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Wireless networking via GPRS and Nokia 6310i Network
The Nokia 6310i is a tri-band mobile phone with GPRS and Bluetooth built in. Making a Bluetooth connection between Mac OS X and the phone is very easy ... establishing a GPRS connection to the Internet is not.

Read the rest of the article for step by step instructions for getting an Apple Macintosh running Mac OS X 10.1.5 online with GPRS via a Nokia 6310i mobile phone and Bluetooth. GPRS is taking off now in Europe - these instructions will be of most use to a UK reader. I'm not sure of the status of GPRS in the States.

  1. Ensure your Nokia 6310i has latest software (enter *#0000# on the phone). Mine came with 4.07 (??-04-02) so I took it to the nearest Nokia centre for a free upgrade to 4.80 (11-07-02).

  2. Open a GPRS account with your mobile phone service provider. I use O2 (UK). A 1mb/month GPRS account (OK for e-mail) costs around £8/month.

  3. Switch on Bluetooth on the Nokia.

  4. On your Nokia 6310i under Settings >> GPRS Modem Settings >> Active Access Point, select Access Point 1. Then Edit the Active Access Point to give it a sensible name (e.g. 'O2 GPRS'). Scroll down once more and enter your mobile phone service provider's Access Point Number (APN) (e.g. '').

  5. Download Apple's Bluetooth Technology Preview version 2.1 software and install.

  6. Download Nokia GPRS Modem Scripts from Ross Barkman's website.

  7. Unpack the modem scripts and drop them into Library:Modem Scripts.

  8. Plug D-Link DWB-120M Bluetooth USB Adapter into a spare USB socket on your Mac.

  9. Run the System Preferences application, select Bluetooth. Make sure "Discoverable" is selected. I also selected "Use Encryption" and "Show Bluetooth status in the menu bar".

  10. Now select the "Paired Devices" tab and click on "New" to pair your computer with your Nokia. Both devices will ask for a passkey. Any number will work but enter the same number in each device. The Nokia should now be paired with your Mac. It took me a couple of attempts to get this to work.

  11. In System Preferences select "Show All" then select "Network" and create a new location with a suitable name e.g. 'GPRS'.

  12. Select the Active Network Port to "Bluetooth-modem".

  13. Under the TCP/IP tab, enter the Domain Name Servers (e.g. for O2 '' and '') and Search Domains (e.g. for O2 ''). Click on "Apply Now".

  14. Under the PPP tab, enter a name for your service provider (e.g. 'O2'), then in the Telephone Number field enter your APN (e.g. for O2 '') - that's right, enter the APN in the telephone number field. It's all taken care of in the modem script.

  15. Enter an account name and password for your service provider (e.g. O2 username: 'web', password: 'password').

  16. Select "Save password" then under PPP options make sure the "Send PPP echo packets" and "Use TCP header compression" options are unselected. Click on "Apply Now".

  17. Under the Modem tab, select one of the Nokia GPRS scripts. I tried "Nokia GPRS CID1" and it worked first time. Click on "Apply Now" and close System Preferences. If the first script you try doesn't work, try the others.

  18. Open the Internet Connect application and select the 'bluetooth-modem' port. Your APN should appear in the Telephone Number field. Click on "Connect". You won't hear a dialling tone during the connect process.

  19. The first time your Nokia makes a GPRS connection, it will ask for authorisation. Once the call is established, select Bluetooth >> View Paired Devices >> Options >> Request conn. authorisation >> No to remove the authorisation dialog.
Hope this helps!

[Editor's comment: Clearly untested here, given the distinct lack of GPRS in this corner of the planet!]
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That's alot of steps
Authored by: tknospdr on Aug 20, '02 07:24:12PM

I hope it's not that complicated here. I just bought an Ericsson T68i with a GPRS account, and aside from the fact that I think the service is overpriced I can't wait to try it out.
BTW, I'm in Florida, USA and 3 megs is $20 USD with AT&T. They're the only provider I could find with this phone.

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Jaguar does this natively...
Authored by: shadowfax0 on Aug 21, '02 10:28:33PM

Im not sure how exactly, but if you go to and go to the "Extra Features" of Jaguar, under "Networking, etc etc blah blah.." is GPRS connectivity for Bluetooth. I have an Ericsson T39 and I only get on the internet now through IR and dialing my ISPs telephone number, but am paying for GPRS service. Anyhow, I hope that helps, I'm going to try this when I get home, see if I can get it to work. Also, I'm not sure *how* to get my APN number, can someone explain to me what it is? Actually, now that I think of it, I'm not so sure on any of that information, like what my username adn PW should be, or where to find it etc etc. Oh well, I hope Jaguar fixes this a bit :)

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Nokia wake up!!!
Authored by: Teppo on Oct 14, '02 04:59:45PM

I use a Nokia 6310i GSM triband all around the world being an AirLine Pilot.

GPRS works fine including in the States....just used it in Chicago, having a French "Orange" subscription, -actually I used it first to "navigate" through the phone's wap.

I have been looking for a way to make the Bluetooth/GPRS work with a TiBook and a bluetooth dongle from Mitsumi.
My G4 and Jaguar saw the phone and paired OK from the start.

Thanks a lot Chris for the advise on the setup.

-It seems that Nokia and Apple have to talk, -now the only thing we need is the isync working with the phone's adressbook.

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Nokia wake up!!!
Authored by: jmcalvat on Nov 05, '02 03:32:39AM

Je suis d'accord avec votre commentaire.
Pour ma part j'ai un Nokia 6310i et un PBG4 Ti mais je n'arrive pas à me servir du modem GPRS du Nokia, via une connection Bluetooth - j'obtiens toujours un message : "S'inscrire au GPRS d'abord", alors que je peux naviguer, par ailleurs, sur le Wap via GPRS sans problème. J'ai pourtant effectu tous les rglages recommands sur MacOSXHints sous le titre Wireless networking via GPRS and Nokia 6310i

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Nokia wake up!!!
Authored by: Teppo on Nov 14, '02 07:39:51PM

J'ai progress un peu!!
J'etblis la connexion Blouetooth /G4 sans problèmes.
Je configure le networking dong pour le USB BluetOoth etc... lorsque je lance la connexion ...elle s'etablit mais l'indicteur d'emission reste bloqu à la moiti?
et le browser ne semble pas avoir de socket? puisqu j'arrive pas à naviguer.
Je reconnais que l'OS du Nokia est l'ancien 4.07 et pas le 4.8...j'y vais dès que j'ai un peu de temps.
Lets keep posted.
On y arrivera.



I promise to post all in english once it all works!

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Vodafone UK
Authored by: j0nathan on Dec 24, '02 09:42:37AM

I have exactly the same hardware configuration though connect via Vodafone UK. They don't officially support Macs though this hint works fine (I'm using OS X 10.2.3). For those interested, Vodafone's APN is 'internet', U/P is web/web. There is no need to specify a DNS.

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