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SCSCI CD-R fix for 10.2 System
I was really disappointed that my SCSI CD-R drive did not work in Jaguar (6C115) as it did in 10.1.x. I decided to take matters into my own hands and fix the problem. Since Apple's public CVS repository is not up to date with Jaguar, I resorted to disassembly and a hex editor. Anyhow, I have submitted a fix for the problem here. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

[Editor's note: I haven't tried this package as I don't have a SCSI CD-R!]
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what was it?
Authored by: Auricchio on Aug 25, '02 01:26:58AM

So I'm curious: what was wrong? Was it a SCSI problem or something in an application?

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doesnt work for me
Authored by: viz on Aug 25, '02 06:53:50AM

Well I have a panasonic 7502 CD-R and an adaptec 2930 scsi card.
Toast 5.1.4 still doesnt detect any CD-R after I installed the package.
Apple system profiler recognized the drive as being a CD-R though.
So I inserted a blank CD but I got an error message and no CD showed up on the desktop.
Now please what extension was replaced because I would like to put the original one back in place if possible. :-)

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It doesn't work for me too
Authored by: M-Rick on Aug 25, '02 07:14:13AM

I have a Teac S56R6 CD-R and it doesn't work at all for me while it works great under os x 10.1


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what was it?
Authored by: shepmaster on Aug 25, '02 11:53:58AM

The author states in the installer that Apple does not correctly probe the SCSI bus, and instead incorrectly reports the capabilities of SCSI devices.

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Authored by: shepmaster on Aug 25, '02 11:51:45AM

Well, after a restart, my HP CD Writer 9200 now shows up in Toast again. I am currently burning a CD right now! Thanks a bunch!

It would be nice to let us know what kext was replaced, as I assume Apple will roll this into a future upgrade, and I would like to remove before I apply said upgrade. All in all, a fine job.

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Here's the path, but the fix doesn't work for me
Authored by: andrewz on Aug 25, '02 03:50:37PM

The modified kernel extension is this one:


(that's one long path on three lines)

My burner still doesn't work though (Adaptec 2930, LaCie burner). Bummer. System Profiler still says I have a "CD-ROM."

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I have tried this and no luck!
Authored by: Andawei on Aug 26, '02 05:13:33AM

I have done the suggested things and still no Burner in Toast but it can see it in OS9!

I have rebooted, reinstalled iTunes, used SCSI helper and everything that has been offered here. I have tried checking each of the options that OSX.2 offers with the file that it says is bad for security and still nothing.

I have a G4/450 with OSXv.2 and a HP CDRW on a Grappler 930 card and cannot see the drive under OSX, but can see it under 9.2.2. I can see the card under OSXv.2 but not the drive in the Apple System Profiler.

Has anyone got a clue?

thanks for your time!


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HP SCSI Jaguar and iTunes
Authored by: luvmymac on Aug 29, '02 07:15:16PM

Is there some fix out there that will force iTunes to recognize a HP 9200 SCSI CD-RW?

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It's working...
Authored by: BigMac2 on Aug 25, '02 12:05:56PM

I have a Adaptec 2906 and Yamaha 8424cdr, now Toast find the drive. But still no good for Apple apps (Finder burning, DiskCopy, iTunes)

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It's working...
Authored by: dez on Aug 29, '02 03:32:27PM

I've Adaptec 2930 and Yamaha 8424cdr. After reinstall iTune, I can read my cdr now, but not write. Installing Adapter 2930 driver doesn't seem help either. please advise!!

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It's working...
Authored by: alienrat on Aug 31, '02 08:41:53PM

I have the Adaptec 2906 and Yamaha 8424 as well. It now works in toast, iTunes and disk burner.

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It's working...
Authored by: aldamand on Sep 03, '02 04:59:00PM


I am were you are.
"fix" enabled me to burn CD's with Toast 5 .1.3 and my SCSI Yamaha 8424 burner
But cannot burn with ITunes, etc

Have you solved the problem?

I was able to get a Beta copy of 10.2.1 update. Loading it in did not solve the ITunes problem!

thanks for your time


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It's working...
Authored by: johnsawyercjs on Sep 08, '02 01:07:14AM

Try reinstalling iTunes 3 from the OS X 10.2 installer disk. It works for some people.

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Authored by: DavidRavenMoon on Aug 25, '02 04:38:13PM
There was a free extension out called SCSI CD-RW Helper.

They say it wasn't needed since 10.1.3, but might be worth a try?

I'm not running Jaguar yet, so I don't know if my LaCie SCSI CD-RW works yet.

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Authored by: cowboy on Aug 25, '02 06:53:09PM

I tried the SCSI helper and it doesn't work. I would try this patch, however I want to know how to undo it before I apply it. Exactly what files are changed (so I can back them up)?


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Finder burns now!
Authored by: lagrassa on Aug 25, '02 09:44:29PM

I installed the package and rebooted. It didnt work. Then I down loaded the Adaptec2930 updater from MacUpdate and rebooted. Then I checked the Apple System Profiler and now my LaCie CD-RW SCSI shows burning is "fully supported" Yea!

As a side note, I installed the Adaptec2930CU alone and it did not work. (Reformated and Reinstalled 10.2)

Thank you very very much Adam Lebsack

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Reinstalling the adaptec driver afterwards made it work for me too
Authored by: viz on Aug 25, '02 10:07:51PM

So I reinstalled the adaptec 2930 driver as well and now it's working too !!!
Thanx a lot !

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Finder burns now!
Authored by: oop on Aug 27, '02 04:29:09AM

Installin the fix first, then reinstalling the Adaptec-driver, worked for me too. Thank you very much.
But my burner still doesn't support Finder-burning nor iTunes-burning (not that I care that much, I'm happy with Toast.)

Where in the System Profiler did you find "fully supported"?

I have an Adaptec 2930U + LaCie SCSI-CD-R

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Finder burns now!
Authored by: lagrassa on Aug 28, '02 09:58:29PM

Applications > Utilites > Apple System Profiler, Devices and Volumes tab, Bus > Cd-Rom, Click triangle to reveal drive properties, First line says Disk Burning ---- Fully supported or Disk Burning --- Not supported, depending on your cdrom device

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Another fix:
Authored by: Chas on Aug 26, '02 12:33:17AM

My SCSI CDR dies after every OS update. Reinstalling iTunes always fixes it. I downloaded the iTunes 3 package from Apple and reinstalled over the freshly installed 0.2 OS, and my Panasonic 7502CDR works again.

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plextor FINALLY works!
Authored by: skootb on Aug 26, '02 07:15:15AM

my plextor scsi burner wasn't even recognized by the system until 10.1, no matter what scsi hacks i tried

now 10.2 made it work perfectly, as a READER only. no write support
this little utility has finally made my plex work in os X as a writer. finally after almost a year and a half i have full burner support in 10...

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dosen't work for me
Authored by: maccreative on Aug 26, '02 10:07:13PM

i got aJaguar 10.2.1 build 6D42 and dosen't work, any clue?

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plextor FINALLY works! (not anymore)
Authored by: skootb on Aug 29, '02 07:14:44PM

reinstalled 10.2 since i had shared library errors, and it no longer works

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Try this
Authored by: beepbeep on Aug 28, '02 03:11:09PM

After installing the fix, delete the file '/System/Library/Extensions.mkext' then restart your machine.
(in Terminal, type 'sudo rm /System/Library/Extensions.mkext' without the quotes)
A new 'Extensions.mkext' file will be regenerated and your SCSI CD-R should work.

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Try this
Authored by: carsten on Aug 29, '02 06:45:54PM
Jaguar also has a second new cache file: /System/Library/Extensions.kextcache Any idea what this one does? I removed it and it came back when I rebooted, so it probably couldn't hurt to try deleting that one too.

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Problems with PlexWriter 4220T
Authored by: jzeitz on Aug 29, '02 08:46:26AM

I have problems with my SCSI Plextor PW 4220T:

(I don't have any problems with OS 9.2, Toast 5.x works fine, Apple Burning doesn't work)

in 10.1.5 the burner showed up in the System Profiler and was also marked as working with Apple burning, and it also showed up correctly in Toast BUT burning didn't work, any time I wanted to start burning i get the error in toast 5.1.4:

Sense Code = 0x29

also disk burner stops after 1 or 2 seconds of burning.

in 10.2 jaguar: The burner was also recognized by system profiler without any problems, but not as in 10.1.5 it wasn't marked as apple burning supported. I still get the same error in toast...

now i installed the SCSI CD-R Fix, deleted the extensions.mkext, and nothing changed, same error!!

i hope somebody can help me!
greetings from germany,


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It works... Thanks....
Authored by: yhlien on Sep 04, '02 08:27:56AM

My mac is UMAX Pulsar S900 + Acard ATA66 PCI IDE card + Aopen CRW 1632.

After applying the hack, it can mount CD in 10.2 and be recognized in Toast 5.1.4.
However, Apple wares did not support it according to the report of Apple System Profiler. It used to be supported in 10.1.5.

Anyway, Thanks to the author again... :)


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It doesn't work for me!
Authored by: akearney on Sep 07, '02 03:48:39PM

Tried the SCSI utility and re-installed iTunes over install of OS X.2. No luck. Plextor and Agfa SCSI are dead as a door nail!


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Summary of steps to try
Authored by: johnsawyercjs on Sep 08, '02 01:34:11AM

I notice a lot of people are posting that they tried one or another of the various fixes described here, but not all of them. So here's a summary. Some people have to do all three. Drives from Plextor and Agfa seem less likely to work no matter what:

• Install Lebsack's patched kext. One user added: "After installing the fix, delete the file '/System/Library/Extensions.mkext' (in Terminal, type 'sudo rm /System/Library/Extensions.mkext' without the quotes), then restart your Mac. A new 'Extensions.mkext' file will be regenerated." And someone else added: "Jaguar also has a second new cache file: /System/Library/Extensions.kextcache... it probably couldn't hurt to try deleting that one too."
• Update the SCSI card's firmware and software. If it's already up to date, reinstall it.
• Reinstall iTunes 3.
• My suggestion: if your Mac has a built-in SCSI port (in other words, if you're using Ryan Rempel's XPostFacto, or Sonnet's patches, to run OS X on an older Power Mac that didn't start out life as a G3 or G4), use your Mac's built-in SCSI port instead of a SCSI card.

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Summary of steps to try
Authored by: johnsawyercjs on Jul 10, '04 05:26:59PM
Someone also pointed out here that he had trouble with a SCSI CD burner under OS X, that worked fine under OS 9, until he installed a terminator onto the burner's second SCSI port.

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Where is the patch?
Authored by: TheAnt on Oct 16, '02 08:11:01AM

The link to the patch doesn't work anymore. Please, where can I found the patch now? or send it by mail to me:
Thanks a lot.

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Dead Link
Authored by: cyberface on Oct 30, '02 09:49:07PM

As all other people here, I need to get my CD-R to work in OS X.2. It seems like it would not really be difficult for Apple to actually do this but as always, they drop old technologies without a second thought.

If you have the file needed to fix this problem, please email it to me "" or set up a link that everyone can get to.

thank you very much.

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SCSCI CD-R fix for 10.2
Authored by: BruceRee on Apr 16, '03 01:41:24PM

I'm also looking for this SCSI CD-R fix. The link is dead. Can someone
send me the file? Thanks so much,

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