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Reshuffle the iTunes song order Apps
I dunno about some of you, but it seems to me that iTunes (even version 3) doesn't do that great of a job of randomizing the song play order. This is particularly apparent if you play songs directly from the Library, and not from a playlist: in my experience, if you play songs in the library, and then go back and select one that you've already listened to, you'll find that you're going through the same order of songs again!

Well I was reading through the iTunes 3 Help the other day, and you can force iTunes to reshuffle the order so it's not as predictable. If you're in a playlist and option-click on the shuffle icon in the bottom-left corner of the iTunes window, the order will be reshuffled.

The best part? It works in the library, too!

[Editor's note: This feature is a bit confusing at first, as nothing appears to happen when you option-click the shuffle button. But it does, indeed, rework the play order. Test this with a click on "Next song", note the song that's now playing, hit "Previous song", option-click the shuffle button, and hit "Next song" again. The song will be different than it was the first time you hit the "Next song" button. If you repeat the experiment without hitting the option-shuffle combination, the song will be the same. And yes, you can accomplish this same thing by clicking the shuffle button twice (to turn it off and then on). But this shortcut is one less button click.]
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Authored by: lestmak on Aug 01, '02 10:00:09AM

If you click the title for the leftmost column in a playlist it will sort by play order. Option-click on the shuffle button and you can see them all move. (I don't think you can sort by play order in the Library, though)

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Too bad the iPod can't do this
Authored by: Noer on Aug 01, '02 05:25:35PM

Since it has the same problem with randomization (really, shuffling... it's not randomization, but a straight playthrough of a shuffled order).

I tried option-clicking the shuffle button on the iPod but it didn't do anything! ;-)

(yes, I know there's no shuffle button... if there were, it would be easier to turn shuffling off and back on to reshuffle).

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Too bad the iPod can't do this
Authored by: pascalpp on Aug 02, '02 02:21:45AM

oh how i wish the ipod had a shuffle button on the front!

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