Amazon offers $50 rebate on OS X 10.2 Jaguar!

Jul 29, '02 09:23:33AM

Contributed by: robg

Although this isn't "normal" Mac OS X Hints content, I thought some of you might find it of interest! is now offering (with help from Apple, I'm assuming!) a $50 rebate on OS X 10.2 Jaguar! I first heard of this last week on MacNN (they published a link to the actual rebate coupon), but there was no info on Amazon's Jaguar order page about the promotion, so I didn't actually believe it was true. As of today, however, the promotion is announced and active!

This page contains ordering information on Jaguar and the image of the rebate coupon you'll need to submit in order to get your $50 back. Reading the fine print on the coupon, here are the requirements:

So it appears that (in the US, at least; hopefully a global version is coming soon?) you can now buy Jaguar for $79. This certainly takes some of the sting out of the upgrade pricing ... as a result, Amazon now has my Jaguar upgrade order!

NOTE: As noted in the comments, the rebate form linked above does not actually mention Jaguar! I'm assuming this is an oversight on Amazon's part, because this rebate form does include Jaguar -- looks like Amazon might have used an incorrect URL in its rebate form link?

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