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Using a calendar on the iPod today Apps
At MacWorld NY, Steve Jobs showed off syncing iCal to an iPod which allows you to take your calendar with you. But since iCal isn't available yet, I was wondering if there was any other way to use the Calendar feature in the iPod 1.2 software.

A quick test revealed that the Calendar feature on the iPod uses vCal format. So, you can simply export you Calendar in vCal format and then copy it to the Calendar directory on your iPod. When you unplug your iPod, you can go view the calendar, and it will show you all of your appointments.

I've tried this with Palm Desktop, and I'm sure it will work with any other application that can export vCal format.

[Editor's note: I'm not 100% certain this qualifies as an "OS X hint", but I found it interesting and thought others might as here it is!]
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It is a hint...
Authored by: klmay65 on Aug 16, '02 12:08:11PM

Since this is not general knowledge, I think it qualifies as a hint.
It worked find for me. I just exported from Palm Desktop in vCal format and put the file in the Calendars folder on my iPod and viola (yes I know that is a musical instrument) it works.

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Same with Palm Desktop Addresses too
Authored by: mediaman on Aug 16, '02 01:54:50PM

I tried the same thing with Palm Desktop's Address. I exported the Addresses as "vcard" and dropped them in the Contacts folder of my iPod and viola, all contacts are located withen one vCard file, unlike the way we have to do it with Firmware version 1.2, which is to select all and drag-n-drop, creating 100's of small vCards.


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Same with Palm Desktop Addresses too
Authored by: CaptCosmic on Aug 16, '02 02:41:31PM

I've got Firmware 1.2 on my iPod, and its got a single vCard file containing all my contacts. And they are all listed individually on the iPod.

Or am I misunderstanding what you are trying to say?

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Same with Palm Desktop Addresses too
Authored by: mzajac on Aug 16, '02 05:10:02PM

I also have a single vCard working fine on 1.2, exported from Palm Desktop. I last updated it before the firmware update--maybe that's material.

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Same with Palm Desktop Addresses too
Authored by: mediaman on Aug 19, '02 09:11:56AM

I believe if you reformat the iPod and use Apple's Entourage to iPod applescript then you will have one file but your contacts will not be there, which is why I needed to drag all my contacts by doing a select-all and dropping thim in my "Contacts" folder on my iPod. Exporting them from palm desktop created one file, as I said before.

My guess is that those of you who have replied have chose to update your iPod instead of reformating it, thus loosing your original (1.1FW) version of the contacts file. Apple's Entourage to iPod script no longer works with 1.2.

Or am I doing something wrong?

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iPod Calendar
Authored by: macdac on Aug 18, '02 04:54:09AM
Well, actually we've figured it out a day after the Update had been released ;) The site we run (Jabluszko - meaning Little Apple in Polish) is in Polish but the pictures speak for themselves ;) I have used some vCal file found on the Net and then modified it (there's even a listing). Oh, here is tghe link http://

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Authored by: paploo on Aug 18, '02 04:17:23PM

For those of you that have Office, Entourage's calendar and address book items can be imported to your iPod too. It turns out that if you drag and drop a contact or a calendar entry into the Finder, it creates the appropriate format file. Of course, the downside is that you have to manually select each calendar item (as I haven't found an obvious way to select more than one), so it isn't really efficient.

Of course, I plan to be switching to Mail and iCal as soon as iCal is out, but that is another story.

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