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Delete the Finder prefs file to fix odd problems Desktop
After downloading the last security update, I force quit the Update app since I did not feel like restarting at that moment.

A while after that, and without being able to confirm the connection between updating and the following issue, the folders I have aliased in the Dock would not pop open when clicked on them, and the Finder would not open a new window when clicked on its icon, even though there was no other Finder window open.

It affected the Trash too, and trying to open a subfolder via context menu in any of those aliases did not work either (the contents showed up in the context menu, but the subfolders would not open up when clicked on).

Logging out or restarting would not solve the problem. Deleting in Library/Preferences inside my Home folder and logging out did. The file is simply where the Finder prefences are stored and it is safe to delete it, since it will regenerate itself when logging in again.

[Editor's note: You could probably also force-quit the Finder to have the changes take effect without logging out.]
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Click the close button
Authored by: lestmak on Aug 22, '02 10:42:59AM

I've found that sometimes I can simply click the close button in the corner of the window instead of having to click restart. May have just been an oversight on the part of Apple

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LS* files gone in 10.2
Authored by: bluehz on Aug 22, '02 04:44:10PM

On a related note - the files we have all learned to delete to fix oddities in OS X:


No longer exist in 10.2.

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.tsch file missing?
Authored by: brianp on Aug 22, '02 08:45:09PM

I encountered the same problem after the latest Security Update: apps wouldn't launch by clicking their icon in the dock, etc. Apps that I auto-launch at login opened OK. Terminal complained that it couldn't find the .tsch file?! The .tsch_history was still there. Restarting fixed this though (although the .tsch file was still missing from my home directory). I don't know enough about Unix to know how significant this is.

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Authored by: Edison517 on Aug 23, '02 12:22:25AM

It seems to me that 10.2 has killed my docklings, such as Prefling, Uptime, and Network Statistics. Will deleting this file fix this problem? They will work for about 2minutes (including the bootup time) and then they "break".

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Important if you used TinkerTool
Authored by: sinjin on Aug 23, '02 12:28:50PM

...and have upgraded to Jaguar (10.2). Tinkertool allows you to modify a lot of Finder attributes that are not supported (at least not in the same manner) in Jaguar.

After upgrading my OS I found that anything I tried to do with the Finder would cause it to crash. Deleting the plist file solved the problem

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