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Utilize spring loaded folders in Finder toolbars Desktop
It works! Any folder placed in the toolbar can "pop open" when items are dragged over its icon.

When combined with the new Finder preference making new windows appear in Column view, this is very useful.

Editor's expansion: I was going to publish this as a hint of my own, but I figure it's just as easy to expand on Membranophonist's great start. The screnshot in this hint is from my desktop, showing just one possible use of toolbar spring loaded folders. I keep all the various installers I've downloaded over time, and to make finding them easier in the future, they're sorted into alpha folders within the "Installers" folder. I dragged the Installers folder to the toolbar ... and with spring-loaded folders in the toolbar, I can now file a downlaoded installer by dragging it to the "Installers" folder in the toolbar, hitting the space bar, then dropping it into the correct folder.

I leave the spring-load enabling checkbox disabled on my machine, which puts me in control of when a folder springs open -- they will only open when I press the space bar. I find that this adds no time to the process and prevents those unwanted pop-opens I get if I try to set the auto-open delay to a short enough interval that it doesn't annoy me.

Another very cool thing you can do is create a new folder which contains aliases to each of your hard drives and/or partitions. Place this new folder in your toolbar, and you can now file anything anywhere on your system, regardless of where your current windows may be pointing.

Finally, I prefer to set the view choice on folders in the toolbar to "View as List" as opposed to columns (which I love for everything else). With the list view option, I can size the folders which will pop-open to a very small size (as seen in this screenshot) and then continue to drill-down as needed with the space bar. But the process also works fine in column view; it's not so good with icon view, as the icons can be out of the edges of the window or scattered f you haven't done a "clean up" on the window as of yet.

All in all, spring loaded folders and a column-view option are two of the Finders most useful navigation features. Together, they make an awesome team!
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Use /Volumes
Authored by: mithras on Aug 31, '02 05:36:38PM

Rather than creating a new folder with aliases to your disks, why not just put the /Volumes folder in the toolbar?

I gave mine a nice new icon, and now have drag-and-drop access to any volumes, including temporarily mounted servers!

(as for why Apple didn\'t make the Computer icon poppable, well, only they can answer that)

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Use /Volumes
Authored by: robg on Sep 01, '02 12:49:53AM

Odd ... when I tried that earlier today, I wasn't able to open the items in the folder. Tonight, they work fine.

Bizarro ... but definitely the easier way to to do it!


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New windows in Column view
Authored by: wuf810 on Sep 01, '02 06:21:04AM

Good hint but the New Window in Column View doesn't seem to have an effect. How is this option supposed to work? I thought a window always opens in its last view. Does this override this?

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My Toolbar folder don't spring
Authored by: chabig on Sep 01, '02 09:00:29AM

Folders in my Toolbar don\\\'t spring open, although the preference is on and my Finder windows work fine. Any thoughts or suggestions?


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My Toolbar folder don't spring
Authored by: Danbert on Sep 07, '02 01:44:34AM

I'm gonna go out on a limb and assume you're attempting to double-click-hold to activate Spring-Loaded Folders (SLF)...

Wow, and I thought I was the only one confused about this. I figured my system was messed up (as you've probably figured) until I realized one except for us INTELLIGENT PEOPLE ;-) seem to use SLF to simply OPEN a nested folder - everyone else ONLY seems to want to PUT something INSIDE a nested folder.

As you've noticed, SLF doesn't seem to work if you simply double-click-hold on a directory, you have to actually drag something over the directory in order for SLF to activate (and no, hitting ESC once you've got the desired directory open doesn't cancel the move/copy but leave the window open, all spring-loaded folders close when you hit ESC :-(). And although it's mentioned in the above tip, just in case you didn't pick up on it - you can uncheck SLF in the preferences window and the feature will still work by implementing it with the space bar (I'm fairly certain you're the same type of user as me and this is pretty much the only way you like to use SLF anyhow). So, I guess Apple didn't QUITE give us the SLF that YOU AND I wanted. Oh well :-( Maybe we'll get it in 10.6.2 (everyone remember 7.6.2? ;-).


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