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Download programs while skipping extra delays Apps
Some software download sites, such as CNET's and, add an extra page when you click the download link for a title of interest. On these (and other) sites, you'll be taken to a second page which, after a delay, then begins the download. Although I have nothing against a site's need for revenue from online advertising, I find this tactic highly annoying. After all, I've already seen at least one or two pages worth of ads by the time I hit the download link, and the artificial delay to allow me to view the ads is particularly grating.

Using most browsers, however, it's relatively easy to work around these behaviors. In my personal favorite, Mozilla, I just command-click the download link, and the download page opens in a new tab while keeping the current page frontmost (you can set this up in the Tabbed Browsing preferences). I notice a new tab has opened, and then five or so seconds later, I get the "Save file..." dialog box. I click "OK", and the download begins. When I'm done downloading the various programs I want, I just close the main browser window and all the tabs vanish.

You can do similar things in OmniWeb (control-click and then "Open link behind this window") and Internet Explorer (control-click and "Open link in new window," although it will open in front of (but offset from) your current window). Both of these methods will leave a number of windows onscreen if you're downloading multiple programs, which is one reason I greatly prefer the tabs in one window approach of Mozilla.

Editorial blurb: Does this mean that I deny these sites revenue by reducing their ads' impressions? No, as the ads themselves are still loaded and displayed, it's just that I never see them. It does mean those advertisers appearing on those pages will never get my click-through. And that's fine with me, for I'd rather not encourage this behavior. I do, however, often click-through on ads on the main pages if I see something of interest.
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Opening new windows in IE
Authored by: RandyMan on Aug 21, '02 10:46:20AM
You can short-cut the control-click and selecting the menu by command-clicking the link...that'll do the same thing, open a new window with that link in it. If you command-SHIFT-click, the new window will open behind all the other windows.

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Opening new windows in IE
Authored by: varase on Aug 21, '02 05:37:50PM

I keep two browser windows open - my primary and a secondary the same size offset down and to the right.

When I want subsidiary information, I simply drag the link off the primary window onto the secondary. This begins the download and I can click back in the primary window until the secondary has finished loading. This lets me check for information on my next topic of interest rather than simply waiting until the second window has loaded.

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Block the images
Authored by: jgmanning on Aug 21, '02 11:07:05AM

Mozilla also allows you to block images from specified servers. Control click on the image and select Block from the contextual menu. Usually the image is from someplace like, so blocking it on one site will reduce clutter on others as well.

VersionTracker is so annoying that I block all images from them, period. The page loads a bit faster.

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Authored by: bhines on Aug 21, '02 12:59:20PM

This must be sacreligious, but I paid for versiontracker. They offer a great service and deserve to be compensated. No more ads, and no more clicking through a second page. Certainly worth the small price for those who visit VT multiple times a day.

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Authored by: bhines on Aug 21, '02 01:01:49PM

Speaking of which, this is a strange tip to see from the owner of a site which has "If you find useful, please consider subscribing. No banner ads, very few press releases, just hundreds of OS X hints -- all for $10 a year!" on the left side, since VersionTracker offers the same thing.

Maybe I should submit a "defeating OSXHints ads" tip?

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Authored by: maclaw on Aug 21, '02 01:17:55PM
Maybe I should submit a "defeating OSXHints ads" tip?
That would sure be an interesting tip to see, considering that macosxhints has no ads to begin with. Rob provides a service and only asks that you contribute to the ongoing operating expense if you happen to find the site useful. He does not coerce you into paying by hiding the "good" stuff, or beating you over the head with advertisements. This site is pure content whether you pay or not, which is what is being advertised in the tag "No banner ads, very few press releases, just hundreds of OS X hints". Only your conscience and a desire to assist with operating expenses (i.e. prevent the site from disappearing due to financial considerations) dictate your decision to contribute here.

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don't have to control-click in OmniWeb
Authored by: ackbar on Aug 21, '02 03:00:43PM

In OmniWeb, you can just command-click a link to open it in a window behind your current window. This is faster than control-click, select item from window.

But it's a moot point, since OW allows regexp-based ad blocking :)

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OmniWeb, regexp
Authored by: dm2243 on Aug 22, '02 07:29:59AM

can you give an example of how you might use regexp to block VT ads?

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