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A solution to an Outlook 2001 printing problem Apps
I don't know if I'm the only one, but I only use Classic when running Outlook 2001 under OS X. And until today, I was experienceing an unusual problem printing. One that oddly enough shows up several times on the Outlook newsgroups without answer. The problem is a dialog box that reads "A Print dialog box cannot be displayed" when you try and print from Outlook 2001.

The answer is so simple it wasn't obvious to me until I began to think about it today. I had never gone in under the OS9 system and selected a printer in the Chooser. So if you are experiencing the mysterious "A print dialog box cannot be displayed," it is most likely because you have not set up a printer to use within Classic.
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Outlook on Mac
Authored by: eduo on Jul 24, '02 03:16:15PM

Well. This wouldn't be a problem is there was a simple e-mail client for MacOSX. I was very happy when Outlook 2001 was released for 9 back in the time, it showed care. Now it's been over a year and not even the simplest of ports has been released. The MacBU at MS doesn't even deal with Outlook so there's no help and no plans or announcements have been made.

Outlook is the only reason I run Classic now, and it shows, the application crashes, freezes and is downright annoying. Lately it has decided it won't show the Global Addressbook for the corporation, which is the whole point for using Outlook besides the shared calendar. If I could make Entourage (let alone Apple Mail) with Exchange and with all the features (calendar, etc.) I would trash Outlook in a second.

I had found the problem with the printer a while ago, indeed. I hadn't thought of sharing it because I thought it was obvious, my apologies.


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Outlook on Mac
Authored by: pecosbill on Jul 25, '02 02:31:57PM

Outlook may be unstable if you use Outlook from a PC & Mac (both). I do at work and they had to do something to the data on the exchange server to get my Outlook to stop crashing on my 8.6 Mac.

(When it was crashing, it did so CONSTANTLY.)

Also, you don't have to reboot into 9 to set up the chooser. Just open Outlook and go to the Apple menu as usual.

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I also only use classic for Outlook
Authored by: soosy on Jul 24, '02 03:51:10PM

If only they would make Entourage compatible with exchange server calendars! (As far as I know, you can accept a calendar event, but it only shows up that you've accepted on your Entourage calendar... not your public Exchange calendar).

Also, I was finding that Outlook in classic was running slower and slower for me until it became unbearable (1-2 second pauses to start a new message). I upgraded to a new machine and now it's runs very nicely again. I theorize that new prefs or not using a hard drive that was almost full is what helped it run faster.

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