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Adding keyboard scripts in 10.2 System
In the past with Mac OS 10.1, it was really hectic adding extra keyboard scripts to the OS. It required changing the contents of a very deeply buried Localized.rsrc file and converting back and forth between Data fork and Resource fork and then the thing worked.

In Jaguar it is a lot easier. You simply need to take your Mac OS 9 keyboard script and add a .rsrc extension to it and then drop it in the /Library -> Keyboard Layouts or ~/Library -> Keyboard Layouts folder. Log out, log back in and it all works.

So, if you need to add another keyboard script to the system that Apple doesn't provide (Russian phonetic/transliterated in my case), you can do it without any problems.
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No Russian keyboard in Jaguar at all
Authored by: Chuguev on Aug 25, '02 07:18:01AM

I think something is wrong with my Jaguar installation. While I can read Russian (I can see Cyrillic characters), I cannot switch to the standard Russian keyboard.
I have in my System Preferences -> International -> Language:
- Russian among other languages in my preferred order of use;
- no Cyrillic script (no Greek either) in the script section. I have Central European, Roman, Korean Hangul, Japanese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese there.
In System Preferences -> International -> Input Menu:
- Character Palette;
- languages based on the Roman input type;
- languages based on the Central European input type;
- languages based on the Unicode input type (including Arabic, Indian languages, Greek, Hebrew, Persian, Thai);
- none of the languages using Cyrillic.
I do have /System/Library/Keyboard Layouts/Cyrillic.bundle, and it looks fine.

I upgraded my system to Jaguar from 10.1.5. In the latter I successfully used standard Cyrillic keyboard layouts from Mac OS 9.
Is anybody experiencing the same problem with Cyrillic and Greek in Jaguar? Does anyone have a solution?


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No Russian keyboard in Jaguar at all
Authored by: Gene on Aug 25, '02 01:35:33PM

A couple of things:

1. I can't recall the correct name of the option but during 10.2 install it should have asked you if you wanted to install additional fonts and so. This is what I did to get the fonts loaded.

2. Keyboard scripts need to be stored in /Library/Keyboard Layouts or ~/Library/Keyboard Layouts. What is the the /System/Library/Keyboard Layouts is probably OS 10.2 stuff for Russian/Bulgarian/Ukrainian that comes with the OS.

3. As far as reading Russian goes you will always be able to read it because fonts can display all the necessary characters.

Hope this helps.

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No Russian keyboard in Jaguar at all
Authored by: Chuguev on Aug 26, '02 04:04:47PM
Hi Gene, Just to let you and others know that I've solved the problem. I noticed that my applications didn't see the fonts in ~/Library/Fonts (in my home directory) after the installation of Jaguar. Everything was fine in 10.1.5. I moved a few Cyrillic fonts from there to /Library/Fonts (central location) and restarted the computer. After that the system found all fonts, i.e. those I had moved to /Library/Fonts and those I'd left in my home fonts folder. I suspect that the Mac OS X font system checks the font directories' modification time to update its font cache. Since I didn't change my local fonts after having installed Jaguar, they went unnoticed by the system. I have also installed a couple of alternative Russian keyboard layouts to ~/Library/Keyboard Layouts, and now can see/choose them in System Preferences. Thanks a lot, Gene, for pointing me to a direction which helped to solve my problem. Regards, KC

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Keyboard Layout
Authored by: JohnnyMnemonic on Aug 26, '02 10:48:51AM

I was struggling to install this keyboard, when Gene's hint appeared. It's very likely that this hint alone converted one more person to a Mac.

In any event, I found that putting a translit keyboard in ~/Library/Keyboards to fail; it needs to be put in ~/Library/Keyboard Layouts. The folder Keyboard Layouts needs to be created if it's not already present.

However, after that, it works fine!

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Something else
Authored by: oculos on Aug 26, '02 02:51:06PM

What I've found here is that just adding the keyboard layour doesn't make it. It's also necessary to change the .plist files that contains the menu itens. Else it fails to recognize the added layouts.

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Something else
Authored by: johnbp on Mar 11, '03 12:43:38AM

Could you tell me more about changing the .plist files? This seems to be the situation I am in. I have a cyrillic.rsrc file in my main library/keyboard layout folder, I still don't get a Russian or cyrillic layout to choose from my menu in the window for adding/selecting keyboard layouts.



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Russian keyboard in 10.1
Authored by: cram on Aug 27, '02 08:17:06AM

It's a little bit outdated, but a strange thing happened when I installed 10.1 last year : I had the cyrillic scripts and keyboards installed in Mac OS 9, and they have been automatically installed (converted ?)in 10.1 when I upgraded from 10.0. I just realized that they are not part of the standard 10.1 installation !...

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Updating keyboard list
Authored by: zorze on Aug 27, '02 12:04:04PM

I just found out a couple of things.

1- The folder where the keyboard layout .rsrc file can be ~/Library/Keyboards or ~/Library/Keyboard Layouts. In fact, if you place the file in both you will have 2 keyboard layouts.

2- You don't have to log out to make the changes active. You just have to move an item in the top list in the Language tab in the International pref pane, this will force an update in the "Input menu" tab.

It worked for me !

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Re: Adding keyboard scripts in 10.2
Authored by: keita on Mar 03, '03 10:42:01AM

Thanks for the nice tip.

Now, where is the KMAP resource in OS X?

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