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An AppleScript to rip CDs in MPEG4 format System
I was disappointed when iTunes 3 arrived sans MPEG-4 support. Perhaps it will turn up in an update soon (didn't Apple just settle a licensing issue regarding MPEG-4?).

In the interim, I wrote Make Mine MPEG-4, an AppleScript applet that automates the ripping of CD tracks to MPEG-4 (using QuickTime 6 Pro). The ripped files are then added to the iTunes library.

As some people have pointed out, iTunes' EQ has no effect on MPEG-4s, but it sounds good at my house!
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Authored by: alajuela on Jul 23, '02 01:33:37PM

I like having this option, but have been wondering if someone could explain some of the reasons why MPEG-4 would be more desirable than mp3?


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Authored by: DougAdams on Jul 23, '02 01:48:42PM
Higher quality at smaller bit rates. Read this. Doug Doug's AppleScripts for iTunes Doug's Message Board

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Reason? Compatible with mp3 players?
Authored by: MtnBiker on Jul 25, '02 12:00:47AM

Will mp3 players play the new format? I'm talking about the ones I've seen that take a CD full of mp3's. I'm still just using iTunes on my computer, but am thinking about a player for the car which still has a cassette deck.

PS. Great script, works well. One feature request: automatically truncate long file names. Or have an option to do so. That way can rip unattended. BTW. seems to work with me surfing, writing files, downloading, etc.

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Reason? Compatible with mp3 players?
Authored by: carsten on Apr 08, '03 09:37:50AM

AFAIK the AAC encoding used in MPEG-4 is not backwards compatible with MPEG-1 (although AAC can be used with MPEG-2).

Probably most mp3 players can only play MPEG-1 layer III (.mp3) or MPEG-1 layer II (.mp2), maybe some can play MPEG-2 audio files (.m2a). I doubt it if they would even support MPEG-2 with AAC encoding, so that would mean MPEG-4 is out of the question too.

My iPod doesn't play MP4s yet. Maybe (I hope!!) Apple will release a firmware update to allow this whenever full MP4 support is added to iTunes. It seems likely because the mp4 file format was based on the QuickTime file format anyway.

Your guess is as good as mine as to whether such a firmware update would be possible with other portable mp3 players. :/

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installation question: where is iTunes Script Folder?
Authored by: bcreane on Jul 23, '02 08:03:42PM

Surely this is an idiotic question, but I really can't find the "iTunes' Scripts Menu Folder." I'm using iTunes v3.0 (49), with an MPEG 4-friendly Q.T. 6.0 Pro.

By the way, the mp4 format is noticably crisper and more detailed on my Byerdynamic headphones -- couldn't hear a difference with my cheezy speaker system, though.

thanks for your help,

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installation question: answered
Authored by: bcreane on Jul 23, '02 08:08:44PM

Oops. I just read your instructions detailing how to create a scripts folder for iTunes at:

thanks, bcreane

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MP4 and players
Authored by: DougAdams on Jul 25, '02 06:54:06AM
Unless you have a player that states it plays MPEG-4 audio, which I think unlikely, then no, you can't play MPEG-4's. Thanks for suggestion on truncating names. I will consider it for next update! Doug Doug's AppleScripts for iTunes Doug's Message Board

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Updated for Jaguar...
Authored by: robg on Sep 05, '02 09:30:59AM
Doug writes:
There was so much interest from the visitors of this site for this AppleScript Make Mine MPEG-4 that I thought you'd like to know that it now works under Jaguar. Make Mine MPEG-4 is a script that automates the process of ripping CD tracks with iTunes 3 and encoding them with QuickTime 6 Pro as MPEG-4 audio files. The tracks are then added to your iTunes Library. Doug Doug's AppleScripts for iTunes

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How about overall support?
Authored by: jiclark on Sep 05, '02 11:06:29AM

How widespread is support for the format? Do many other MP3 players, both hardware and software (on other platforms, for instance), support MPEG-4? I think the higher quality sound at the same or lower bitrate is great, but wonder how long it'll be before it's widely used...

Thanks for the excellent info though!

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How about overall support?
Authored by: DougAdams on Sep 05, '02 03:46:23PM
This is Apple's page on AAC, MPEG-4 Audio.

Like the MP3 phenomenon, which didn't happen overnight either, MPEG-4 won't take off until there is a demand for it by more people than have ripped MP4s up 'til now.

Of course, it may never take off in the consumer end of things. But certainly audio professionals are embracing it (it is a part of QuickTime, afterall). I distribute audio to radio stations for a living myself, and smaller files/better sound is always a bonus.


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