar icon on the menubar. Click on the lock icon on the menubar, and there's a "lock screen" option (along with a couple of others). Ok, so all it does is activate the screen saver with the password option, but it's still helpful.
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Authored by: frogmella on Sep 10, '02 10:04:38AM

This was one thing that I missed when migrating from Windows - the ability to leave a computer in a public area (i.e. office) in a secure state by hitting ctrl-alt-delete, then 'lock computer' (iirc).

What I had done was to make the top-right of the screen a screen effects 'hot corner', but I kept inadvertently activating it. This is sooo much nicer!

God, this OS just gets better and better!

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Brilliant tip
Authored by: eno on Nov 20, '02 10:21:05AM
This is exactly what I was looking for...


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Hot Key
Authored by: Keithflux on Dec 12, '02 03:18:11PM

Is there a way to hotkey this? like the ctlr,alt,delete in windows.

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Can't change screensaver from planet/space
Authored by: nicholasoften on May 23, '03 04:29:09AM

I love the screen locking feature but I can't get it to use any other screen saver....when i first activated the widget it used the planet\space screensaver but when i go to screen effects and click a different saver that i want to use, it works from the screen effects box but not when i click lock screen....just the same planet\space one......then when i go back to screen effects IT has defaulted back to the plant\space thing!

anybody know how to resolve this issue?

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Can't change screensaver from planet/space
Authored by: nicholasoften on May 23, '03 02:51:50PM

wow....nevermind...all i had to do was log out and back in before i used the lock screen feature but after i had switched my screensaver

silly me

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More Apple "Good News - Bad News"
Authored by: revargent on Sep 19, '03 09:32:57PM

Man, I'm glad this is here, I hate dicking around trying to find the hot corner.

But, damn, the whole magic-key-corner-click-command-option-footpedal mess on the Mac just getsgnarlier and gnarlier. They really need a central meta-input manager like the typical UNIX X Window Manager, which lets you assign keystrokes and clicks to actions and run scripts or macros or programs in response to them.

I can see it now. Preferences->Keyboard->Functions and Preferences->Menu->Functions. And while they're about it... a better way to add things to the Dock than killing it, tweaking its prefs file, and restarting it.

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Another Launcher does it!
Authored by: revargent on Sep 19, '03 10:39:42PM

It's looking like Another Launcher is going to be the application that fills in a lot of the gaps... you can bind any meny item to any action. One item is... Screen Saver. So now I hit Ctrl-Alt-Del and I'm locked!

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