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Scroll Finder windows horizontally via the mouse Desktop
I don't know which OS version this first appeared in, but I've never read about it before and just found this out while playing in 10.2. If you use a mouse with a scroll wheel, press shift while scrolling in a Finder window. The content will scroll to the left and right while pressing shift and using the wheel! This is very useful in column view!

By the way, it also works in MS Excel, but so far I didn't found any other program that supports this feature.
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Authored by: seven5 on Aug 28, '02 11:44:39AM

oh NICE, this is the best hint i've heard here in a LONG time.... very handy!

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Authored by: taikahn on Aug 28, '02 12:52:44PM

not in 10.1.5

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USB Overdrive
Authored by: phidauex on Aug 28, '02 12:56:33PM

If you have USB Overdrive, you can make the setting for moving the scroll wheel, and moving the scroll wheel while its held down different. Maybe you could make the moving the wheel while its pressed down perform the 'shift key' modifier along with the scroll action. Then you could just press and scroll to go sideways :)

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USB Overdrive doesn't work for me
Authored by: cello on Aug 28, '02 02:50:06PM

The "clicked wheel" settings in USBOverdrive do not work for me. When I press the wheel and scroll, it gets interpreted as a middle click, and when I release the button/wheel, it then scrolls up or down afterwards.
Had anyone more luck with this feature?
(I'm using a Logitech Mini Wheel Mouse and USB Overdrive beta 5)

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It works in some file dialogs !
Authored by: tarkin on Aug 28, '02 03:15:01PM

It seems that it works only in some file dialogs. The mozilla save dialog worked and that's pretty cool since a browser is handles the most save dialogs on my system ;-)

Didn't work in Textedit or Mail...

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It seems that it works in other UI elements also !
Authored by: tarkin on Aug 30, '02 08:50:39AM

Try to shift-scroll in the Desktop preference pane ! Now you can scroll your way thru your wallpapers.

And I guess there are other UI elements that use a horizontal scrollbar that work...

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Authored by: Mithrandir on Aug 29, '02 12:04:47AM

OOOHHH!!! I have been waiting so long to find this trick!! Thank you!!


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I like it!
Authored by: omegasdx on Aug 29, '02 08:54:58AM

I've been waitin' fer this fer a long time also! If it worked in iTunes, I'd be havin' a joyride! :D

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iTunes !
Authored by: tarkin on Aug 30, '02 08:55:06AM

Well, when you shift-scroll in iTunes (and other notworking apps) the scrolling stops so it seems it's just a matter of implementing what to do with shift-scroll instead of doing "nothing". Let's hope some updates enable this systemwide.

I guess once it's in the UI Design Guidelines more and more apps will be implementing it...

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I like it!
Authored by: mdouma46 on Aug 30, '02 05:57:32PM

One thing I noticed, w/ iTunes 3 at least, is that when it's "minimized" to only the essential controls, you can click on any of the controls from within any other application, and not make iTunes come to the foreground. Pretty cool!

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Also for inactive windows...
Authored by: mdouma46 on Aug 30, '02 05:53:51PM

Also in the Finder, you can use the scroll wheel to even scroll up and down in columns of windows that aren't even the active window. I know IE has supported that for quite a while, and I've found it really useful. It's nice when you have 5 or 6 windows open, spread over two monitors. I can find exactly what I'm looking for--that URL or name/location, etc.-- all without leaving the current window I'm in. Hold down Command and then click on the titlebar of the windows that are in the background and you can move them around without making them active. Then once you've dug down to the window you want, you can hover over it and use the scroll wheel to scroll up and down within the window w/o making it active. This works in IE and the Finder--I just tried it in Terminal w/ several windows, and the scroll wheel held over an inactive window wouldn't work. Maybe it only works in Carbon apps?

Within a particular program, you can even resize any of it's open windows without making them active. Just hold down the Command key and drag on the resize "thingy" in the bottom-right of the window. For example, if you're in IE, you can resize any of its inactive windows.

If an application is Cocoa based, and it's not the currently active application, you can even resize its windows as well (without making it active)! For example, I'm in IE and I have a Terminal window open in the background. I can resize the Terminal window from within IE by simply holding down the Command key before I click on the resize "thingy". This doesn't work for Carbon-based apps that are in the background though. For example, if I try to do this with a Finder window that's in the background, the Finder becomes the active application.

Anyway, hope this helps.....

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