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Create MPEG4 video without QuickTime Pro Apps
Well, today I was tinkering with an iMovie project I have and I was supprised to see MPEG4 as one of the video encoding types. I installed Quicktime 6 when it was released, but I don't have the Pro version. I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere else so I thought I'd post it here.

I was certainly impressed by the quality of the exported movie vs the file size. I *think* it outputs a Quicktime encoded with MPEG4 (as opposed to a RAW MPEG4 file), so you would need Quicktime 6 to play it back, I guess.
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Create MPEG4 video without QuickTime Pro | 7 comments | Create New Account
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Authored by: chadders on Aug 27, '02 06:14:15PM

Could you give us some more details on how you found this option. I have looked at my version of imovie tonight and am unable to select a MPEG4 option for exporting to Quicktime... but would love to test it out.


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Authored by: a1291762 on Aug 27, '02 06:25:09PM

I have OS X 10.1.5, I installed QT6. I just exported my iMovie project and selected "custom" then in the Video compression drop down I saw MPEG-4. I guess it was installed as part of QT6.

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Authored by: chadders on Aug 28, '02 05:12:24AM

Mmmm it seems this must be particular to 10.1.5 as I am now running 10.2 here and I have QT 6.0.1 installed but no option to export to MPEG4 in iMovie.

Very odd.

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Authored by: robh on Aug 28, '02 05:57:40AM

I can't see that option here. Running 10.1.5, QT6 installed without a pro key.

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Authored by: robh on Aug 28, '02 06:04:24AM

Ah, now I see it.

The steps are:

Export Movie.
Choose "to quicktime"
Choose Formats: "expert"
Click Image "settings"
Choose MPEG4-video from the pulldown menu.

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QT6 to pro or not to pro
Authored by: jimr on Aug 27, '02 11:36:11PM
the case for Quictime Pro has been confused ever since it was released
as part of QT3.

The "Pro Upgrade" enables a specific set of features in Quicktime Player and the PictureViewer applications which are part of the basic QT install.

the rest of Quicktime is the same whether you choose to enable "Pro" or not.

The Same what you may ask?

... a mess of libriaries and routines which support graphics interchange, video playback, audio playback and encoding.
....just to mention a few.

To restate... QT pro only affects the Player and viewer applications so they will be enabled to save.

If you have another application which is programmed to enable the savining and encoding of files, the libraries are in your system and available for those purposes whether you have the "Pro" version or not.

iMovie would be one of those applications....

Premiere, after effects, photoshop, all make quicktime supported images without the need for quicktime player support.

if you are a programmer you can easily create your own program to save and process quicktime movies

The main idea behind the "pro" license is to provide the serious user with a readily available desktop application (Movie Player) which has access to a large percentage of the abilities of QT. If you prefer other applications to accomplish those tasks there is and never has been any reason beyond desktop convenience to enable the features hiding in the Movie player.

This topic barely qualifies as a hint, rather it should be listed as a "reminder".

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QT6 to pro or not to pro
Authored by: a1291762 on Aug 28, '02 06:57:20PM

QT6 supports AAC audio but I don't see that as an option for audio in iMovie.

Besides, I didn't know that QT6 enabled that video option and some people might find it useful (for example, to make a video to upload to the 'net from a 56k dialup).

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