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Networked printer administration via the browser Network
I just caught this one on the X4U mailing list, and it's an amazingly useful tip!

If you have a networked printer, point your browser to You'll be presented with the CUPS administration screen, which allows you to manage your networked printers and jobs via an easy to use and understand series of web pages. Very slick!
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CUPS web interface
Authored by: cclauset on Aug 26, '02 11:58:30AM

actually, you don\'t need to have personal web sharing enabled. The web interface to CUPS is always available.

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CUPS web interface
Authored by: robg on Aug 26, '02 12:10:00PM

Thanks! I didn't realize it had its own webserver built in ... I've modified the original hint and removed the reference to personal webserving.


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From other computers?
Authored by: xeroply on Aug 26, '02 02:05:55PM

Assuming you know your IP address, couldn't you access the printing administrator from any connected computer with web browser? (assuming you don't have the system firewall set to block port 631)

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From other computers?
Authored by: jk806 on Aug 26, '02 10:13:54PM

nope. It only accepts connections from the local machine. so no remote 'administration'. (technical explanation: it's only listening on, not on the actual network interface)

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From other computers?
Authored by: CJLinst on Aug 27, '02 02:54:56AM

You can configure CUPS to listen for admin requests on multiple addresses and ports, however. The configuration file is /etc/cups/cupsd.conf

The pertinent areas of the config file are ServerName, at line 52, Listen at line 362, and the <Location /> section at line 691 (Whew, big .conf)

ServerName should not be changed.

I added the following after the Listen

(I'm behind a NAT firewall)

Then changed the <Location /> section to look like this:

<Location />
Order Deny,Allow
Deny From All
Allow From
Allow From

Followed by:

ps -ax | grep cupsd
kill -HUP {appropriate process id}

The StartupItems script is broken so restart simply kills the process instead of restarting it. One could alternately:

sudo /System/Library/StartupItems/PrintingServices/PrintingServices stop
sudo /System/Library/StartupItems/PrintingServices/PrintingServices start

No idea if this could be done with a GUI wrapper, but somehow I doubt it.

The default settings are very strict, as they should be. You must therefore explicitly allow remote administration requests but it can be done.

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permission errors after browser config update
Authored by: daanjj on Aug 27, '02 05:00:21PM
I followed the tip published in this thread, admired the neat browser interface and saw that on my European system, US Legal was still the default page size. I therefore changed this to 'ISO_A4' and then the problems started. Any application, either local on the G4 connected to the printer or remote on the iBook, crashed dramatically as soon as a print command was issued.
I quickly figured that somewhere down the CUPS file trees, a file permission error was introduced. Unfortunately, I could not find the culprit. At the end, I decided to throw away the printer (in the Print Center application) and add it again, and.... my problem was solved!

So: be careful when changing settings from the CUPS browser interface!

(NB: I know you should set the default page size in the 'Preference...' dialog box in the Print Center...)


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