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Palm Desktop and disk partitions Apps
Hotsync Manager on Palm Desktop 4 is a carbonized application that cannot handle multiple disk partitions. You can neither HotSync nor edit the conduit settings unless the conduits and the user data are on the same disk partition. The unfriendly error message complains "You do not have sufficient permissions. See your administrator."

If you like to keep user data on a separate partition (sysadmin 101 stuff), you can still fool the Hotsync Manager as follows:
  1. Create a folder /Users/Palm that is on the partition holding the Mac OS X System (more specifically, /Users/Palm should be on the partition holding /Library -> Application Support -> Hotsync Manager).

  2. Copy the contents of ~/Documents/Palm to /Users/Palm. Use the Finder, just to be on the safe side. The tilde (~) represents your home folder.

  3. Replace the folder ~/Documents/Palm with a link to /Users/Palm. Using a Terminal window, type:
     % cd ~/Documents ; rm -r Palm ; ln -s /Users/Palm Palm
After this, Hotsync finally worked!
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No problem with HS4 and multiple partitions here!
Authored by: @madeus on Aug 29, '02 10:47:06AM


I have multiple partitions:

#df -k
[Iains-PowerBook:~] iain% df -k
Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Avail Capacity Mounted on
/dev/disk0s12 10372160 5348544 4919896 52% /
devfs 96 96 0 100% /dev
fdesc 1 1 0 100% /dev
<volfs> 512 512 0 100% /.vol
/dev/disk0s9 24567 1069 23498 4% /Volumes/Linux
/dev/disk0s11 6532600 6082976 449624 93% /Volumes/Mac OS 9
/dev/disk0s13 26130400 19148936 6981464 73% /Volumes/Home
automount -fstab [386] 0 0 0 100% /Network/Servers
automount -static [386] 0 0 0 100% /automount
[Iains-PowerBook:~] iain%

and have never had a problem with Palm Hotsyncing because of it.

I have my home dir on /Volumes/Home, like so:

[Iains-PowerBook:~] iain% pwd
[Iains-PowerBook:~] iain% ls
Applications Library Norton FS Data Temporary Items
Desktop MAYA_PE_PRESETS Norton FS Index TheFindByContentFolder
Desktop DB Movies Norton FS Volume TheVolumeSettingsFolder
Desktop DF Music Norton FS Volume 2 Trash
Desktop Folder NAVMac800QSFile Pictures
Documents NAV??? 7.0 QuickScan Public
Hidden NAV??? X 7.0 QuickScan Sites
[Iains-PowerBook:~] iain%

and my Mac OS X install on /Volumes/Mac OS X.

I don't think I ever had to do anything funky to get this to work.

Maybe this has only happend due to some weird circumstances surrounding the way you have your home dir set up? I did mine the 'proper way' - that is to say by changing the NetInfo database to make my homedir /Volumes/Home instead of /Users/iain

Related note: On OS X 10.2 I see there are *serious* bugs with creating and removing links (by using 'rm).

Creating a link (using 'ln -s') to the /Application folder at ~/ created a link /Applications/Applications! (Yes, I got the syntax right and repeated it a couple of times :-).

Even worse, and this is awful (can someone please make a big deal out of this? :-), doing 'rm /Applications/Applications' started to delete the /Applications folder - not the shortcut!

This is not correct behaviour! (Certainly not FreeBSD, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX or any other Unix variant I know) and is _really_ bad.

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Worked for me
Authored by: rwa on Aug 29, '02 01:22:17PM

I saw this on MacInTouch yesterday and replied there as well. Palm generally works fine on multiple partitions, though I had some permission issues to deal with. Here\'s the email I sent to MacInTouch:


This isn\'t the case, though there can be some issues. I\'ve installed Palm
HotSync on five different machines running OS X, all with the Users folder on a
separate partition from the OS.

The install usually works normally, with the user data going into
~/Documents/Palm (e.g. /Volumes/Users_Disk/User_Name/Documents/Palm) and the
conduits going into /Library/Application Support/Palm Hotsync. I put the actual
Palm Desktop application on a third partition (/Volumes/Applications/Palm).

On three of the machines it worked right away without a hitch. Two others had
permission problems. One was in the hierarchy leading up to the conduits and
one was in a \"Temporary Items\" folder on the users drive. In both cases the
software couldn\'t create a user unless I was logged in as root. If you created
one as root and then changed it\'s ownership to another user (even one with admin
privileges), moved the files to that users home folder, the Hotsync manager
application couldn\'t configure the conduits. You\'d make changes and it would
just quit. Restart the application and the changes wouldn\'t be saved.

This was pretty clearly a permissions issue b/c it worked as root. It was just
a matter of figuring out what was different between machines that worked and
those that didn\'t. I don\'t know how the permissions got changed on the two
machines that didn\'t work.

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