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Prevent QuickTime takeover of Mozilla Flash content Web Browsers
I was frustrated to find that, upon installing QuickTime 6, flash-based web content loaded into Mozilla was suddenly being handled by QuickTime instead of the preferred Flash 6 player. IE was not affected in this manner. Well, here's the deal....

Handling of MIME types in Mozilla has been left to individual applications. Which is to say there is no pref for customizing these options. Further, if multiple plug-ins are installed to handle a given content type, the one that "wins" is the one whose plug-in file in /Library/Internet Plugins comes first alphabetically. Users are empowered to take control of which plug-in they use by their renaming plug-ins.

So I renamed the QT6 plugin (by putting a "z" at the front of its name), and, bingo!, it works (and IE is unaffected by the name change). I hope QuickTime doesn't get flak for Mozilla/NS6's bizarre handling of plugins.

[Editor's note: Running version 1.0 of Mozilla, I visited Macromedia's Flash pages, and everything seemed normal - Flash content displayed within the browser window and without any obvious signs that QuickTime 6 might have been in control ... and my /Library/Internet Plugins folder still has QuickTime listed above the Flash/Shockwave plugin. I'm not sure why I'm not affected here while hoopyfrood is, but thought others might find this tip useful if they're having a problem with QuickTime and Mozilla.]
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Helper App's?
Authored by: Mosaic on Jul 20, '02 09:48:21AM

Did you check your Perferences / helper app's to see if QuickTime was set to use for flash content?

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Authored by: 99macChristopher on Jul 21, '02 07:22:11PM

Or just uncheck FLASH when you install Quicktime 6 in the MIME dialog in the Quicktime Setup assistant

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Mozilla MIME type problem
Authored by: hoopyfrood on Jul 22, '02 12:04:10AM

Both good suggestions, but in this case QT's MIME settings control QT's relation to the OS. The issue was with Mozilla's wacky setup for controlling MIME types with respect to plugins. Even with Flash off in the QT prefs the plugin will still intercept flash content unless you go through the changes I outlined.

I am wondering how many people have experienced this with QT 6 and how many have experienced this issue with Mozilla and other plugins?

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Simple solution
Authored by: rbottiglieri on Nov 17, '02 04:50:40PM

Simply copy the following two files (do not move) from the /Library/Internet Plug-Ins folder to the Internet Plug-Ins folder in your home directory (~/Library/Internet Plug-Ins):

Shockwave Flash NP-PPC

This worked for me; setting MIME settings in the QuickTime control panel did not help with Mozilla, as of 1.2b, anyway.

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Simple solution
Authored by: carsten on Feb 26, '04 04:27:58PM

Thanks, this is a great tip. Finally I can play flash games in Mozilla 1.6! Changing the mime setting in the QuickTime System Preferences didn't work for me with QT 6.5 & Mozilla 1.6.

To update this tip for Flash 7 and Mozilla 1.6:

Copy these two files from /Library/Internet Plug-Ins to your ~/Library/Internet Plug-Ins and then restart Mozilla:

Shockwave Flash NP-PPC

When QuickTime takes over flash plugins, the arrow keys (and maybe others too) are intercepted by QT, which QT uses for fast-forward/rewind of movies. While this behaviour is acceptable for other movie types, it's not appropriate at all for most swf files because many don't play in "normal" sequential order--notably swf games.

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