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The UNIX manual pages (man pages) contain a wealth of information, but you might not always find them easy to use while actually using the terminal. You generally will need to open a second window, one with the man page and the other with the actual command in it - this allows you to read the documentation as you work with the command without scrolling back in the history buffer.

manThor simplifies this process by opening man pages in the Finder. From here, you can print (nicely formatted), search for text, and easily flip between several recently visited man pages. Want to learn about the tcsh shell in UNIX? Use manThor to open the 100+ page man pages and print them out -- bingo, instant UNIX book!
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didn't work for me
Authored by: tomem on Oct 06, '02 05:06:57PM

I tried both the stable and beta versions and neither one would read my man pages. Jaguar problem?

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Works fine here in 10.2...
Authored by: robg on Oct 06, '02 05:14:35PM

Uncheck the "All (-a)" box and then enter the command; it should work fine.


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Works fine here in 10.2...
Authored by: tochoa on Dec 01, '02 02:16:56PM

Thanks, that did the trick for me too. However, I still can't get man pages in the terminal (which is why I tried this GUI frontend). This happened right after the 10.2 install. I've got the usual suspects in manpath, but no go. Anyone else having this prob?


Tony O

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Works fine here in 10.2...
Authored by: Glanz on Dec 02, '02 08:42:06PM

Yes.... I do!! I have rewritten, redone, rebozzeled, and re configured my manpaths till they are coming out of my ears. I've tried in ~/.cshrc, then ~/.tcshrc, then !/.login, and even in the root directories...... NOTHING WORKS!!!!!!!...., and believe me, I am not new to Unix.

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Works fine here in 10.2...
Authored by: Glanz on Dec 02, '02 08:49:43PM

...even manThor won't work, no matter what I do.

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Works fine here in 10.2...
Authored by: garsha on Dec 07, '02 07:48:53PM

I can't get man to work after the 10.2 upgrade either...its been driving me banannas

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Authored by: kholburn on Oct 07, '02 08:55:28AM

I've used ManOpen for a long time. In fact since 10.0.4 when I tried all 3 of the current graphical man page viewers. There's more now. ManOpen was the best for reasons I can't remember any more although they each had their good points. ManOpen allows sort of hyperlinks which allow you to open other related man pages just by clicking on them. The other thing I liked about ManOpen is that you can open a manpage file directly which is quite difficult under unix (I can never work out the actual command line to do that - I'm not talking about an "installed" man page here).

Here's a current list from versiontracker:
GMan! 1.0b2   -  graphical MAN page viewer 515k Beta 04/25/2001
JAW ShaManX 0.9d   -  displays Unix 'man' pages, executes shell commands list Freeware 01/07/2002
Man oh Man! 1.0   -  Unix man page viewer utility 12k Freeware 04/12/2002
ManOpen 2.3.2   -  graphical interface for viewing Unix manual pages 75k Freeware 10/23/2001
manThor 1.1b2   -  manpage viewer, acts as service 80k Freeware 04/17/2002
Xmanview 1.0   -  Man page viewer with apropos and command line support 259k Freeware 04/27/2001


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