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Activate Quartz Extreme on PCI Macs System
I got this from the German site

It is possible to activate Quartz Extreme graphics acceleration for Macs with PCI graphics! This is, of course, espacially useful if you upgraded your Mac with a modern 3D graphics card like the ATI Radeon, as I did in my old B&W G3 350.

All you have to do is alter a setting in a plist file. Make sure you have administrator privileges and open: /System -> Library -> Frameworks -> ApplicationServices.framework -> Versions -> A -> Frameworks -> CoreGraphics.framework -> Versions -> A -> Resources -> Configuration.plist. There you will find an entry named GLCompositorConfiguration - GLCompositorRequiredClass with a value of "IOAGPDevice".

You may either replace this with "IOPCIDevice", or add a second entry to the GLCompositorRequiredClass array. Save the plist, restart your Mac, and check Quartz Extreme by turning on zoom in the Universal Access preferences. Now it's feasible even for my G3 350 to run an OpenGL screensaver as desktop background! :-)

[Editor's note: Has anyone done any pre- and post-hack benchmarks on a PCI machine to see the actual improvement in the graphics display? I'd be curious to know how well this works...]
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Activate Quartz Extreme on PCI Macs | 8 comments | Create New Account
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Authored by: jonahlee on Aug 30, '02 11:13:46AM

My friend did this with an ATI Radeon 7000 and had very noticeable speed improvements on the finder, and refinding windows and such. The only problem. Video! He had to switch it back because when this was turned on Video was not accelerated and behaved quite badly.

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Authored by: RandyMan on Aug 30, '02 12:32:36PM

By "video" do you really mean video, like input from a DV camera or something, or things like QuickTime movies on web pages?

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Some comments at Accelerate Your Mac
Authored by: jo5_h on Aug 30, '02 03:06:26PM
Mike at Accelerate Your Mac has put together a page of user feedback, much of which is subjective, though there seem to be a few comments with comparitive measurements. Regardless, this should provide some useful information for anyone here who's thinking about trying this hack to consider.

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ATI Rage 128...
Authored by: paploo on Aug 30, '02 06:37:05PM

From my reading on various sites, this is NOT supposed to work for unsupported PCI cards (like the Rage 128). Apparently they were building in support for some of the PCI cards, but didn't get it done? Anyway, I haven't tried this myself, so it could be completely false information, but I just wanted to let you all know (before you got too excited) that it might not work for some of you.


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Authored by: blgrace on Aug 30, '02 10:53:54PM

I tried this tip after "Quartz Extreme Check" was telling me that my AGP card was running QE but my PCI Orion card wasn't.
Basically, it didn't work. I tried entering a new key for my PCI card - nothing...
I also tried just deleting the whole entry for the GLCompositorRequiredClass - and still no change. Strange thing was that my AGP card remained accelerated no matter what I did to the Configuration.plist
Oh well, as someone noted, this isn't for RAGE 128 based cards anyway but was worth a try.

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Disabling Quartz Extreme
Authored by: cowboy on Aug 31, '02 01:12:50AM

I disabled Quartz Extreme on my iMac G4 because I thought that a display bug in FileMaker Pro might be from it. I just changed the AGP to PCI noted in the hint. It did disable (there is an app at versiontracker to check if Quartz Extreme is enabled), but I reenabled it after I discovered the display bug was not due to Quartz Extreme. has been discussing this hack for several days. I found that on my other computer, a B&W Radeon PCI, that Quartz extreme caused an overall slowdown in my system. The few things it did speed up were not worth the overall decrease in system performance.

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quartz extreme with 8mb vram?
Authored by: artvandalay on Sep 21, '02 03:30:05PM

The configuration.plist file that can be edited to enable QE with
PCI video cards also has an entry that forces a 16 mb vram requirement.
I have an "old" iBook SE 466 with only 8 mb vram on an ATI Mobility chip
(or something). If I use the plist editor to change the requirement to 8 mb
vram, will QE work?

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Dual Monitor Bug
Authored by: gunoz on Oct 01, '02 04:56:20PM

I have a dual monitor configuration where the 2nd monitor is driven by the Quartz Extreme unsupported ATI Rage128 card. Figured I'd put the IOPCIDevice line in anyway to test it. Major problems. Almost every time the mouse would cross from the unsupported 2nd monitor back to the main monitor the cursor would freeze, and the USB mouse would need to be unplugged/replugged to restore movement. Took out the IOPCIDevice line and the cursor freezes went away. If I can procure a better video card I'll try again.

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