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Make any user invisible in the login panel System
If you want a user to NOT show up at the OS X login screen (i.e. not have a button and name appear for them), do this:
  1. Create the user if you haven't yet ("Users" in the system preferences)
  2. Open NetInfo Manager (in /Applications/Utilities)
  3. Authenticate by clicking the lock icon and typing in your admin password
  4. In the middle column of the column view at the top of the window, scroll down to and select "users".
  5. Select the user in question from the list that appears to the right
  6. In the bottom of the window click the "property" called "realname", such that the entire line is hilighted, not just the text of the actual name.
  7. Press delete or click the delete button and confirm the deletion.
  8. Click the users name in the column view at the top and when prompted save your changes.
  9. Quit NetInfo Manager
Now if you logout, that user will no longer be listed but you can still login as them via an SSH session or via the "Other User" button if you have that button enabled (in the "Login" system preferences). Of course, you must use the short name when logging in as there is no longer a "real name" for this user.
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Authored by: JohnnyMnemonic on Jul 15, '02 09:48:13AM

This may have been said before, but it's still worth knowing, and is on topic here: Apple provides a utility that, once run, will suppress the last user name in the login panel.

When "display name and entry fields" is selected in the Login System Preferences control panel, the default behavior is to display the name of the last person logged in; running the small utility "HideOrShowPreviousLogin", provided by Apple, keeps this field blank through restarts.

From what I can see, this would have the same effect as this hint--although the hint appears to suppress the display of a user when the login preference is specified as "List of Users".

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This could be handy!
Authored by: chabig on Jul 15, '02 10:14:11AM

On my father's iMac, every grandchild has an account and the login window displays the list of users. This hint could be a handy way to hide the administrator's account.

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ftp without login ?
Authored by: little_dude on Jul 15, '02 04:48:21PM

does anyone have an idea how to create an account that can ONLY be used for ftp upload, but NOT for ssh or telnet ?

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ftp without login ?
Authored by: mervTormel on Jul 15, '02 05:33:42PM

in netinfo manager, assigning /sbin/nologin to the user's "shell" property will disallow ssh/telnet in a polite way.

$ /sbin/nologin
This account is currently not available.

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What I wouldn't give for a guide to netinfo settings
Authored by: sjonke on Jul 15, '02 05:44:56PM

Are there any guides out there on what things you can put in what keywords for netinfo in OS X? For example, I have tried to figure out if there is a way in a "printer" entry to specify a particular PPD file for a printer, but not only can't I find any info on that, I can't find much info on anything. Apple has a netinfo document, but it is of little help as it seems to be OS X Server specific, and even then still seems incomplete. What's with the mystery? All such netinfo-info seems to be passed on by word of mouth, which is indeed how I learned of removing the "real name" to hide a user at the login screen.

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Authored by: encro on Jul 16, '02 06:27:52PM

I was almost 100% positive that I read the same thing could be achieved by changing the uid in netinfo to <500.

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Authored by: pecosbill on Jul 16, '02 08:07:02PM

I read on here somewhere, I think, that chaging the UID would remove it from the login panel. I tried it and failed miserably. I nearly ended up with an unusable machine, but was able to reset it. (The file system permissions for my home dir were somehow changed.) Though I don't know if UID is supposed to work, I wouldn't recommend it.

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Authored by: dlgraves on Jan 18, '03 01:12:44PM

This is not a good idea: it does make the user invisible on the login screen (and the Accounts preferences for that matter) but it also wreaks havoc on permissions, so the user cannot even access the folders in his/her own directory. UIDs below 500 must be for system processes and such.

Better way is to delete "Real Name" entry (the whole line, not just actual name) in NetInfo manager, as described elsewhere. . .


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