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Pre-Jaguar upgrade preparation System
The public release of Jaguar will no doubt be the biggest change to OSX in recent months. For those of us planning to jump aboard 10.2 the day it's released, read the rest of the article for a few (somewhat obvious) points to keep in mind...

  1. DON'T DO IT: Any major OS update is bound to cause some disruption, either by potential software incompatibilities or just the added time it takes to become acquainted with the new features. Considering the amount of effort Apple is putting into Jaguar, it may be a near seamless upgrade. However, if you use your Mac for critical applications (work) and can't risk having things changed (even slightly), perhaps you should wait a bit and let the gung-ho early adopters test the waters first.

  2. DON'T CARE: On the other hand, some OSX users may really be looking forward to the new features of Jaguar and might even appreciate the opportunity to do a fresh install to 'clean things out', so to speak. If this is you: you don't have any irreplaceable data and don't mind re-installing all your apps from scratch, then go for it!

  3. BACKUP DATA: If you have important data installed on your system but are planning to upgrade to Jaguar anyhow, you probably want to make a backup your data files, at the very least. In particular, consider backing up the contents of your home directory (i.e. /Users/myname) to a separate volume (either another partition or an external device). For example, I make it a point to backup my Entourage v.X email whenever I do an OSX re-install. Entourage keeps all that data in the '~/Documents/Microsoft User Data' folder, so I periodically copy the entire folder to an external drive for safekeeping.

  4. BACKING UP EVERYTHING: But if you're like me, you probably prefer to do a clean install of a new OS, re-install your apps, then restore your data. This method carries a bit of risk if the Mac you're upgrading is your primary work machine (see DON'T DO IT). One way to minimize downtime due to potential upgrade problems is to backup/image your entire existing OSX volume. This provides a safety net that will quickly allow you to recover from a failed install and revert back to a working system. True, you won't have an upgraded OS, but it will at least allow you to return your Mac back to a working state (until you can sit down and devote more time to investigating why the Jaguar update work quite the way you wanted).

    Two solutions (I'm sure there are others) for backing up up your entire OSX volume:

    1) Retrospect Backup Express. A commercial backup app with an excellent reputation that appears to be extremely easy to use. However, this is a file-based backup system, and it may not be able to restore a blank partition to a functional state (anyone know for sure?).

    2) Mike Bombich's HOWTO and/or backup app. This is the method I use. It does require some work, a separate bootable OS9 or OSX volume, Apple's ASR utility and a few other apps (Diskwarrior and NUM are helpful), but I was able to backup my entire working OSX volume to a 3.3Gb image file. Now if something goes wrong, I can quickly restore my system in about 15 minutes instead of spending hours re-installing Apple software updates, user apps and data by hand. I'm planning to do another such backup just prior to installing Jaguar next month.
Oh yeah -- if you have the means, you really should test the recovery process of whatever method you choose. What good is making backups if they don't work?

[Editor's note: Good advice to keep in mind as Jaguar approaches...]
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Reported Software/Hardware Incompatibilities
Authored by: Anonymous on Aug 15, '02 10:07:16AM
Also, there are a wide number of reported issues and incompabilities with Jaguar. If you own any of the following applications or hardware, you may wish to review this Think Secret article:

Adobe Acrobat
Alcatel SpeedTouch USB DSL modem drivers
AOL Instant Messenger
Apple Remote Desktop
Audiophile 24/96 PCI audio interface card
Canon S9000 BubbleJet
Cisco VPN app
Drive 10.1.1
Eudora 5.1.1
eXodus 8.0.1
External CD burners connected to SCSI PCI cards
Font Reserve 3.0.1
HP's G85, 948c, PSC950 and possibly other printers
Logitech mouse drivers.
Microsoft's Natural Keyboard Pro drivers
MSN Messenger
Net Monitor
Norton Disk Doctor
Retrospect 5's RetroRun app
Sony's CRX100E USB CD-RW drive
Stelltor/Oracle Corporate Time
StuffIt Menu
Timbukto Pro
USB Overdrive
WebObjects 5.1
WindowShade X
XDarwin 1.1/Xfree86 4.0.2

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Reported Software/Hardware Incompatibilities
Authored by: Ranger Rick on Aug 15, '02 10:57:34AM

Also keep in mind that that list is not up-to-date. There are a number of apps listed that I've used personally, or have newer versions which fix incompatibilities (XDarwin being a notable one).

It's very likely that this list was made based on the WWDC jaguar preview (the first one) which had a lot of issues. The latest releases of Jaguar have been much cleaner in this regard, I've found very few things that haven't worked as well or better than their 10.1 counterparts.

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Reported Software/Hardware Incompatibilities
Authored by: eurrythmic on Aug 15, '02 11:49:41AM

By "Warcraft" do you mean Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos? Or just the old Warcrafts running ing Classic Eviroment?

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Reported Software/Hardware Incompatibilities
Authored by: harpdog on Aug 15, '02 06:50:48PM

NetMonitor 2.7b2 and Windowshade X 2.0 works fine for me on 10.2 6C115

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Authored by: evers310 on Aug 16, '02 06:29:49AM

I havent been able to get 3DOSX to work. Net monitor 2.7b2 works fine though

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Reported Software/Hardware Incompatibilities
Authored by: EatingPie on Aug 16, '02 06:37:11PM

Hey all.

I've certainly heard time and again that Jaguar is a major update, despite the minor change in revision number (and I quote: "Why didn't they call it 10.5?") With that in mind, much of the above list strikes me as obvious... Hacks, Device Drivers, Hardware...

So I'm not too surprised. And in reading ThinkSecret's article,
it looks like a lotta stuff still works, just not 100 percent.

Eudora bombs when going to the address book. Acrobat Reader gags the first time you open a large file, but works the second time you open it. XFree86 itself isn't broken, just the xterm application (and a simple recompile looks like all that's needed here).

And you can bet developers are kicking butt to get this stuff going before Jaguar hits the shelves... or soon after.

As a FruitMenu user, I jammed over to Unsanity's site, and they state as much directly on their site. They've even already got a little app to fix their Menu Extras (and possibly, all 3rd party menu extras!) for Jaguar. Very cool!!

So I'm personally not too worried on the 10.2 upgrade. And I say this as someone who <i>never</i> went to 10.1.5 because of the sleep/network issue.
But I will certainly backup before I upgrade. (I may not be worried, but I'm also not stupid!!!)


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Authored by: JoseyWales on Aug 15, '02 12:12:54PM

Retrospect does do a complete restore onto a blank partition, although not in one easy step...

Starting with a blank partition, you first have to install OS X - up to the version the backup was made at. So, if you were running 10.1.5, you'll need all the updaters to get to that version. Don't bother with all your settings, though - these will get overwritten.

Then install Retrospect.

Now you can do a full restore of your OS X volume. It's a bit long-winded, but it does work, and has been a life-saver on one occasion!

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Korean Language Support?
Authored by: jonahlee on Aug 15, '02 01:17:59PM

My question is, that since I have Korean Language support installed (an update that was available in the software update panel) will I even be able to upgrade to 10.2? From what I can tell 10.2 does not include Korean language support on the CD, and I have had problems reinstalling updates before because Ihad Korean Language support installed. If this is true, is there an easy way to remove Korean language support, then install 10.2 and wait for Apple to re-release Korean language support?

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Korean Language Support?
Authored by: Soulcatcher on Aug 15, '02 02:16:58PM

You should be able to upgrade just fine since Jaguar includes native Korean language support on the CD.

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carbon copy cloner
Authored by: reidspice on Aug 15, '02 01:41:01PM

download carbon copy cloner from versiontracker for backing up to another drive. it's fantastic and only $5 shareware.

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carbon copy cloner + Firewire Drive
Authored by: wuf810 on Aug 15, '02 06:20:25PM

I agree you can't beat this utility. If you have a firewire external hard drive then use CCC to backup your exisiting drive completely (erase the drive first). Install jaguar and if anything should go wrong you can aways boot of the external drive and reinstall.

Conversely you could use CCC to backup to the external drive and then install Jaguar on that! If all breaks you will still have your original build on your local harddrive.

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on the other hand...
Authored by: Cowboy_X on Aug 15, '02 05:54:32PM

...if you just use your Mac for experimenting and dicking around, go for it. :)

My question: I've been using the SAMBA distribution for OS X to access my OS X folders from a PC. Since OS X has a built in SMB system, should I remove SAMBA before installing? How??

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Authored by: adriaant on Aug 15, '02 09:07:42PM

The only thing I'm worried about if 10.2 respects my fstab file. I keep hearing otherwise.

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Sony CRX100E!
Authored by: maccave on Aug 15, '02 09:16:02PM

I have this model!
I need my burner to work under Jaguar
It currently works under 10.1.5
Does any one know of another driver that might work with this burner?


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Sony CRX100E!
Authored by: awurst on Sep 02, '02 10:48:50PM

I also have this drive and found out the hard way that it doesn't work in 10.2! Did you ever get any help or info on getting this to work under 10.2?? I hear that 10.2.1 is actually coming out very soon so maybe they will fix this in that update.



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Authored by: reco on Aug 15, '02 09:34:05PM

to all,

i workt with 6c115 and i tell you, i never wonna see the 10.1.5 build again!!!!

go 4 it!!!

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Authored by: Eloy on Aug 21, '02 08:49:34AM


Since you stated that you have the 6c115 build installed i'll ask you the question.....

Do you think that from the moment Jaguar is officially released, the updates will also install on this build? Or that i can also update build 6c115 to the official master......?? Does anyone know this, or how this went in the past????

Greetingz Eloy.

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Retrospect 5 Updated for Jaguar
Authored by: jwarthman on Aug 15, '02 11:23:06PM

Dantz has released an updated Retrospect 5 client (version 5.0.536). Although it has a couple bug fixes, its major improvement is compatibility with Jaguar. You can read more here:


-- Jim

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test install onto External FW
Authored by: noivad on Aug 22, '02 07:11:00AM

I upgraded by testing the install on an external FireWire drive, and booting the Mac on that. all my Hardware worked fine under it. I also tested my critical apps -- which all worked fine, and upgraded WindowShadeX and DefaultFolder X. Everything looked good to go, so I then installed it on the Internal HD.

I was painless (If you don't count the install time). [It's ironic that for a OS that's code-named "Jaguar," the install is so slow.]

Anyway, if you have a Mac that can boot of an external FireWire drive, or have multiple bootable drives connected to your system this is probably the best way to really test if your system and you are ready for 10.2. If anything goes wrong, just reboot into your primary drive and wait until any drivers or software that is incompatible and critical is updated.


PS: backing up most of your prefs is as easy as copying your home directory. There are very few plists in the root library, but you can copy that too, just in case.

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