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Freeware AAC encoding application Apps
Ah ... freeware Cocoa apps. There's more and more of these things every week. Found a link on Apple discussions about AACelerator. Quoth the readme:
How to Use AACelerator

To start, drag and drop a selection of audio files from the Finder or an audio CD onto the AACelerator application icon. AACelerator will display the name of each audio file in a table the main window. Once you have all of the desired audio files loaded, select the desired encoding rate from the pop-up menu. AAC audio can be encoded at data rates from 16 kilobits per second (kbps) all the way up to 256 kbps.
Now I have to get the 6Pro! Someone who has 6Pro please check this and report? With the proper settings entered into QT, iTunes will play them. I just don't know what the space saving will come to.
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AAC & size
Authored by: kkthompson on Jul 26, '02 10:52:11AM
You'll know exactly what the space savings will come too. But first you have to find out what you can bare as far as quality goes. Remember for the most part, the CODECs will produce the same size file when using the same Bit rate. You can just get away with lower bit rates using AAC. Some friends have been experimenting on the PC and says they can't here the difference between a AAC file of 128 to 160 compared to ~196 kbps MP3 (depending on the type of music, etc.). YMMV. There is also this Script, from the gentleman who brought us wonderful Lame encoding script. Keep in mind that these won't play on the iPod yet. Cross your fingers for a firmware update soon.

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Correct link
Authored by: kent37 on Jul 26, '02 12:29:15PM
The correct link is AACelerator

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Acc Quality
Authored by: Mosaic on Jul 26, '02 06:26:04PM

I incoded D12's Cd in MP3 196 kbps and in ACC 128 kbps. The D12 mp3 was 103.5 mb and the ACC was 70.1 mb. The Acc is not only smaller than the mp3 at only 128 kbps, but sound the same as the CD's AIFF.

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MP3 to AAC
Authored by: sunilpunjabi on Jul 26, '02 07:02:15PM

I have 20gb of MP3 on my system Most of them are ripped @ 192.
Can I convert them to AAC? I'm not looking to improve the sound, as they are already MP3s. I would like to convert them to save the space and keep the same quality.

Could I do this?
If so, would I lose sound quality?

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MP3 to AAC
Authored by: kkthompson on Jul 26, '02 07:53:12PM

Yes, you would lose sound quality. Re-ripping is always a bad idea (be it sound, video or anything else). If at all possible, grab the original and redo it...

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MP3 to AAC
Authored by: calroth on Jul 27, '02 01:46:49AM

Re-encoding an already encoded audio file would (probably) amplify those compression artefacts you hear. For best results, encode the original CD audio... it's what I do. Actually, for best results, wait until Apple releases a high-complexity AAC coder (the one in QT6 is low-complexity, if I recall right).

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Authored by: torndownunits on Jul 26, '02 07:53:25PM

This script can encode mp3's to mp4. I have been using it for a few days for that specific reason. The other script mentioned "Make Mine Mpeg 4" can only encode CD's to mp4 with the help of iTunes. Both are great scripts, but ACCelerator is nice because it can do more.

I have been encoding some of my mp3's that are ripped at 192 kbps to 160 kbps mp3. It reduces their file size by just over 1 MB in most cases. And I am very happy with the sound. At 128 kbps it cuts the file size down even more and the sound quality it still close to the 192 kbps mp3. I find 160 kbps perfect for me.

A side note, the mp4 files work in iTunes but the Sound Enhancer and Equalizer will not work with them. So the files kind of sound 'flat'. I find they sound better in Quicktime. If anyone knows a script that can add a playlist to QT6, I would love to get it. A temporary solution till the files work better with itunes.

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Authored by: torndownunits on Jul 26, '02 08:07:56PM

I meant convert mp3 to mp4...not mp3 to mp3

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Problem with AACelerator and Quicktime
Authored by: JordanHighway on Jul 27, '02 06:41:52PM

Amazingly, QuickTime 6 *does not support long filenames*. It is still stuck at the 32 characters or less mark. I first noticed this when I was using the QT6 trial, QT truncates a file in the export window if the filename is too long. Example:

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.mp3
attempt to export in QuickTimePro6 and you get this...
Harder, Better, Faste#A4558.mp4

At first this wasn't much, but AACelerator would error out like mad if I attempted to send one of these long-name files to QT to be encoded, saying that "QuickTime cannot find the file". Cutting the name down fixes the problem, but having to do that for EVERY audio file that has a long file name is rather a pain.

I emailed the author of AACelerator and told him about the problem, and also made a suggestion as to how it could be fixed. AACel could shorten the long named files (storing the long name in memory) and then restore the long name after the encoding is done.

Just wanted to let everyone know of the problem caused by Apple by not updating QuickTime for MacOSX fully.

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Problem with AACelerator and Quicktime
Authored by: DougAdams on Jul 28, '02 07:51:32AM
I ran into this filename/foldername problem developing Make Mine MPEG-4 and had to work around it. I am dumb-founded that QuickTime's AppleScript innards cannot deal with long file/folder names in OS X. It's almost as if it never evolved from OS 9. I have made several inquiries about it and have yet to get a explanation of it. By the way, AACelerator is a great utility! Doug Doug's AppleScripts for iTunes Doug's Message Board

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