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Use an Airport Base Station as a non-wireless router Network
This may be obvious to most folks, but it came as a surprise to me even after reading the Apple documentation on the Airport. Apple says it should be possible to configure wired clients using DHCP, but that didn't work in my situation. I have one of the older v.1 Airports, for which prices are falling. These only have a single ethernet port, so they cannot isolate a DSL/cable modem from a local Ethernet network the way they can a dialup connection. With a simple Ethernet hub providing a connection to the DSL/Cable modem, however, they can route internet traffic to all computers on the hub with IP addresses in their distribution range, in addition to Airport card equipped wireless computers.

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Assuming you already have an Ethernet network, and are adding an Airport, the steps to set this up are:
  1. Connect the Airport to the Ethernet network via a free hub port, and configure it to make a connection to the DSL/cable modem connected to the same hub. Get this working with an Airport equipped computer. If the Airport is one of the newer ones with a dedicated Ethernet port for the DSL/cable modem, connect the other port to your hub after connecting the first to the broadband modem.

  2. In the Network tab of the Airport Admin Utility window, set the Airport to share a single IP address using DHCP and NAT, and enable both DHCP server on Ethernet and Airport to Ethernet bridging. You'll have to ignore warnings that your network administrator may object to this. Make note of the range of addresses shown as available for sharing a range of addresses.

  3. Now manually configure your non-airport clients to use the Airport as their gateway router ( by default), with mask of, and DNS server set to the router address ( Set the client addresss to something like, 11, 12, etc., leaving the lower 10 addresses free for airport card machines.
Your clients should now be online, and can also Appleshare with airport clients; and Airport clients can print to networked printers.
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Works Great...
Authored by: CaptCosmic on Aug 20, '02 11:25:17AM

This is how I've been running my Airport since Day One. I have two Wireless laptops, and one wired PC. As soon as I got the Airport, it got plugged into the hub, and set up as the gateway.

The only catch is that I have to make sure that the Airport already has the ISP IP Address. Once that's taken care of, I just let the wired PC get its address from the Airport.

The network throughput can take a hit on the wired computer since everything gets sent across the hub twice (once from the computer to the Airport, and again form the Airport to the DSL modem), but its not bad.

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