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ncftp and OS X 10.2 UNIX
One of the cool hidden features of OS X 10.1.x was ncftp, which is a much better command line ftp client. In Jaguar (OS X 10.2), they seem to have removed the primary ncftp command from /usr/bin! So, before you upgrade, make sure you save /usr/bin/ncftp. Strangely enough all of the other ncftp auxilliary commands, such as ncftpget and ncftpput are still there and the version of the software hasn't changed. They just removed the one that you're most likely to use :(

[Editor's note: It's true, ncftp appears to be gone. Luckily, the fine folks at NcFTP Software have made a precompiled binary package available for OS X -- you can grab it from their download page. Download the OS X disk image, mount the image, run the package installer, and it's done. I just tested this on my 10.2 installation and it works perfectly.]
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reason for removing ncftp
Authored by: batmanppc on Aug 29, '02 10:33:07AM

The reason ncftp was removed was because ftp has finally been synced with the bsd tree and includes all the features that ncftp has.

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And they even surveyed everyone
Authored by: bhines on Aug 29, '02 01:18:56PM
See: here. ncftp was cruft and so it was removed.

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lftp is a better ftp client
Authored by: Bishop on Aug 29, '02 06:56:09PM

IMHO lftp (provided by fink) is a far superior ftp-client. <TAB> works and you have access to many nice features such as more, find and grep on the server. It also provides feedback (speed, percentage, ETA) when downloading files. If you have not tried it yet hurry and get it. It isn't even comparable with the standard 'ftp' program.


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lftp is a better ftp client
Authored by: ploiku on Aug 31, '02 09:27:26PM

In 10.2, ftp seems to have tab completion, less, and feedback. It doesn't seem to have find/grep, but the ftp client in 10.2 is much improved over the one in 10.1 or 10.0)

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Authored by: mbaudis on Aug 29, '02 06:57:23PM

lftp (over is a very good command line client, supporting autocompletion etc.

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Fink has it...
Authored by: rev on Aug 31, '02 07:26:37PM

Fink has ncftp, and about 450 other apps at your fingertips...

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about ncftp
Authored by: oop on Sep 08, '02 04:46:49AM

<tab> (autocompletion) is featured in ncftp.
progressbar, speed, eta is featured in ncftp.

How come lftp is better? I have yet to try it, but it seems like you haven't really compared the two.

Editor claims ncftp works "perfectly" in 10.2 - I can't get the damn bookmarks to work though. Can anybody help me? Maybe we need a new package? Anybody tried to recompile it?

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about ncftp
Authored by: Max on Sep 10, '02 09:22:02PM

Same here. I can't get ncftpbookmarks to work either.

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