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Access 10.2 shared PostScript printers from OS 9 Network
It's easy to enable OS 9 clients to print to your shared PostScript printers on a Jaguar server; all you need to do is set up cups-lpd on the server. First, add a new file 'printer' to the /etc/xinetd.d directory containing these lines:
service printer
disable = no
socket_type = stream
protocol = tcp
wait = no
user = root
server = /usr/libexec/cups/daemon/cups-lpd
groups = yes
flags = REUSE
Then restart xinetd with:
 % sudo killall -HUP xinetd
Obviously, "Printer Sharing" needs to be enabled in the 'Sharing' Prefs panel, and if you have the built-in firewall enabled, add a new rule to pass through port 515 (lpd).

OS 9 clients then have to create a new desktop LPR printer, with 'hostname' set to your Jaguar server and 'queue name' set to the printer's CUPS name as displayed by...
 % lpstat -v
... or the CUPS web interface. Of course, this also works with any other client using LPD instead of IPP, such as older UNIX boxes.
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doesn't work :(
Authored by: belette on Sep 01, '02 09:14:02AM

I've got a Canon BJC 2100 USB printer, I followed the instructions (btw, there's a typo, it's xinetd, and not xinted), I created a new LPR printer on the OS9 box, and when I try to print it says there's an error -8055.
Any ideas?

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doesn't work :(
Authored by: bluehz on Sep 01, '02 10:43:48AM

Same here - same error

I did actually get the printer to respond by using the PrinterName (what you name it in CUPS) as opposed to the printer lpd://. It started printing out page after page of raw postscript code....

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doesn't work :(
Authored by: Anonymous on Sep 01, '02 05:09:36PM

You'll need a postscript printer to make this work. Desktop Printer Utility only creates postscript printer queues.

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Modified hint...
Authored by: robg on Sep 01, '02 05:49:02PM

I have added the PostScript clarification to the original hint ... thanks for letting me know - I don't have an OS 9 machine to test on.


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doesn't work :( believe me...I know!
Authored by: modingo on Aug 25, '03 03:53:11AM

Same error here. This must only work for a few printers. Probably true PS2 printers only. I think a FriendlyNet Enet hardware solution may be the only way.

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Authored by: natenate on Sep 01, '02 11:57:10AM

In a similar vein, has anyone been able to share a printer via Samba with 10.2?

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Access 10.2 shared PostScript printers from OS 9
Authored by: n9yty on Apr 07, '03 04:00:16PM

To enable MacOS 9 clients to use these printers, you have to slightly modify your xinetd service description to include the following line:

server_args = -o document-format=application/octet-stream

Doing this tells CUPS to use it's filtering on any incoming job, and so if a postscript file comes in, it will filter it to raster output on the printer.

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Does not work
Authored by: modingo on Aug 25, '03 03:49:06AM

This does nothing. I have been working on this for days and have not yet printed a single page from my OS9 box to my OS X connected USB printer (Epson C42UX)

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