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The Jaguar flood begins tonight... Site News
It's here, it's here! Many users have received their Jaguar copies already, many others are picking them up at 10:20 tonight at various special events, and still others (the truly lucky ones) have received it on shiny new Apple hardware. So tonight, the Jaguar hint flood begins. There are quite a few to publish, and I'll do my best to get the initial rush published throughout the weekend.

Today also marks the official end of fully supported OS X 10.1 hints. From here on out, I will only have access to Jaguar systems for testing submitted hints. If you are submitting a hint and you are running 10.1, please try to include that information in the body of the hint. If it fails when I test it in 10.2, I'll still run the hint, but include a "Pre Jaguar only" note when it's published.

It's been a long wait, but (in my opinion), Jaguar is worth both the time it took to develop and the cost I paid to acquire it (thanks, Amazon!). I'll have more to say about it this weekend when Jaguar is officially released, but if you haven't used it yet, you're in for a pleasant surprise.

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Amazon shipped?
Authored by: russh on Aug 23, '02 02:37:05PM

Rob, you mean you orderd from Amazon and you've got it already?

Good for you, but darn! I ordered in the same "rebate window" and my order still sits sadly on the page, unshipped. (I even paid for overnight delivery.) I figured that Amazon would get their Jag stash early, sit on it till Thursday and then overnight it for Friday delivery. No such luck. Grrr.

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Amazon shipped?
Authored by: wscody on Aug 23, '02 04:12:44PM

I'm in the same boat. I also ordered in time to take advantage of the $50 rebate, but Amazon's order status page shows a projected ship date of 8/31. What's the story Rob?

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Sorry, no...
Authored by: robg on Aug 23, '02 04:50:13PM

No, Amazon has my money but has not yet shipped ... I meant "Thanks" for the rebate program. Sorry for the confusion.

I'll be buying a retail copy later tonight, though. I figure I need to upgrade my folks' machine at some point, anyway, so I might as well buy their copy now, too :-).


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Apple Shipped, Got Mine today.
Authored by: dfulton on Aug 23, '02 05:42:12PM

I ordered mine a few weeks back. Got it today.
Took well over an hour to install/upgrade my 10.1.5 800/1gb/Tibook.
The results were worth it. Fast Fast Fast!

1 odd thing,
It created an account called "other" . Untill I find out why I am not going to kill it.

Looks good!

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Apple Shipped, Got Mine today.
Authored by: Miga on Aug 23, '02 08:16:59PM

I've ordered mine on Monday and received it today (Ok full price and in France), but I don't regret it.

It took one hour to install on my PowerPC G3 beige. Another half hour to understand I have to desintall and reinstall my printer for it to be recognized (a Lexmark Z43). Another hour to install the Developer tools and the whole afternoon to test applications and development.

The only thing which does not work at the moment is the Apache server. Apparently there is a problem with RendezVous.

Apart from that, it's the first time a new release installs so smoothly.

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Apple Shipped, Got Mine today.
Authored by: Waterman1 on Aug 23, '02 10:33:38PM

I heard something about "other" on
Check it out.

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Got it Yesterday...
Authored by: dgc on Aug 23, '02 08:13:09PM

Apple education discount came through with mine mid day yesterday. Everything installed easily, no hang ups. I notice no speed change on an G4/867/1.2 gig ram. It looks great - the quartz is very nice. My only gripe is that Sherlock has been altered to the worse. Watson is far superior and Sherlock no longer allows one to search for people, has "search engine ads" on the bottom, and has relegated the disk search function to apple-F via the finder. Hopefully, this will improve. Lots still to discover no doubt!

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Shame, Shame, Shame Apple
Authored by: jasenko on Aug 24, '02 06:39:19AM

The man is running the best OSX related site and Apple was not even able to send him a copy. If I were you I would close down this website.
Do you know that Apple gives the link to this website to their customers in trouble?
Even Microsoft sends copies to all journalist and pro-MS websites even months before they are released. With this kind of attitude, I don't see bright future for Apple.

But on the other hand, I am really greatful that site like this exists.

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Not entirely true...
Authored by: robg on Aug 24, '02 07:56:08AM

I will, I believe, receive a final Developer's mailing with the release version at some point in the future. However, I enjoy paying for products that I think are worth it, so I have no problems paying for a copy of Jaguar.

But if they <b>really</b> want to make me happy, I'd love a copy of Final Cut Pro and DVD Studio Pro :-). I think both these products are worth it, but can't really justify the price on a hobbyist basis...


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Shame, Shame, Shame Apple
Authored by: bruce272 on Aug 24, '02 02:51:50PM

Boy, you people really must have too much time on your hands to get into such a usless thread as who got Jaguar first.

Get a life, better yet, get a job!

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