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Easy USB printer sharing via Rendezvous System
I have a Canon USB printer plugged into my G4 tower and an AirPort network, and I can now print from my powerbook G4 - very exciting!

Setup was a piece of cake: On the machine with the USB printer attached, open System Preferences -> Sharing, and enable printer sharing. Next go to the other AirPort networked machine, open Print Center (in Applications -> Utilities), choose "Add" using Directory Services and Rendezvous options on the drop downs, and there you go, an airport networked USB printer, sweet!

[Editor's note: Actually, Rendezvous is even more amazing than that. On our iBook, all I had to do was select "Print" in any application after enabling printer sharing on the main G4. Without ever visiting the Print Center, the USB connected Epson showed up ... as did our Ethernet connected Brother laserprinter! Both printers had full device information and worked on the first try. Rendezvous is amazing. As an example of just how easy this is in OS X versus OS 9, check out the TIL article on USB printer sharing in OS 9 (thanks, Jacco!).]
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OS 9 to 10.2?
Authored by: martyl on Aug 31, '02 07:57:21PM

Can I share a USB printer on my G4 running 10.2 with my PowerBook G3 running 9.2 over my Airport network?

Marty Lindower

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USB Share with OS 9
Authored by: blgrace on Sep 01, '02 11:04:47PM

I tried to get rendezvous on my G4 to see my printer attached to my OS 9 iMac - running the USB Printer Sharing - no go.

One thing I didn't do was install the OSX printer drivers on the G4.. maybe that was the problem?

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USB Share with OS 9
Authored by: blgrace on Sep 02, '02 11:51:22PM

Still can't get this to work... must be an OSX 10.2 -----> OSX 10.2 thing ?

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AppleWorks and the Print Share
Authored by: c_w on Sep 02, '02 10:01:12PM

In what I find to be a really bizarre twist of fate, Appleworks appears to not recognize the shared printers. what happens is that the print dialog comes up, and you hit print, but the print job never comes to the shared printer.

Other appls work ( word, stickies, preview, textedit, etc.) but appleworks is failing.

this was tried over a wireless network, and a wired network, on a clean install of Jaguar.

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