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A look forward at the next month of macosxhints... Site News
The flow of hints regarding Mac OS X 10.1 (both ones I manage to find on my own and those submitted by others) has slowed as we near the release date for OS X 10.2 Jaguar. I expect this to continue through the 24th of August, at which time I believe the site will be inundated with Jaguar hints. So for the next few weeks, the number of hints published may be lower than historical levels ... but come the 24th of August, I know that will be changing!

If you wish to submit a Jaguar hint before the 24th, feel free to do so, but note that it will not be published until the 10.2 release is shipping. It would be very useful to me if you could put "Jaguar only" in the body of the hint itself, so I won't get confused when it fails to work on 10.1!

Also note that the site will be taking a short vacation from August 7th through the 12th. There will be no updates during this time (four work days), but updates will resume as usual on Tuesday the 13th of August. Given the slowdown in the rate of 10.1 hints, I figured this was as good a time as any to give the site a few days off ... it must be getting tired after nearly two years and over 1,900 OS X hints :-).

I was hoping to also announce that the site's engine would be upgraded to the newest version of Geeklog (along with a new look) by the time Jaguar ships, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen in that time frame. But a new Geeklog engine is coming, soon I hope, and it has all sorts of nice new features (blocks on only one side of the page, more box options, more user options, etc.). Best of all, it supposedly fixes the input problems with <, > and \ in HTML stories!

It's going to be exciting around here in late August, but it might be a little quiet between now and then...

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Thanks Rob
Authored by: dr_turgeon on Aug 01, '02 11:33:19AM
Keep up the good work!

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Thanks Rob
Authored by: imacusr on Aug 01, '02 02:24:31PM

Amen to that. This site has been one of my top resources for OS X info for well over a year, and I can't thank you (and the posters!) enough for it.

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take youre timeout
Authored by: mattscape on Aug 01, '02 04:01:41PM

... whenever you want
i love your site. and i check it allmost everyday
but i totally understand some vacation
so thanks for your work

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Your vacation is well deserved!
Authored by: watson on Aug 01, '02 09:42:52PM

Rob, you spend way too much time on this site... :-)
This is absolutely the best OsX site available, and I check it every day!
Enjoy your well deserved vacation, I'm gonna miss the updates!

Best wishes and hope you'll have a nice vacation,

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Authored by: sunsoul on Aug 02, '02 10:46:48AM

All the time you spent on this wonderful website has given me so much spare time at work, helping me a lot with all those hints.
Thx to everyone for all the shared knowledge
Thx Rob for your great work


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