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Saving a non-savable QuickTime movie System
Apple seem to have introduced a feature recently which does not allow some movies to be saved off their trailers website. All they have done is set the movie into 'Kiosk mode', which bypasses the QT preference settings (which invariably have this disabled) and does not allow the movie to be saved.

One way of bypassing this problem is to do the following:
  1. On the page on which the movie is on, open the HTML source, select all and copy it. The ideal application to paste into is either an HTML editor or SimpleText, which is available for OS X in the Developer's Tools CD.

  2. Scroll through the source code until you find the text KIOSKMODE="TRUE". If you look at the source, it will have a few lines beginning with <PARAM, followed by a line beginning with <embed. Look on this line. Change TRUE to FALSE, keeping the quotation marks around it.

  3. Save the file as plain text or html, and add a .html extension. Open this file in your browser, and the movie page should load again, but this time you will be able to save the movie as normal.
I haven't come across any 'unsaveable' movies on any other sites, but I should imagine this method would work in most cases.
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Use your cache, Luke
Authored by: vogunaescht on Aug 13, '02 11:15:05AM
Mozilla and it's offspring like Chimera save such "unsaveable" movies in their browser cache. For Chimera the cache is located somewhere like

~/Library/Application Support/Chimera/Profiles/default/pu78ti38.slt/Cache

I usually look for the newest and biggest file, copy it somewhere else and give it a file extension of ".mov". That should do the trick.

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using your cache only works if....
Authored by: ravedog on Aug 13, '02 03:18:32PM
vogunaescht: "I look for the newest and biggest file, copy it somewhere else and give it a file extension of ".mov". That should do the trick."

that's only partially true. there is a another setting in the HTML that needs to be changed as well for the cache trick to work.

nockely forget to mention that the other tag: CACHE="FALSE" needs to be changed to CACHE="TRUE"

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using your cache only works if....
Authored by: nockely on Aug 13, '02 03:27:59PM

Well that's only if you wanted to save the movie in the cache as well. To save it as a normal QT movie only changing the KIOSKMODE parameter is necessary.

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OmniWeb, Mozilla
Authored by: eo on Aug 13, '02 12:22:37PM

If you have OmniWeb or Mozilla installed, you can use their built-in HTML source editors to make your changes and then redisplay the page. Saves time + effort, probably assuming you are already running one of these browsers.

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Your 'change source HTML' tip works...
Authored by: rgoer on Aug 13, '02 06:35:28PM
...but it might be taking a few steps too many. Once you've got the source HTML before your eyes, there's no need to re-make the page with a different KIOSKMODE setting... just wget (or curl -O if you don't have wget installed) the URL for the .mov file you see in the source.

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Your 'change source HTML' tip works...
Authored by: runcoberry on Aug 13, '02 10:22:12PM
I have tried this method before, or at least one oddly similar to it (curl -o "") in the CLI, and I get the little movie that says that you need QT 5. I think it's because the CLI doesn't have any QT plugins, or player options, the computer doesn't recognize it. So when you try to recieve the movie file, it redirects you to the "get QT 5" movie instead. I might be drawing to conclusions too fast, but I would say that I am an intermediate *nix user, but part of being that is knowing that there are always 10 different ways to do the same thing, and just because it doesn''t work on my box, doesn't mean that it doesn't work every where else. :-) happy camping, and thanks for the original hint. ( I didn't know that was possible) Long Live OmniWeb

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Privoxy (Junkbuster)
Authored by: Cadre on Aug 13, '02 07:25:43PM

Most everybody's solutions are post-problem solutions. The best solution is to rewrite the source on the fly. The easiest way to do this is use Privoxy's filter file (rules that are applied content of web pages).

Just add this line to your filters file (usually default.filter unless you've specified something else):


(this particular expression will replace text in webpages along with replacing tags, though really, this probably won't affect you)

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Replace double backslash w/ single backslash
Authored by: Cadre on Aug 13, '02 07:29:00PM

The double backslash should be a single backslash. I previewed and it looked correct but Geeklog decided to munge my code anyway...

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Some hacks should not be posted!!
Authored by: biographie on Aug 13, '02 07:48:39PM

This may seem like a small thing, but it is the little things that seem to matter. Remeber the uproar about the hack for the 10.1 upgrade CD? Yes, I already knew about the little kiosk-mode work around, but it is much better to keep somethings to yourself or tell your friends in a different manner. Most people already know the tricks of "basically if it is playing on my computer, it must be stored somewhere too, so let me find it". Streaming, kiosk, hidden cache PHP just make it a little bit more interesting for the user to find and keep. But my point in the matter is big companies make the trailers available, they can easily pull them as well, don't piss them off with a blatten (sp?) slap in the face, by posting this stuff. I would much rather have a QT movie than Shockwave or Flash movies that a lot of sites have starting using more lately.

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Some hacks should not be posted!!
Authored by: johnblommers on Aug 14, '02 01:13:18AM

I am going to rant some now.

There is a deep division between customers (seen as the thieves) and producers (aided and abetted by Hollywood special interests) of multimedia content over the right to make personal copies of any content. If I can see it on my screen and hear it over my speakers, I have the right to capture that and view it later at my discretion. Not at the discretion of somebody else. I don't need their permission to view it when THEY say I am allowed to. This is all about digital rights management (DRM) being used to erode the legislated right of consumers provided by the copyright act.

Therefore it is totally legitimate to post information that allows the consumer to practice their rights. You know all about rights - use them or lose them - fight for them. We fought the bloody British for our rights. Don't let greedy corporations from Hollywood take one right away. Free speech is the right to post speech on a website. It must never be abridged.
- end of rant

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Then again. . .
Authored by: Rampico on Aug 16, '02 09:53:16AM
I'm just another jacka$$ with an opinion, but I would think it would have to do with copyrighted material. Also, check out 10 Big Myths.

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Authored by: kevvz on Aug 14, '02 05:03:09AM

Tell me if I'm wrong about this, but this tip doesn't work when used for the Terminator 3 page.

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Latest Apple Trailers
Authored by: dcpetersonp on Aug 14, '03 12:48:38PM

I'm trying to save the Laura Croft Cradle of Life Trailer and it doesn't have a kiosk parameter. I pulled the file from my browser cache, but it still seems to be protected. I wanted to export it as an avi file from QT 6 Pro, but QT won't allow it. Anyone have a suggestion? I never would have bought QT pro if I'd have known that I couldn't convert any files.

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Easier way from older hints...
Authored by: Loren on Aug 14, '02 10:46:16AM

Check out

The long and short of it is, whenever I go to a site with a movie I want to save, while the movie is on my screen I run a terminal window and type the word "savemovie" and the .mov file is saved to my desktop as

usng info from that hint, I have aliased savemovie to the following command which works perfectly.

cp /tmp/501/Temporary\ Items/QT* ~/Desktop/


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Good idea
Authored by: Titanium Man on Aug 16, '02 01:06:10PM

How about a dorky little script to add a touch more to the alias idea? Something like:


ditto -rsrcFork /tmp/501/Temporary\ Items/QT* ~/Desktop/$

You could name the script whatever, but if it were called zmov, you could do:

zmov Two_Towers

and the trailer would be copied to your desktop and named ""

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Size of some quicktime movies is preference setting..
Authored by: mattblak on Aug 19, '02 10:09:47AM

The *older* users may know this or will be on a cable anyway but...
I couldn't work out why some quicktime trailers were coming down postage stamp sized until I noticed that it was only the type that simply say "click here to play movie"..
Then I remembered the connection speed setting in the system prefs>quicktime..

Even though I have only the built in 56k modem on my powerbook, I have changed this setting to 512k/DSL and while the movies do take longer to download, they sure are more exciting quarter screen than postage stamp sized!

You don't need to save them to enjoy this effect.. but of course...

And luckily, you don't *need* broadband to enjoy this wonderful site.. (oh but I want it..)
Last night macosxhints saved my life..

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