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Reset password to allow Windows file sharing Network
It seems that the built-in Windows file sharing in 10.2 needs a little help to work correctly if you installed Jaguar over the top (ie from 10.1 to 10.2 without a format).

Just turning on the "Windows File Sharing" option in the sharing preferences is not enough. Users need to change their password before they can access their home directory. So change your password, and then change it back to what you had, and windows sharing should work and you still have your old password.

[Editor's note: I wonder if this has something to do with the encryption of the password? Any smb gurus want to provide some insight? I had no problems with Windows sharing, but then again, I did a clean install.]
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Why this is necessary
Authored by: andrewz on Aug 26, '02 02:38:24AM

When you set your Mac OS X (UNIX) account password, it stores a hashed (encrypted) version on disk. For example, if your password is "MacsRule!", it might store "K$sJ4%3La". When you authenticate, it hashes what you type using the same algorithm and compares the result against the version on disk. Your actual password isn't stored anywhere, and there isn't any way to get the real password from the hashed one.

Windows uses a different hash algorithm, so Mac OS X 10.2 stores two different hashes of your password -- for authenticating from UNIX and Windows respectively. If the system only has the UNIX hashed version, then you need to enter the original password again to store the Windows version. (Note that Mac OS X does not mind if the password is the same when you do this.)

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SMB & Active Directory
Authored by: lucky on Aug 26, '02 04:51:23AM

Sorry this hint dosn´t work for me (i have updated from 10.1.5 to 10.2 - no clean install). When i select "connect to server" i see the Windows Server, i select and the authentivication dialog comes up, but after authentification i got this errors -36 or -50?
But when i enter the full path with the authentivication like:
everthing works fine!
What´s wrong or where can i find more information about OSX and SMB or OSX and the ACTIVE DIRECTORY?

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Why this is necessary
Authored by: harpdog on Aug 26, '02 03:20:17PM

Thanks for the hints it worked a treat for me.

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10.1.5 Users on 10.2 upgrade
Authored by: CJLinst on Aug 29, '02 04:33:41PM

I, too, would get an authentication error using a 10.1 user after upgrading to 10.2. Simply changing the password didn't work for me. It appears jaguar stores SMB passwords in /var/db/samba/hash with a file for each logname. This directory did not exist until AFTER I added a user with "Allow user to log in from Windows" checked.

I then disabled the check box for Windows login for the 10.1 user, saved, then re-checked it, saved again, and I now have a hash file for the old user.

I tested authentication using:

smbutil view //localhost

Windows 2000 could mount CJL's home drive WITHOUT changing to clear-text passwords. This is a major improvement over the last time I tried to integrate SAMBA and Windows.

The following also worked:

C:\> NET USE LPT1: \\\HP_LaserJet_2200 /USER:CJL
Entered Password
C:\> DIR > LPT1:

Viola! Directory listing printed on my shared jaguar printer. Happy day since that's the only laser in the house. The only change I made to enable shared printing was the [global] "printing = cups" line.

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RE: Reset password to allow Windows file sharing
Authored by: fold on Aug 26, '02 10:18:18AM

I didn't have the described password problem, even though I installed 10.2 over top of 10.1.5. However I do have two possibly related problems with Windows sharing.

1) In the 10.2 "Connect to server" browser I can see only Windows machines on my own subnet. I cannot see our entire Windows domain, which is spread over multiple subnets. However I can connect to a Win machine on another subnet if I enter the machine's UNC.

2) Windows machines, even on my subnet, cannot see my Mac in Network Neighborhood (or My Network Places or whatever Microsoft calls it this week). They can get to my Mac via the UNC, but cannot browse for it.

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RE: Reset password to allow Windows file sharing
Authored by: sharumpe on Aug 26, '02 11:33:10AM

In addition to turning on Windows File Sharing in the Sharing Preference Pane, go to the Accounts (not My Account) pane, select a user, click Edit, and make sure "Allow user to log in from Windows" is checked.

Mr. Sharumpe

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RE: Reset password to allow Windows file sharing
Authored by: pairaka on Aug 27, '02 06:22:14AM

I'm having the same type of problem, so I tried to do this, but I find that those option on the "Accounts" have been grayed out. How do I make them active?

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RE: Reset password to allow Windows file sharing
Authored by: moist on Aug 26, '02 08:06:17PM
Can Windows machines on your subnet browse Windows machines on other subnets? If not, the Windows SMB network may not be correctly set up with the appropriate domain and local master browsers and/or the machines aren't pointing to a WINS server. This would be your company's network admin's problem (I hope that isn't you). Cross-subnet browsing of SMB networks can be a pain to get working - it's been the bane of many network administrators at my organization. This SAMBA document is great for explaining how Microsoft's SMB protocol works.

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Didn't work
Authored by: jmordoj on Aug 26, '02 10:57:26PM

Didn't work for me, I can se my mac, but it doesn't accept my password when I try to acces my mac from a windows Machine (I can see it, but it doesn't let me go in)

The password tip didn't work either...

I think this is clearly Bug, I hope apple fix it soon...

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You have to Log with the same username and pass on the pc and Mac
Authored by: jmordoj on Aug 26, '02 11:38:16PM

I have discovered that you should use the same login on the pc AND the Mac, (because the windows machine won let you change the user name, and only presents a password field to enter),

You have to Logout on the windows machine, and then login with EXACTLY the same name and pass that you use on the mac...


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You have to Log with the same username and pass on the pc and Mac
Authored by: CJLinst on Aug 28, '02 05:22:17PM

Depending on the version of windows you're using and your acceptance of using the command line to connect to drive shares:

Windows 2000:


It'll prompt for a password.

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Admin user cant login from windows
Authored by: iomud on Aug 27, '02 07:59:34AM

The admin user has the "Allow this user to log in from windows" check box greyed out. I assume this is a security precaution, but does anyone know a work around to allow this user to log in? I'm able to login as another user, but I want to get to all the files I want without resorting to maping them out as shares.

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Need to type password to unlock user options
Authored by: Anonymous on Aug 27, '02 12:43:15PM

To those who can't check the "This user can log in from windows" box because it is greyed out: You need to type your password into the "Current Password" field in order to unlock *any* of the options. It's a little strange that they didn't use the standard "unlock button" but the net effect is the same.


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Excellent tip!
Authored by: gonadman on Aug 31, '02 06:53:44AM

Thanks for this tip, I was getting really frustrated with my Sharing setup because I was so sure I got it right after checking all the documentation!

I tried this tip out and it worked first time, and now I'm happily backing up all my windows machines to my SMB mounted iBook.

Thanks again!


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ok i have problem
Authored by: giantfanboy on Sep 04, '02 06:55:41PM
in preference >>>> file sharing

when i check windows file sharing
it unchecks automatically after 10 seconds

anyone having these problems?

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Sharing External firewire drives from a PC?
Authored by: Anonymous on Sep 06, '02 02:11:56PM

Now that I am able to see my G4 and iMac from my PC, how can i see my external Firewire drive [that I have on my G4], from my PC?

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Sharing External firewire drives from a PC?
Authored by: toddsnc on Sep 16, '02 10:20:32PM

check this hint:

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