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Updating iTunes libraries on removable drives Apps
I keep an archive of all of my tunes on an external disk which is - of course - not always plugged into my iBook.

But when I collect new tunes while the external disk is unplugged, I want to merge them into the external archive when it's accessible again. I thought about using AppleScripts to copy the new tracks from the internal hard disk to the external one, but this seemed somehow ugly. As it turned out, iTunes can do the job for me.

I set iTunes to use the iTunes folder on the external disk, to copy its tracks there on import, and to keep its tracks organized. Now, if the external disk is unplugged and I start iTunes, it copies new tracks into the old default folder (/Users -> me -> Music -> iTunes -> iTunes Music) because the external folder doesn't exist.

When I'm at home again, I start iTunes with the external disk plugged in. iTunes sees the external folder again, and when I choose "Consolidate Library", it copies all the new stuff to the external disc.

Since I have to record stuff while on the road but want to make sure that all of it makes its way into my archive, this is extremely useful for me ... maybe even for other people.
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Authored by: HeimirFreyr on Jul 30, '02 12:20:38PM

Wow, you simply cannot imagine how much time this saves in my case!
I use a hard drive for backups, and I use the box of my USB CD burner to connect the HD to my PowerBook. When I update my MP3 backups, I usually just re-copy the entire music collection to the USB connected drive (takes hours to copy!) because I don't feel like comparing each folder to see if there's something new. Now I see that's a total waste of time.

Thank you! Danke! Merci! Þakka þr! Tak!

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How do I take tunes with me again
Authored by: noahone on Jul 30, '02 05:44:09PM

This will be very usefull to me since my TiBook's internal drive isn't big enough to handle my massive music library. But... when I go somewhere with just my laptop, I'm going to want some tunes with me. How can I easily get some of the tunes that I have on an external drive back onto my internal drive without moving my entire library and without creating duplicate entries in my itunes library?

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How do I take tunes with me again
Authored by: k2r on Oct 10, '02 08:40:09PM

Hi, sorry, I didn't realize that my tip was published so
I didn't check back later.

I'm looking for a solution to this problem, too.

Since it is possible to write an Apple-Script that encodes songs
the user selected in iTunes using an external encoder (somebody did
this for Lame) it should be definitely posible to write a corresponding
script that just copies the selectes songs in some folder on the local disk.

In fact, what we are looking for is just the same functionality
that iPod users already have.

Since I don't have any clue about AppleScript I didn't write anything
like this myself, but maybe somebody else could do.


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