Use a PC GeForce card in your Mac

Jul 12, '02 08:48:51AM

Contributed by: Gwyrrdin

With the forthcoming release of OS X 10.2 aka Jaguar, everyone with a ATI Rage 128 pro, or even worse, will not have the advantage of Quartz Extreme. But there is a solution, if your machine has an AGP slot. Go to the local PC shop and buy yourself a cheap GeForce card.

I bought an Asus GeForce2 MX 400 64 mb with TV-out. This card didn't needed to be flashed, and it worked out of the box ... but not with any OS X version above 10.1.2. In those versions, your card will be limited to a resolution of 1024*768 and will perform very badly. But have no fear! There is a simple solution for this. Read the rest of the article for the how-to...

WARNING: You'll do all of this completly at your OWN RISK!

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  1. Reboot your machine in OS 9.

  2. Download TomeViewer

  3. Download the Apple nVidia drivers

  4. Use TomeViewer to extract AENV MacFlash [1045-MRS] from the tome-file.

  5. Open up your applescript editor and enter the following:
    tell application "AENV MacFlash [1045-MRS]" 
    if (CompareROMVersion) = true then
    end if
    end tell
  6. Press the check syntax button ( you never know) ...

  7. Now save the script in the same place as where you have saved the extracted rom (AENV MacFlash [1045-MRS] )

  8. Run the freshly created AppleScript.

  9. Reboot to X.

  10. Enjoy your GeForce powered System.
If everything went well, System Profiler will tell you the following:

Card name: NVD A, NVMac
Card model: GeForce2 MX
Card ROM#: 1045F

I did all this in a cube 450 mhz with firmware 4.19f1. It needed some soldering and work to get it in the cube AGP slot, but that was only because I wanted it to look nice. In the G4 towers this isn't necessary at all. I didn't test the S-video and the TV-out plugs, but the card works perfectly, and should continue working when Jaguar ships.

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