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Finder quit improves system optimization speed System
I was installing the latest Security Update, and while it was optimizing, I accidentally quit the Finder with command-Q. I had enabled Finder-quitting a couple of months ago with some system optimization utility or another, probably TinkerTool.

As soon as I quit the Finder, the installing process went from a crawl to a dash, and completed in less than half the time I'd expected. I have not duplicated this, as I have nothing else from SoftwareUpdate to install. But it seemed to make a marked difference in the optimization speed of Apple's updates and installs. Hope it works for others too.

[Editor's note: It should be possible to do some timing comparisons using the Terminal's "sudo update prebinding" command to verify these results. Run it once with the Finder running and again without the Finder running and time each trial. Or if you like living on the edge, try the above yourself and comment back regarding whether you saw a notable speed increase or not. I have done neither of these things, so this hint is clearly both experimental and unverified! Proceed at your own risk if you decide to test it yourself...]
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Authored by: zedwards on Aug 05, '02 10:53:29AM

That is something that will happen normally. Just install anything, and the progress bar may or may not shoot accross to the end.

The finder is not going to take much processing power than any other app, I think this has been discussed endlessly before.

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Just Coincidence Probably
Authored by: jasonxz on Aug 05, '02 12:30:18PM

I'v never quit the Finder while installing, yet sometimes the progress bar will suddenly surge forward. Regardless, I don't think using the progress bar graphic is a very scientific measurement.

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Nothing Noticeable
Authored by: Anonymous on Aug 06, '02 02:16:33PM

I installed the latest security update from Apple
on two different machines this morning, an iMac
(Finder on) and a clamshell iBook (Finder off).
No noticeable difference. However the iBook, being
a little RAM-challenged, seems generally faster with
the Finder off.

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Quitting Finder for prebinding speed increase
Authored by: rulerk on Feb 02, '03 12:01:38AM

Wow, my first post after a heck of a lot of reading on this site...

I'd just like to verify that while doing prebinding with -force and -verbose turned on (in an effort to help fix the fix_prebinding problem) I quit the Finder and watched as the speed with which files are added to the prebind list almost quadrupled. It slowed down later, but I think that is because some of the files are bigger.

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Quitting Finder for prebinding speed increase
Authored by: Fenris64 on Oct 14, '03 06:47:58AM

Graphite 733/1GB - No noticeable difference in Prebinding/Permissions Repair time with Finder quit.

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