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Hidden effect settings in iTunes3 visual mode Apps
The iTunes3 documentation reveals that pressing '?' while in Visual mode brings up some visuals generator options: 'F' for frame rate info and capping, 'R' for cycling the config settings randomly, etc. (press '?' again to see the second help page).

What's not documented is that you can cycle through the config settings at will, not just randomly. There are three config variables with many possible combinations. I don't know the proper names, but I've dubbed them Wave, Flow and Colour.
  • Wave: How the waveform appears on the screen. Press Q and W to rotate settings.

  • Flow: The way the waveforms form patterns. Press A and S to cycle.

  • Colour: The colour settings for the pattern. Z & X to cycle these.
If you press 'C', you can see the values for each of these items change in the upper right corner of the screen as you cycle through the various options.

Used in conjunction with 'M' ('Select config mode'), it is possible to freeze a custom visual, instead of progressing to other styles. Coupled with fullscreen mode and screen capture, this is a nice way to get some funky desktop patterns!
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This is from G-Force, the uber Soundjam plugin
Authored by: i_am_pi_ on Aug 06, '02 11:31:58AM

The config names are the exact same as the current G-Force names. You can install an updated g-force from <a href="">55ware</a>.

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This is from G-Force, the uber Soundjam plugin
Authored by: oem on Aug 07, '02 02:41:27PM

itunes effects are based on GForce since the beginning.
those features are avalaible since a long time now.

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More Control Keys for iTunes Visuals
Authored by: matttichenor on Aug 06, '02 11:21:39PM

By pressing N, you can toggle between Normal and High contrast Colors.



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been there since version 1.
Authored by: kevvz on Aug 07, '02 02:02:02AM
The hidden toggle features have been there since version 1. They just haven't been documented before.

Try pressing "b" for a nice, temporary surprise.

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The suprise behind the B key
Authored by: dcnblues on Oct 25, '02 06:18:16PM

I wonder where that picture resource is? It'd be nice to be able to change it (or randomize it).

I just wish that it didn't just 'fade' but rather got blended with the screen effects after a time, like SoundJam's logos did.

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