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Software base station internet access fix Internet
I discovered the hard way that if you intend on using a Jaguar system as a Software Base Station (aka Airport Internet Sharing), you have to either:
  1. Turn the built-in Firewall OFF
  2. If the firewall is on, turn Personal Web Sharing on as well
  3. Under Firewall settings, add a New Port set to Port 80 (just call it "Airport Internet Sharing" or whatever you'd like), and turn it ON. Basically, Port 80 has to be turned on in the Firewall.
If you don't do one of the above, you'll get an excellent wireless signal ... but will not be able to surf wirelessly no matter how strong the signal or how perfect the other settings are. This doesn't appear to effect file sharing, just internet access.

Easily fixable, but a stupid glitch to let get by -- even a simple note of explanation written in the Internet Sharing dialogue would've been enough!
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That's funny...
Authored by: acalado on Aug 30, '02 11:52:44AM

Isn't that what a Firewall is SUPPOSED to do? Remember the firewall in OS X 10.2 is turned OFF by default. I think the built-in firewall isn't that sophisticated that it can differentiate between clients trying to access those ports legitimately and those that you might want to keep out. If you turn on the firewall, you are basically saying "I don't want any one to be able to connect to these ports on this Mac".

Incidentally, port 80 should already be enabled in the Firewall if you have Personal Web sharing turned on and checked on on the Firewall tab. I would assume that you would have to enable other ports in the firewall for other protocols as well (such as FTP, Telnet, IRC etc.) if you want your clients to access those services through the shared connection.


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That's funny...
Authored by: dfbills on Aug 30, '02 05:04:05PM

There's more to this bug.. when airport is enabled, discovery packets are continuously sent over *ETHERNET* to look for an AirPort Base Station. This should never happen.

Packets are UDP sent to on port.. (I forget which.. 1XX something..)

Major bug as it will overflow firewall logs..

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Net Sharing works here
Authored by: 47ronin on Aug 30, '02 05:20:17PM

When I got Jaguar, I turned on Internet Sharing and it has the net shared over Airport and my second Ethernet, simultaneously. Everything seemed to work just fine when I reset IPFW, loading my custom firewall.conf rules. I got the file from BrickHouse which I don't need anymore in Jaguar. So far everything is fine and secured!

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Cheap, cheap
Authored by: Anonymous on Sep 08, '02 06:00:42PM

Yes, that is what a firewall is supposed to do, but one might only want it to do this on one network interface. Apple's dirt cheap implementation only offers a sledgehammer all or nothing approach and this is not really acceptable in a modern OS.

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Authored by: dangerman on Sep 17, '02 11:47:27PM

I can't get Internet Sharing to turn on? I click over the button and it responds, but Internet Sharing won't come on. I just installed OS 10.2 on my iMac and use it as a base station for my iBook. I've had OS 10 on the iBook for along time and OS 9.2.2 on the iMac and everything worked fine. Now that I have OS 10.2 on both, the iBook can't see the airport card on iMac(basestation). Any ideas would be appreciated.

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