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Disable telnet autologin in 10.2 UNIX
Those of you that do unix server admin work will realize that Jaguar (10.2) integrates a new telnet feature that many BSD user's have complained about, which is autologin. This can be disabled in two ways - read the rest of the article for the walkthrough.

The first method assumes your using bash shell /bin/bash:
  1. First make sure you have a .profile or .bash_profile or .bash_login file. Within the particular file, include the following lines to reference a .bashrc:
    if [ -f ~/.bashrc ]; then
    . ~/.bashrc
    Note there is a space between the period and the tilde within the "if" statement. This makes reference to a file called .bashrc, which is a good file to put aliases in.

  2. From within your home directory, vi .bashrc, and add the following line:
    alias telnet='telnet -K'
  3. Restart Terminal and every time you telnet, it will no try to autolog you into the host.
Second Method:

In your home directory, vi the file .telnetrc and add the following line to it:
  DEFAULT set autologin off
Note that this will be the default for all hosts telneted to. You can set this on a host by host basis by substituting DEFAULT for a particular hostname.

I don't like the second method as much as the first since the second method prints extra lines to the screen whenever a telnet is is run.
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Those of you that do unix server admin work...
Authored by: imacusr on Aug 29, '02 04:55:15PM
should be using ssh instead of telnet, no?

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Authored by: Cadre on Aug 29, '02 08:30:42PM

Real Unix admins use IPSec and aren't so paranoid that they need to run SSH over an already encrypted link.

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Authored by: Anonymous on Aug 29, '02 09:25:50PM

Well, I'm a real unix admin. And the only time I use telnet is when manually connecting to a service to verify it works (read smtp, pop, www, etc...). Why use telnet when ssh is there? I mean really, the overhead on ssh is so small on a modern machine, why run telnet at all?

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Authored by: bit_bucket on Aug 31, '02 09:09:56PM

My point in posting this was not to ilicit a flame war over sec. I use both telnet and ssh. Somethimes a telnet is perfectly suficient withing a highly secured net..

This was merely a post to let people know how to shut off that feature...


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What is Autologin?
Authored by: tsaar on Oct 11, '02 04:48:27PM

Do I understand correctly that it would automatically send my username & password?

Sounds _very_ insecure... that can't be what it is right?

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