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Share Appletalk printers over TCP/IP in 10.2 Network
I have a Linksys BEFW11S4 router/wireless access point which I use with two Airport equipped iBooks at home for wireless network access. It was only after I bought the Linksys that I found out that it doesn't support AppleTalk over the wireless network, only over Ethernet.

For most people, this wouldn't be an issue, but I have an Epson StylusColor 900N network printer, and unfortunately Epson's drivers (and those included in Mac OS X 10.2) only support network printing over Appletalk, even though the printer does support TCP/IP in Windows.

Upon upgrading my Macs to Mac OS X 10.2, I was pleased to find that not only does it include the Epson SC900N drivers in the OS, but also if I use one of my desktop Macs to share the printer, the iBooks on my wireless network can now print to it via TCP/IP (via the desktop). I can now print wirelessly and I only have to enable Appletalk on the Mac that is sharing the printer.

To enable Printer Sharing in Mac OS X 10.2, put a checkmark next to "Printer Sharing" in the Sharing preference pane. Any printers installed on the host Mac should then automatically appear in the Print Center window of any client Macs running 10.2 on the same network. Make sure you have "Show printers connected to other computers" enabled in the Print Center Preferences window.

Make sure you set the host Mac's Energy Saver settings to never go to sleep since clients won't be able to connect to printers shared by a sleeping Mac.
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OS 10.1.5 Prints over IP
Authored by: ridleym on Aug 27, '02 02:42:06PM

The comment about 10.2 printing Appletalk over IP is correct however Apple alwas has been able to print over IP. It is not as nice of an interface but just add the IP address of the printer find a compatable driver, and you are ready to go. The one thing that may not work and does not work are the utilities that come with the printers, such as toner or ink levels and certain configurations.

NOw my delema , The one problem I have had wioh network printers and thier COMPATABILITY with Linksys DHCP routers "servers" is that they tend to be difficult to use when issueing a valid address to network printer. If anyone has a good suggestion on DHCP linksys routers and printers please let me know. I hava a caople of network printers that I do not want to go out and buy standonle print server hardware at 150 bucks a pop to print. So as of know I am using a SHAMEFULL windblows 2000 server as my print server. YUK! Please help!!!!

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OS 10.1.5 Prints over IP
Authored by: stilesja on Aug 27, '02 04:54:43PM

I have the same setup with the Linksys Router, but I have an iMac G4 that I want to leave my Lexmark z55 printer connected to and my IBM thinkpad that I use for work has wireless. I would like to be able to share the printer on the Mac and print to it from my Thinkpad runnning win2k. The only way I believe to do this would be through windows networking sharing, right?

I know I couldn't do this in 10.1.5 but does 10.2 change anything?

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Printer Sharing in Jaguar
Authored by: macinmodesto on Aug 30, '02 12:47:50PM

The Mac OS X users in Jaguar turned on printer sharing. The printers show up automatically in the printer list, but when one tries to print to another users' printer, it doesn't do anything. It doesn't even queue the job. If they print to a printer set up on their system, it goes through no problem. Any clues?

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Printer Sharing in Jaguar
Authored by: Ledrage on Aug 30, '02 06:43:07PM

I've had exactly the same result with an epson c80 usb printer.

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Printer Sharing in Jaguar
Authored by: on Aug 31, '02 08:19:20AM
I think you'll find a solution here in the printer sharing section.

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Printer Sharing in Jaguar
Authored by: Ledrage on Aug 31, '02 01:13:17PM

Bless you! It Works!!

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