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Make Jaguar sound like Puma System
I don't know about anyone else, but upon installing 10.2 (Jaguar), I found all my system's audio, from alert sounds to MP3's to be weak, unfocused and lacking all bass. Pre 10.1.3 versions sounded the same as well, but after the 10.1.3 update, all audio was perfect from my iBook.

I wondered if it would be possible to revert the sound drivers back to 10.1.x, and searched around the /System -> Library -> Extensions folder and found a file named AppleOnboardAudio.kext.

I figured if I replaced the kernel extension with the previous version, things should be back to normal. I used Pacifist to extract the AppleOnboardAudio.kext from the 10.1.3 update package and used the Terminal to replace the newer version (I'd keep a backup, just incase). After a reboot all audio was exactly as it had been before Jaguar.

I've heard quite a few complaints from others about sound quality in Jag-wire, so if you're one of them, here's your fix.

[Editor's note: Clearly this hint falls in the Highly Experimental category! I have no idea of the possible downsides of running an older audio extension with the current system ... so if you try this, please proceed with caution - backup early and backup often!]
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Not recommended
Authored by: deleted_user17 on Aug 28, '02 09:54:09AM

Without having a clue people swap kernel extensions and when the next OS X updated kills their machines they start complaining...

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Not recommended
Authored by: Gabhlan Faolchu on Aug 29, '02 06:43:38AM

Actually I know exactly what I'm doing. I've been running *NIX variants for 12 years or so now and am an active developer in both the open source community and a paid-up member of Apple's developer connection, meaning I've also been running OS X since the DP editions. Just because someone issues a hint covering something you don't understand, don't assume they're as stupid as yourself.

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Authored by: tsugaru on Dec 08, '02 08:29:37PM


I ran Pacifist and installed the AppleOnboardAudio.kext and removed the extensions cache file, then rebooted. The sound still sounds the same. What gives? Did I install something wrong?

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iSub? Most likely the problem...
Authored by: russkle on Aug 28, '02 10:57:26AM

I had the same problem. The issue was that I have an iSub and for some reason it is set to no volume after installing Jaguar. Once I turned this up, all sounded great.

Not only does iSub have its own volume control, Jaguar also correctly seperates the low frequencies and only sends them to the iSub (like it did in OS 9). My iMac G4 finally sounds great with my iSub and became much louder (havng to do with the pro speakers being able to operate at higher decible since it doesn't have to process the low frequencies).

Maybe this is the problem....

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iSub to blame
Authored by: pezzman on Aug 28, '02 11:19:36AM

But unfortunately for me I also have an external USB audio system hooked up to my computer. Under Jag it separates the audio (base and treble) when sent out to USB which means that if I want to use it I have to unplug the iSub and reboot. Sucks.

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iSub to blame
Authored by: maxgraphic on Aug 28, '02 04:30:58PM

Speaking of iSubs, when I press the mute button on my keyboard (or click the Mute button in the Sound system preference), my speakers are muted but my iSub is not. Anyone else notice this? In 10.1, all sound was muted, which would seem to be the expected result.

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jag sound much better
Authored by: sphen on Aug 28, '02 04:32:04PM

i found that the sound was much louder out of my sound sticks ever since installing jaguar.. sounds good to me.

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Seems to work
Authored by: gomezbenz on Sep 02, '02 07:33:46PM

I use an external USB audio device, and the very first time I installed Jaguar I noticed the formerly nice and full sound on my machine, which, I kid you not, was the envy of a windoze friend of mine, had lost its punch.
I followed these directions for the most part (because I didn't install Jag clean, I didn't need pacifist) and after a reboot and some ominous-sounding warnings which I answered "Fix and Use" to, now have the nice audio back. The quality difference is pretty hard to mistake.

Thanks to the original poster!

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Move to Trash sound
Authored by: maveness on Sep 02, '02 08:24:56PM

The biggest difference I notice in X.2 is that there is now a sound effect when I use "command-delete" to move something to the Trash.

No other Finder actions have a sound effect.

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Thank You!
Authored by: iReflect on Sep 12, '02 03:34:15PM

Wow, there's a HUGE difference on my Dual-USB iBook. Thanks for the tip.

My question: Why did apple not notice that whatever they did to the sound driver reduced the sound quality so significantly?

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Installed Correctly?!?
Authored by: tsugaru on Dec 09, '02 05:12:05AM


I ran Pacifist and installed the AppleOnboardAudio.kext and removed the extensions cache file, then rebooted. The sound still sounds the same. What gives? Did I install something wrong?

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