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Bellsouth ADSL and Alcatel USB Speedtouch setup Internet
I searched over the past two days and found some items of interest regarding my Alcatel USB Speedtouch modem and BellSouth ADSL service. BTW, Bellsouth was much less than accomodating and of the four people I talked to, not one knew a thing about Mac OS in general, so I hope this helps someone. Let me know if it does.

To get your modem working, first download the OS X Drivers from the SpeedTouch site. Then read pages 31 to 45 of the online manual here on how to set it up here (note that the page numbers may have changed; just find the Mac OS X section). Enjoy!
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Bellsouth ADSL and Alcatel USB Speedtouch setup | 11 comments | Create New Account
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Authored by: mdc719 on Jul 26, '02 12:02:02AM


I too am a DSL customer. I've had it for about two years, and I absolutely love it. I've only had minor maintenance issues with it, but no major outages or anything like that. It's fast and quite stable overall. The one thing that does bug me about is their pretty much total disregard of Macs. They provide basic support at the best for setting up Macs with their service, as you well know, and most of the support tools they provide on their website are designed for Windows machines. You're pretty much on your own basically; thankfully the service is stable enough not to require calls to tech support. However, I had a totally different experience getting the service to work in OS X than you did. I have an Alcatel ethernet modem, and basically, all I did was hook it up, enter my login information in the PPPoE section of the Network prefs, and I was up and no time at all. I had placed a call to tech support in anticipation of trouble. Turns out, I didn't even need them. I'm assuming our experiences differ because of our different modem types...your USB vs. my ethernet. But, I had no idea it would be that difficult to get a USB modem working on OS X. Just thought I would share my experiences. I hope you enjoy the service...I think you'll find it was worth the trouble.



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Authored by: funnybone_stone on Aug 09, '02 09:43:14PM

I also have the Alcatel Ethernet DSL modem with the Bellsouth. net DSL service. My reason for having it was not because it was easier to install with OSX, but because I had a Ethernet port available on my Mac while I ran out of room for my USB ports. So in this case it made sense for me to get the Ethernet modem. I had no idea that the USB modems were so much trouble to hook up as everyone on here have discussed. I just plugged my Ethernet modem in and provided my account information and Presto! I was online and surfing right away. I have one little question to ask though and it has to do with the OS9 classic OS that is working in the background. I was wondering if there is a way to bypass the EnterNet software and manually set up the Ethernet connection with OS9.2.2. I was just wondering because sometimes I am just using my OS9 rather than OSX.

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Authored by: rainmakers99 on Feb 27, '04 04:29:32AM

I'm replying to your comment about SBC workers not knowing Mac OS. Well I just started working at their help desk, the people you call, and sadly your right. The trainer told me that no one knows mac on the floor.
The trainers don't even know!!! Please, Don't anyone call in stating what I say in this reply... I do intend on showing them how to support Mac. So just give it some time guys.

if any1 has any cool mac tips just let me know.


SBC Help Desk Tier 1 Rainmaker

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Setting Up Bellsouth
Authored by: joesim on Jul 28, '02 12:34:50AM Fast Access DSL on Mac OS X is one of the easiest things in the world to setup, yet they offer ZERO support for it. As a result I made a small 1 page tutorial. This tutorial assumes you have the ethernet modem, if you have the USB modem it won't help you. If it helps someone, thats great, and if anyone reading this works for Bellsouth please feel free to print this PDF out and distribute it among your co-workers so they can see how easy it is to setup Mac OS X. The PDF is on my iDisk, here is the address... Good Luck to all..

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Setting Up Bellsouth
Authored by: dasein on Jul 29, '02 05:38:17PM

I tried the instructions for the alcatel USB bellsouth modem and they didn't work. From where did you purchase your ethernet modem?

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Setting Up Bellsouth
Authored by: dixonbm on Jan 08, '04 12:21:46AM
This document was so helpful. I was setting up airport at my friend's new house. I hate Bellsouth DSL. Such a pain in the butt compared to Comcast cable, the local cable company. Cable is like plug and play, but DSL is as frustrating as a Windows machine infected with the lastest virii.

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which modem driver?
Authored by: godot on Jul 29, '02 06:07:06PM

There doesn't seem to be a driver for the US on the Alcatel website. Will any of the drivers (eg. UK) there work if you're in the states? Besides the languages, is there really a difference?

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alcatel usb modem not worth your money
Authored by: bkpanda on Aug 01, '02 07:15:10PM

Getting the usb alcatel modem running on a mac is especially hard compared to the other ethernet modems available. Even the software drivers aren't available for the modem...os X is supported, but only in the UK and other euro countries. The main difference is that the ethernet card is supplied inside the usb modem. The physical dsl line connects into the usb modem, which then connects to the usb port of a computer. The alcatel engineers expect this to be the "easiest" installation solution for 1st time dsl buyers because you simply "plug and play" so to speak. You don't have to open your computer and install confusing hardware. What the engineers didn't anticipate is that alcatel usb modem causes a lot more system conflicts and unstability in WinXP and other OSes (due to lack of support/drivers). Home networking is almost an impossibility with the usb modem. If you're planning to share DSL with your other home computers, I can't stress enough how important it is to get an ETHERNET modem...not the USB

For new dsl buyers and people who will be purchasing new dsl modems soon....i HIGHLY recommend NOT getting the USB modem. Me and my computer engineering friends had a very hard time getting the "surprisingly easy" modem to work on the WinXP software when that OS first came out. And WinXP has an exponentially larger amount of support references and software available on the internet. I've been searching for about 3 days and all I could find is the driver mentioned ^^ up there (UK alcatel driver) for the OS X.

Anyways, good luck with the networking

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I agree - don't go near the Speedtouch USB
Authored by: rahoulb on Aug 14, '02 08:04:34AM
i'm in the uk, and since I got it I've been getting kernel panics at least once or twice a day - uininstalling and using my dial up restores OSX to rock solid stability. a couple of weeks ago i finally got hold of the updated drivers (1.6) - now i merely get kernel panics every other day. and this thread here, on suggests that these drivers won't work with jaguar, so i'm saving up for an adsl modem/router. B.

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HUGE problems with the Alcatel SpeedTouch USB with OSX.2
Authored by: Orlando on Aug 30, '02 05:17:31AM

It's a bloody disaster really. NOT a good modem, but the one that the largest ADSL provider (almost the only one) in the UK provides...

Turns out that Alcatel's SpeedTouch USB drivers for Mac OSX.2 are *censored* and don't work at all. Here's my personal story about how I found out how to get them to work (most of these are links to the same page, if you click on the first one and the scroll up the page you'll get the story in context)

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HUGE problems with the Alcatel SpeedTouch USB with OSX.2
Authored by: Jean-Pierre.ds on Aug 30, '02 05:20:26PM

I have solved this !

You need two files to fix your installation.

The patch (gory) details are posted to this forum, where you will also find a URL with the patched files and detailed instructions:

My original message to that forum with the detailed patch:

The site with patched files:

The patched files are not geography specific

Have a good one !

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