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Use both styles of Get Info windows Desktop
Looks like Apple didn't remove the Inspector-style Get Info window from Mac OS X ... Hold option when bringing up the info pane, and it reverts to the 10.1 single-window method (which I sometimes prefer). Anyone know if this is documented anywhere?

[Editor: Yes, in Apple Help -- search on "Get Info" and select the "Getting information about files and folders" blurb. At the end it states, "If you want to see information for items in the same information window, press the Option key and choose Show Inspector from the File menu." When it doesn't lock up while loading, I've found the Apple Help system greatly improved in Jaguar.]
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Other menu changes
Authored by: aranor on Aug 30, '02 01:20:10PM

While investigating this, there are other nifty things that are similar. If you go through each menu and press and release the option key, often you find menuitems change. The Finder seems to be using that a lot. For instance, in the Open With submenu of the Finder, option turns that into Always Open With. It's pretty nifty.

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would you believe inspector gadget?
Authored by: mervTormel on Sep 07, '02 03:15:36PM

Some interesting items to note in the new Finder Get Info facility...

command-I == Get Info

Yes, the Get Info window functionality has been returned to that of the OS9 of yore.

Its window is normal-rounded, can minimize and can be obscured by other Finder windows, and is persistently focused on the original target selection. It is also included in the command-` window rotation function, sometimes referred to as command-~

option-command-I == Toggle Show/Hide Inspector

The Inspector window is squared, cannot minimize, floats above finder windows and its focus follows new finder selections. Its key sequence is a toggle, causing the window to show and hide.

i believe this is welcomed functionality.

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