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Customize the toolbar computer icon in 10.2 Desktop
The Finder window toolbar in 10.1 used a traditional iMac icon to signify the computer. I customized my two machines (a cube and flat panel imac) each to have a respective icon. See my homepage to see what I mean.

However in 10.2, the toolbar already has a flat panel imac, but not the icon I wanted. I tried changing the icon as I did before in 10.1, however the toolbar icon would not change. It baffled me.

After some digging, I discovered that the imac.icns is in a new place: /System -> Library -> CoreServices -> SystemIcons.bundle -> Contents -> Resources -> iMac.icns ... you need to swap that icon to change the computer icon in the Finder window toolbar.
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Any ready source of .icns?
Authored by: alajuela on Aug 24, '02 01:25:00PM

I would love to replace the iMac toolbar icon with a PowerBook icon--why doesn't Apple make that an option--but I am no Photoshop guy. Anyone got a source?

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Any ready source of .icns?
Authored by: alajuela on Aug 24, '02 01:30:38PM

Sorry, I had a brain dump. Just by following the link of the original poster, I was able to find what I wanted.

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Any ready source of .icns?
Authored by: jimhill on Aug 24, '02 06:10:53PM

It wasn't a ready source, but the World of Aqua 2 collection at contains a nice shot of a TiBook that I'm now using in my Finder.

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Okay, I made a so-so PB icon
Authored by: alajuela on Aug 24, '02 02:14:12PM

It's available at my iDisk public folder which you can connect to from the Go menu in the Finder at the following address: <>. Sorry I don't have a home page set up for download. It's labeled "iMacPB.icns". You have to install it where the original poster identified, but you must remove the from the file name first.

It's not a great icon, just an adpatation of the PBG4 from Apple's site. If there is a better one, I'd sure prefer that.

But it is nice to see my PB in my toolbar.

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Authored by: blugel on Aug 24, '02 04:00:13PM

After this info, I went about changing the default toolbar icons. However, I cannot find the one for the Home icon, home.icns. I have looked within the Finder, where it used to be, and this new location in SystemIcons.bundle, but to no use, its not there. Anyone know where they have hidden this one?

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Authored by: xenocytekron on Aug 24, '02 05:14:19PM

in 10.1 it was in the hitoolbox, maybe do a search for that?

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Authored by: rebug on Aug 24, '02 08:49:57PM

I've looked everywhere and still can't find the home icon.

Everywhere except where it is, of course.

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Authored by: ontangent on Aug 26, '02 11:01:39AM


ID: -21673
Name: Computer

On my 10.1.5 G4 it is anyway...

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Authored by: harpdog on Aug 24, '02 09:20:11PM
You can find the home icon withing a file called SystemIcons.rsrc. This file is in the usuall place /System/Library/CoreServices/SystemIcons.bundle/Contents/Resources/SystemIcons.rsrc copy the file to your desktop and open with icongrapherX and you will see a number of different icons including the home icon.

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Authored by: pairaka on Aug 24, '02 10:03:09PM

I've found the Systemicons resource file, but how do I change the Home icon to something other than that plain little house? I can copy the file to my desktop and open it in Iconographer and see all the icons, but I can't figure out how to change any of the icons in the file.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Authored by: stewa on Aug 26, '02 06:17:23PM

Okay for the purposes of this answer I am going to assume that you have no knowledge of the terminal and UNIX functions.

When I say UserName in the instructions, you should substitute the particular name of your home login account here (ie I log in as stewa so I enter stewa).

The file you need to alter is located at /System/Library/CoreServices/SystemIcons.bundle/Contents/Resources/SystemIcons.rsrc

1) Drag the SystemIcons.rsrc from the folder to your desktop.
2) Duplicate this file in case anything foes wrong.
3) Open this file in Iconographer.
4) In the Icon menu go to "Insert Icon"
5) In the ID field enter -21684, leave the format as is.
6) Click Overwrite and then a new icon window opens.
7) Open in Iconographer the icon you want to replace the home icon with.
8) Copy this icon (I copied it as a font family).
9) Paste it into the blank window.
10) Save the icon window which should be filled with your new icon. Close the window and your updated icon should appear in place of the previous Home icon. Close the icon set.

Now you will move the SystemIcons.rsrc with your new custom made SystemIcons.rsrc.
11) Open terminal and type at the prompt

sudo mv /Users/UserName/Desktop/SystemIcons.rsrc /System/Library/CoreServices/SystemIcons.bundle/Contents/Resources/SystemIcons.rsrc

hit return. (Using tab after typing 1-2 characters of the path with help with the typing)
12) A prompt for your password appears and enter your password there and hit return.
13) At the next prompt type exit to end your terminal session.
14) I had to restart my computer for the changes to take effect, simply relaunching the finder wasn't enough.

Let me know if you have any problems.


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Authored by: pairaka on Aug 27, '02 06:27:39AM

It worked just like it was supposed to. Thanks for the help! :)

-- Pairaka

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Authored by: secretskwirl007 on Aug 26, '02 06:20:29PM

This is the weirdest part- I had to mess with both the SystemIcons resource, AND go into etceteras) and change out the apps.icns icon, 10.1-style. Just thought I'd add that little gem to the mix.

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icons in mail
Authored by: roylevitt on Aug 27, '02 07:46:45AM

I was sucessful in changing my icons in the toolbar, but to my surprise the icons in did not... any insight??

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