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Install ColdFusion MX server on OS X Internet
It may be that everyone who cares about this already knows, but you can now run the ColdFusion MX server on OS X thanks to a great effort by Dick Applebaum and his wonderful article over at O'reilly. Thanks Dick!

Basically, you have to install the Linux version (Macromedia does not think there is any money to be made by releasing a Mac installer ... ColdFusion MX is written in Java) on a Linux box and then tar the resulting directory and move it to a OS X machine.

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Downloadable tar file?
Authored by: renier on Aug 29, '02 10:09:44AM
Does anyone know if it's possible to download the tarfile from the net instead of having to DIY. This saves me the problem of purchasing VPC!

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Downloadable tar file?
Authored by: kerouassady on Aug 29, '02 02:33:32PM

I cannot even being to comprehend explaining how illegal that would be.

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Not that Simple
Authored by: hembeck on Aug 29, '02 05:58:22PM
The hint suggests that you can download the Linux version and off you go. Not quite. Besides getting the Linux version of ColdFusion MX, you'll also need Virtual PC. Virtual PC is very slow and cranky - compared to the real deal: A PC running Windows, which is just cranky ;) - so there's a hit right there. Throw in the added expense of Virtual PC, you're paying out a lot of money for a very slow, cumbersome development environment.

If you must have Coldfusion locally, your best bet is to get yourself a PC and run it there. If local isn't key, pay for a hosting service that runs ColdFusion MX, and FTP your code there.

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No real need for VirtualPC
Authored by: robg on Aug 29, '02 06:33:42PM
You only need VirtualPC to generate the tar file of the installation. Once you have that, you can move it back to your Mac and get the server running natively -- no VirtualPC required. ColdFusion is a Java-based application. I assume if you have access to a networked full PC running Linux, you could replicate the instructions on that machine without needing to run VirtualPC. At least, that's my read of it in Part Three of the article, which covers the actual install. -rob.

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Dear God! Thanks!
Authored by: joshuacurtiss on Aug 30, '02 12:29:56AM
Sweet mother! Everyone who cares doesn't know yet, because I have been (hoping and) waiting for the day when someone would say that ColdFusion MX would be OS X compatible, thanks to the Unix core on OS X, since Macromedia's made a Linux version.

This is very cool. Thanks a bunch!


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sharing the tar
Authored by: swank on Aug 30, '02 01:51:56AM

I asked the same thing to Dick Applebaum (author of the article) and he responded the Macromedia said that distributing the resulting tar file would violate the developer licence...

funny thing is after you do the installation and get the files to a mac, the ONLY change you have to make the linux Files is to make a new start script! (/opt/coldfusionmx/bin/coldfusionosX start)

everything else is exactly the same as on a linux box (ahhh, java....)

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Official versions announced...
Authored by: robg on Jan 14, '03 08:59:48AM
Submitted as a hint, but more relevant as a comment here:
Macromedia announced versions of JRun and ColdFusionMX for J2EE recently at Macworld - this tidbit coincides with your tip about an O'Reilly article on how to port CFMX to OSX. No Ports are needed! Whoo-hoo! Macromedia ships JRun 4 For Mac OS X

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