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Get Inkwell working with Wacom tablets System
Being very frustated that Inkwell wasn't working with 10.2 I decided I might have to install newer drivers to get it to work... and, in fact, installing the 4.7.3 a3 driver seemed to fix the problem for me.

[Editor's note: While I was at The Computer Store's Mac Jungle Party last night, I gave in to temptation and bought an Intuos2 tablet, just so I could play with Inkwell. In a word, it's pretty amazing. Inkwell is speedy and reasonably proficient at recognizing what I write, as long as I at least attempt to write neatly.]
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Get Inkwell working with Wacom tablets | 23 comments | Create New Account
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Non-English languages?
Authored by: xTina on Aug 24, '02 09:44:39AM

Does Inkwell work with non-English languages? For example German (umlauts)? Can anyone try? I won't have Jaguar for another couple of days so I'm quite curious about other people's experiences ...

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Non-English languages?
Authored by: Monkey Angst on Aug 24, '02 06:57:42PM

It doesn't seem to like umlauts. Tried a "u" with umlaut and it read it as two "i"s. :(

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Non-English languages?
Authored by: xTina on Aug 24, '02 07:34:16PM

What about non-English words? I mean, is recognition character-based (would work with German except maybe umlauts) or word-based (won't work unless you can somehow teach it German)?

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Non-English languages?
Authored by: starfield on Dec 15, '05 02:27:40AM

I just tested it.
It works with german "umlaut" like ä, ü etc..

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Non-English languages?
Authored by: tmk on Aug 26, '02 04:18:18PM

I haven't tested it yet but in the Settings tab of the Ink PrefPanes there's an options button. One of the options reads "Recognize Western European characters" and it's not checked by default so there's hope that once it's checked it'll recognize accented chars.

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Non-English languages?
Authored by: buntekuh on Oct 13, '02 02:45:02PM

no it doesn't at all. I have tried all kinds of letters, like , è, ö. ü, ä, ß, etc. Of these I onle got the working right away, the others did not work at all. I've tried to add the Umlauts to the word list, no results still. It's no good for writing any way, much too slow when compared to keyboard typing. To enter little commands like command-h and so forth, its nifty

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Non-English languages?
Authored by: buntekuh on Oct 13, '02 02:49:15PM

sorry --
after I've checked "recognize western european characters" it worked VERY well!

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still not working for me....
Authored by: johnpaul191 on Aug 24, '02 02:42:07PM

i downloaded this new driver (removed the older one) and i still get this error apon rebooting: The tablet driver did not load because of an internal driver error.
maybe it's something else here.... guess i'll mess with it a little more and if not then i'll just wait and see if they post an update.
oh for the record i am using 10.2 on a PMG4 400mghz AGP, the tablet is the older graphire (as opposed to graphire2 or whatever it is called).

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still not working for me....
Authored by: greggo on Aug 25, '02 08:48:06AM

I had the same error. I tried unplugging the Wacom's USB plug from my USB Hub and then plugging it back in which fixed the problem.

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still not working for me....
Authored by: outofcontrol on Aug 27, '02 10:28:32PM

I too have this problem exactly. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers, double clicking on the startup item in the Library folder, unplugging and plugging back in the tablet, yet nothing happens.

I keep getting the error on restart about an Internal Driver Error.

Has anyone any suggestions?

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mine works now!
Authored by: johnpaul191 on Nov 12, '02 11:41:42AM

yeah, this is like a month later... but my tablet is now recognized. i think there is a newer driver. oh, i have the "rev a" grphire btw... not sure if that mattered. i forgot to play with it more, but i never actually figured out how to get inkwell active. the drivers worked, and that's the big part. i can use it again for graphics.

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Must be my handwriting
Authored by: jonahlee on Aug 24, '02 04:43:31PM

But ink is completely useless for me! It is like one of those old Newton cartoons where the handwriting recognition is a joke! It doesn't recognize anything for me, and seems to randomize either uppercase or lowercase! So bizarre! I might have to play around with it again, but so far it doesn't do much for me!

I do love the new 10.2 finder though. So much more responsive!

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Must be my handwriting
Authored by: david-bo on Jun 17, '06 03:06:04PM

Couldn't agree more. And I have had both a MP130 and a 2100 to compare with and their HWR works _much_ better than Ink. Maybe not technically, but interfacewise is the Newton HWR far superior to Ink.

Besides, for the Newton there where dictionaries available in many more languages.

I'd like to have an Etch-a-Sketch-like tablet to write on. Has anyone seen anything like that? I know of the very expensive Wacom tablets with built in monitor but they are far too complicated for my purposes.


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Strange driver behavior
Authored by: benfsmith on Aug 24, '02 09:49:51PM

Interestingly, this driver worked perfectly for several hours after the install, but then suddenly stopped for no apparent reason. I have also tried the older driver that isn't alpha status without luck.

When I try to open the Wacom Tablet app, I get a warning that reads: The WACOM driver was not loaded. Pleases make sure that the Tablet Driver has been installed and that the Tablet is attached to the computer.

The installation goes smoothly and the connection seems good with the device. Anyone experience anything similar?

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Strange driver behavior
Authored by: opusuno on Aug 26, '02 11:53:53PM

Same exact thing.. worked fine, then 'poof' it was back to the crappy single button??
Help! I'm getting bloody over this banging my head against it... I want my tablet back!!

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Strange driver behavior
Authored by: phidauex on Aug 27, '02 10:49:23AM

Damn, i thought i was the only one! I'm having the exact same problems. I manually uninstalled the drivers, then did a reinstall using pacisfist. Still no go. It worked for a while after the jaguar install, and then stopped and hasn't started again. I hope a driver solution to this can be found.

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Got it to work..
Authored by: opusuno on Aug 27, '02 03:38:54PM

Hey folks... found a temporary work-around

Go into your /Library/StartupItems/Tablet/ and double click the TabletDriver and things should work..

The driver really isn't getting loaded at boot time. This is just a painful quick fix until Wacom and Apple figure it out.

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Grrrr.. on second thought
Authored by: opusuno on Aug 27, '02 04:01:02PM

On second thought don't do this.. it spawns off about a million Tablet Driver processes that max ot the CPU.. rats!!!

I really still want my tablet back!!!

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Wacom driver ...
Authored by: eee2 on Aug 25, '02 12:53:41PM

... I think there is a problem with the Wacom driver keeping systems from sleeping.....

Had 2 of 'em installed by mistake, and the system would "bounce back" when trying to manually go to sleep. With just one installed, it would manually sleep, but not automatically. With none installed auto and manual sleep work okay. (10.2, Dual 1ghz)

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Problems persist
Authored by: Len on Aug 26, '02 03:38:27AM

I have just spent a few hours trying to get Ink Pad to work on my 800Mhz titanium with no success.
Among the weird things that have happened:
1. I tried downloading the newest (beta) Wacom driver at the link mentioned above and all unpacked correctly but when I double-clicked on the install tablet icon it opened "Steve's Diary". A simple diary utility. Where'd that come from? I got around it by going into the terminal and navigating to the Contents directory of the package and running "open" on the package itself. The installer ran fine after that.
2. Even with the new Wacom driver, the console indicates the my InkServer is erroring out and won't run. Still, with Ink set to activate "anywhere" I do get the little translation yellow sheet but nothing every gets inserted into TextEdit (my test program).
I'll probably try a re-install of that component if I can next.
Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Got it working!
Authored by: phidauex on Aug 28, '02 01:29:48AM

I was having the same problems as people below, and the only eventual solution was to reinstall Jaguar as an 'upgrade' to the current installation. Then, i reinstalled the drivers, and got it running happily. It works great with ink. I'm amazed this was such as hassle. Anyway, good luck to the rest of you.


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Got it working!
Authored by: macxtra on Aug 30, '02 08:15:56AM

definitely I'm NOT going to reinstall Jaguar for getting InkServer to work !
I got same odd behaviour - with the newer driver it seems to run after reboot ... - but without NO recocnition at all 8-((

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Fix for Wacom Inkwell problem
Authored by: Buko on Sep 28, '02 09:54:11AM

Go to:


Remove these:

Now go to system prefs and fire up inkwell. everything should work.

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