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Using Bluetooth and a cell phone in Address Book System
To enable Bluetooth functionality with your phone in Address Book and get Caller ID and SMS popups, you will need to first pair your phone by using the Bluetooth menubar.

Then run Address Book and click on the Bluetooth icon (it's the third one, next to the business card and directory icons). Now your phone is connected to Address Book and you will get call notifications.

To send SMS text messages or call someone directly from the Address Book, click on a user's phone number and it will pop up a menu letting you call them, send an SMS, or display the phone number in LARGE text. Good for calling in a pizza!
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It's cool, but one thing missing....
Authored by: keana on Aug 28, '02 12:08:00PM

I have a Ericsson T68, and have been using my phone with 10.2 . There is one thing that I hope they get around to looking at. When you take your phone out of the range of the bluetooth (about 30 feet), and then come back, you have to redo the phone book link. This is something that I don't see the point of. There should atleast be an option to say that you want this to happen automaticly. Oh ya...... one other thing. I wish that the pictures in the phone book would show up when someone calls, or emails you. This does not happen on my machine.

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It's cool, but one thing missing....
Authored by: deleted_user18 on Aug 28, '02 12:58:52PM

I totally agree.

Another hint: If you want to make your Nokia 8910 work with Adress Book you have to activate "Support Non-Conforming phones".

This is not necessary for other Nokias like 6310i.

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Not with Bluetooth headsets...
Authored by: gerti on Aug 28, '02 01:50:50PM

This is really cool functionality, but with the T68 your can either connect it to the address book or the bluetooth headset, but not both at the same time...

That's quite a bummer. Anyone know a workaround?

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No reconnection problems here
Authored by: sven on Aug 28, '02 03:21:25PM

I don't have any problems leaving and reentering the bluetooth range with my T68i, nor with unplugging and replugging the bluetooth dongle. The phone will show up in the bluetooth menu automatically. I'm using the Acer dongle.

I can also connect to both my powerbook and my bluetooth headset.

I linked from both ends, i.e. from the powerbook and the phone. Maybe that's the difference in setup?


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Authored by: gerti on Aug 29, '02 02:35:56AM

...when I have the bluetooth function in the address book enabled, I can't make or receive calls with my bluetooth headset. I have to turn off bluetooth in the address book first. Are you saying you can leave bluetooth activated in the address book and simultanously use the bluetooth headset? That might be one of those vital little differences between the T68M (mine) and the T68I (yours). My headset is a HBH-30.


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Authored by: sven on Aug 29, '02 06:25:12PM


you're right, I lied. I just tried it, and the Address Book seems to 'hog' the phone, so that it won't respect the headset settings anymore. I thought I had this working but it seems I hadn't after all.


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OT: T68i / T68m are the same!!
Authored by: sms on Jan 07, '03 07:20:28AM

FYI T68 phones currently out are all the same technically. shows this, so don't spend more money if you can also get the Ericsson branded T68(m). The cover is the difference!

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Authored by: Anonymous on Sep 08, '02 06:25:23PM

It is rather lame that you have to leave Address Book open the whole time for this feature to work.

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Using Bluetooth and a cell phone in Address Book
Authored by: cybernut2000 on Feb 16, '06 02:13:43AM


I just bought a Treo 650 Sprint version and tried pairing. During pairing it greyed out the boxes that would allow me to use address book. I can transfer files to the treo and use it as a modem but can't get address book functionality or BT Hot Sync to work. I scoured the net and have found no useful solutions or step by step instructions just other users insulting other users about similar questions. Hopefully somebody out their can help me solve this problem.

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