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Add the trash to the Finder toolbar in 10.2 Desktop
In 10.1, I was able to add the trash can to the Finder's toolbar by opening up the trash and clicking and dragging the icon from the window title bar to the toolbar (see this hint if you're still on 10.1). This no longer works in Jaguar, as far as I can tell. Fortunately, I still have a 10.1 system at my disposal, so I was able to use it to find another way.

Open up the following file in a text editor:


Add the following section to it, before the </array> line that is five lines from the bottom:
This will add the trashcan to the end of your toolbar.
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Ok, but ...
Authored by: Drogoul on Aug 29, '02 10:03:21AM

this hint works ok, but everytime I drop something onto the Trash icon in the toolbar, the Finder complains that ".Trash" is being used by another process (although it correctly trashes the items).

Any idea on what's going on ?


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No error message here...
Authored by: robg on Aug 29, '02 11:36:06AM
I don't get the error message, but the icon is messed up (up higher than it should be), and it lacks a label. So here's a semi workaround (see the note at the end as to why it's a semi workaround).
  1. Find a good trashcan icon somewhere and copy it so it's on the clipboard.

  2. In the Finder, use shift-command-G (Go -> Go to Folder) to open ~/.trash. Select the .trash folder, do a Get Info, and paste your slick trashcan icon into place.

  3. In the Terminal, create a symbolic link from the ~/.trash file to a new file in your Documents folder:
      % ln -s ~/.trash ~/Documents/MyTrash
    Give the new file a non-invisible name, which is the name you'll see in the toolbar.

  4. Switch back to the Finder and navigate to your Documents folder; you should now see your MyTrash folder with its custom icon in place (and the annoying alias arrow, but I'm not sure how to get around that). Drag this folder to your toolbar, and you now have a toolbar trashcan!
NOTE: The trash on your toolbar will function ONLY with items on the hard drive containing your user's home folder. This is because we used the trash item in the user's folder to create the link. If you trash an item from another hard drive or partition, it will actually get copied into this trashcan, leaving the original in place.

I have no idea how to get a system-integrated trashcan on the toolbar, other than as described in the hint that this comment is attached to...


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Ok, but ...
Authored by: huzzam on Aug 29, '02 01:22:01PM

i had the same problem, because i was pausing over the trash icon for a second, & it was trying to spring open at the same time i was putting the file in the trash. if you're quicker, or if you slow down the spring-loaded folders preference, i suspect it will work right.


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Authored by: Anonymous on Aug 29, '02 10:08:09AM
Just a meta-comment that Apple did a lot of annoying 'blocks' with Jaguar, i.e., the block against third-party menu extras, the block of letting other programs use the Command-Tab keystroke (i.e. LiteSwitch X, etc.), this, and others I'm sure we'll discover. It's still a great version of the OS, but they're getting a *tad* Microsoftish ...

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Authored by: benfsmith on Aug 29, '02 11:32:58AM

Workarounds:Set your LiteSwitch activation keys to something else. I use it with control+tab. Unsanity's Menu Extra Enabler allows you to continue using menu extras.

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re: Grr.
Authored by: nvdingo on Aug 29, '02 12:26:53PM

Is that why my fully licensed (Apple Pro Bundle) version of Snapz Pro X won't work with cmd-shft-3 anymore.

damn it.

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I don't think so...
Authored by: robg on Aug 29, '02 12:36:32PM

I can still assign shift-cmd-3 to Snapz Pro X without any problems (I use '5', though, so I still have the two other tools available if I want them).


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Elevated trash?
Authored by: Monkey Angst on Aug 29, '02 12:12:44PM

On both machines on which I've tried this hint, I get the trash in the toolbar, but elevated relative to the other icons. Weird. Anyone else see this?

Also, on one machine I got the aforementioned ".Trash is in use" message, but not on the other. Hmm....

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Elevated trash?
Authored by: cfenger on Aug 29, '02 03:57:13PM

Yeah, mine's elevated as well. When I upgraded to 10.2, my old toolbar trash was still there, but elevated. I removed it and had hoped this kludge would fix the problem. Ah, well... I'll live without the trash cause the positioning drives me nuts.

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Elevated trash?
Authored by: calroth on Aug 30, '02 04:04:43AM

I see this with the Icon and Text view. With the Icon Only view (which is what I prefer), the trash icon is in the right place. Try Icon Only, you might like it!

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Elevated trash?
Authored by: idrummon on Oct 06, '02 12:44:20PM

My trash has been elevated also (I wish this were true in general).

I think its because there is no text label for the trash in the toolbar. If you choose "icon only" from the display options in the customize toolbar dialog the trash icon behaves itself and plays well with the other icons.

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Flexiable Space
Authored by: pinwheel on Aug 30, '02 12:44:45AM

The trash hint works great...
Now I just need a flexiable space in there.

Does anyone know if there's an item-id code for it?

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What for ?
Authored by: cram on Aug 30, '02 04:12:38AM

What's the use of a trash can on the finder toolbar, when you can have a "delete" button (just by customizing it through the regular dialog) ?

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What for ?
Authored by: benfsmith on Sep 04, '02 10:02:17PM

The difference is that you can't drag to the delete icon. You also can't use it to eject media or other images. The misplaced trash icon will still do this.

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This is better than the delete button.
Authored by: Loren on Sep 10, '02 05:05:55PM

The Trash Can allows for ejecting disks, and disk images. That doesn't work with the delete button.

Otherwise, I detect no difference.

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Trash Can vs. Delete
Authored by: dennishenley on Aug 30, '02 07:48:47AM

I tried to add the Trash Can to the finder window and couldn't.

But then I discovered the Delete button in the customize toolbar area. It's just like adding the Trash Can. The symbol looks like the circle with a slash and all you do to use it is to select a file and click the button. The file is dumped in the trash.

Dennis E. Henley
Chicago, IL

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a simpler method
Authored by: ce8srp on Aug 30, '02 08:06:03AM

An easier option is to use tinkertool, and to make sure you have a trashcan icon ready (download trash x?).... as follows:

- enable the display of hidden and system files
- using get info, copy the icon onto that of .Trash/, located in your user folder
- choose customise toolbar in a Finder window, and drag the new .Trash icon to your toolbar

(the .Trash folder will appear in the browser view if you click on it, but does not reappear for new Finder windows)

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Another, even better way...
Authored by: Loren on Sep 12, '02 09:28:02AM

1. Add the delete button to your toolbar using the customize toolbar option.

2. Open up the following file in a text editor:

3. Search for TRSH and replace it with TCAN

4. Save and exit.

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Multiple volumes
Authored by: kalleboo on Sep 28, '02 10:55:40AM

This (as well as all the other trashcan-on-toolbar tricks before it) acts strangely when you have multiple volumes. Trashing from anything other than the root volume copies the item you want to trash to the trashcan instead of moving it.

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not elevated, looks good, here's how
Authored by: steven_kehlet on Nov 09, '02 10:56:16PM

Make an alias to the trash, then add the alias to the toolbar.
1. create a new folder
2. cmd-L to make an alias of it, name it "Trash"
3. cmd-i to bring up info on that alias
4. select new original
5. in Go to:, type /Users/<username>/.Trash, hit Go, hit Choose
6. Click Trash on the dock
7. cmd-i to bring up Trash info
8. click the trash icon, hit cmd-c
9. click on the folder icon in the info window for your Trash alias
10. cmd-v to paste the icon
11. bring up a new finder window
12. drag your trash alias into the toolbar
13. delete the original folder, move the trash alias somewhere out of the way, e.g. in your home directory

lots of steps but looks great.

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not elevated, looks good, here's how
Authored by: benfsmith on Feb 18, '03 01:37:25PM

This also has the problem of only copying items from other partitions.

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Add the trash to the Finder toolbar in 10.2
Authored by: benfsmith on Feb 18, '03 02:49:40PM

Most of these hints have worked for me in the past, but now I'm not having any luck. I have usually gotten the "trash in use" warning, but it would still delete OK. Now it won't even delet the files. Any thoughts?

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Add the trash to the Finder toolbar in 10.2
Authored by: benfsmith on Feb 18, '03 03:42:36PM

FWIW, here's the best solution I came up with. If you drag something from the boot volume, there won't be any issues. I think that the warning appears because it thinks it's doing two things at the same time: copy to other partition and move to trash. Holding command while draging will eliminate the problem, because then it is only moving to trash. As far as the icon goes, show hidden folder via tinkertool so that you can copy the icon of your choice in the get info window. Contrary to comments elsewhere, this has stuck between logins. You can then hide invisable files afterward. HTH.

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