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New Microsoft Remote Desktop Client for OSX Network
If you use a Mac laptop in a Windows network, this maybe of some use. From
On July 17, 2002 at Macworld Expo today, Microsoft announced the Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) client for Mac OS X, a free download that enables remote connection and control of Windows PCs computers over a network. It lets Macs connect to Terminal Services on NT 4 Terminal Server, Windows 2000 Server, Windows XP clients (for remote help) and Windows .NET servers
I have tested this with a dial-up connection to a Windows 2000 Terminal Server. No issues in connecting - just need an IP address or machine name - and I was able to access the full range of programs, ie Outlook, Visio etc. Also found that I could use my 'DAVE' connection at the same time. Yet to try on company LAN, but I can't forsee any problems. Ultimate goal is to use with DSL connection / VPN.
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MS client or otherwise...
Authored by: stego on Jul 25, '02 10:48:06AM
This capability has been available for months using rdsktop, an open-source utility that came over to OS X from Linux. The capabilities are slightly different - rdesktop lets you connect to multiple servers, the MS client can allow your local drives to be available to the server that you connect to. The MS client is easier to setup initially, but there are certainly compelling reasons to consider using rdesktop instead...

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This is f'ing cool!
Authored by: balthisar on Jul 25, '02 04:50:20PM

I just gotta say "cool"! I tried some other virtual connectivity crap in the past, and it was always flaky and didn't work very well. But THIS is awesome.

I let XP install in VPC last night, and now, hehe, it's not needed at all! I can connect to my XP box (yeah, I admit to having one -- but work made it free) and have speeds MUCH faster than VPC.

It lets the XP box also be truly multi-user -- my wife can still play solitaire while I'm logged on remotely!

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Very effective
Authored by: gibblehey on Jul 25, '02 06:26:05PM

I didn't know about rdesktop reading this.

Up until now, I've been using the Terminal Services clients under VPC, which is incredibly slow. With RDC, I can actually get work done.

Two problems: you can only adjust the preferences during the login. And the unless you set the window size to be modifiable, it is always slightly smaller then the terminal window so you have to scroll vertically and horizontally (which is annoying). Why can't it be if you specify a that you want the desktop of 1024x768 that the terminal window would be 1100x800 (or thereabouts).

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Works well - Citrix also available
Authored by: jtsombakos on Jul 25, '02 10:40:13PM

I tried this out as soon as I saw it available. I used it at work on the network with my iBook 500 and it worked nicely. I also saw today that Citrix just released the OS X version of their ICA client. I'm going to try that tomorrow (we run Citrix Metaframe over Win 2000 Terminal server for about 200 clients).

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Have Used For Over A Week - Works Great!
Authored by: DVD Plaza on Jul 26, '02 03:33:15AM

I've been using RDC for over a week now (since around 5 minutes after I saw it posted at Microsoft) and it's awesome to no longer need to fire up Virtual PC just to use the Terminal Services Client - I can now log into my Terminal Server natively within OSX.

I'm doing so via a VPN using PiePants (until Jaguar comes out with its built in VPN support), works great - though occasionally RDC interprets clicks as holding down the mouse, which can be quite annoying when trying to scroll a window.

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Authored by: logo on Jul 26, '02 10:02:51AM

OK, here I am with my iBook in a Windows 2000 Network.
I have a Windows 2000 Professional Box sitting in front of me.
What do I have to do to make RDC work?
I have tried to start the Telnet and RD Services but without success!
I read about a Firewall problem, blocking traffic on RD ports, yet I would expect it to be out of the way if I\'m inside the LAN, am I right?

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Authored by: pclaerhout on Jul 26, '02 12:55:09PM

Well, Remote Desktop / Terminal Services is only available on Windows 2000 Server and Windows XP, so you're out of luck with Windows 2000 Professional.


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Authored by: WillApogee on Jul 26, '02 01:53:20PM

So I am using an iBook at the Windows/*nix/Mac computer consultancy office that I work in.

All of my clients' windows servers have terminal services running and RDC lets me access them as if I am using terminal services client on a 2000 workstation.

Now the reason you are not able to get to a 2000 workstation is that they do not run a terminal services server. I do not know if they can even do such a thing. There may be some hack out there for it, but I highly doubt you can run a real MS Terminal services server on a 2000 workstation.

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Authored by: WillApogee on Jul 26, '02 01:54:55PM

Ok, so I just saw pclaerhout's answer and he is absolutely correct.

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Authored by: msam137 on Dec 07, '02 08:05:31AM

Ok I also have windows 2000 pro and a ibook. How is that windows allow you to download a client so that ou can use rdc when connecting with another windows os. There is no software out there that can activate the terminal service.

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Read the Licence Agreement.
Authored by: smkolins on Jul 28, '02 08:12:18PM

"Microsoft reserves the right to replace, modify or upgrade the SOFTWARE at any time by offering you a replacement or modified version of the SOFTWARE or such upgrade and to charge for such replacement, modification or upgrade....."

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XP Home Edition?
Authored by: rudyrugebregt on Aug 10, '02 01:43:54PM

Am I correct in assuming this will only work in XP Professional, not the home edition?

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XP Home Edition?
Authored by: minium on Aug 10, '02 08:38:54PM

yes that is correct, straight from mactopia, these are the OS's it will work with without downloading a 3rd party app:

Windows XP Professional
Windows .NET Standard Server
Windows .NET Enterprise Server
Windows 2000 Server
Windows 2000 Advanced Server
Windows 2000 Datacenter Server
Windows NT Server 4.0, Terminal Server Edition

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/console option not available
Authored by: cewatts on Jun 14, '03 02:41:16AM
The PC version (mstsc) has a /console option to steal the currently-logged in console of a Windows 2003 Server machine.

The mac Remote Desktop Connection client doesn't have an interface setting to do that. This is sorely missed functionality around here.

W2K3 Server is actually both better and worse than XP Professional. XP Pro has the lovely Fast Switch User option (C'mon apple, give it to us, please?), but only allows one user to be connected at a time, via either console or RDP. 2K3 Server does *not* have the Fast Switch User ability, but will allow multiple folks to be connected simultaneously.

Anyway, the Mac Remote Desktop Connection software *can* "Connect to Console" like the PC mstsc.exe client, but doesn't have a GUI widget available to turn it on.

There isn't an available interface control for it, and it's a Carbon app (so no command-line switches), but there are saved settings files.

Two choices:

1) any saved settings file
2) ~/Library/Preferences/Microsoft/RDC Client/RDC Default Settings

Open with a text editor, add the line:

connect to console:i:1

I didn't find this on the web, I just *guessed*. I tried "connecttoconsole" first and it didn't work, and thought it was a long-shot anyway ... so I was *flabbergasted* when this did. :-)

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