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Use an alternative Gnutella client Apps
If anyone is bored stupid waiting for Limewire to connect, find and then download your files, then try Acquisition, a new Gnutella alternative.

I have used this for about a day, and everything I've searched for has had results within a few seconds, and I've been able to download the located files. Acquisition has a fantastic user interface, is built using Cocoa, has freely available source, and is incredibly stable ... what more could you ask for?

[Editor's note: By publishing this hint, I don't want to turn the site into a debate on the legalities and moralities of downloading things which aren't yours and may be copyrighted by others ... but Acquisition is a very well done program, and I felt it was worth a mention for those that may be using Limewire or something similar.]
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Use an alternative Gnutella client | 9 comments | Create New Account
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No, Actually, As of 0.6 it's Acquisition ...
Authored by: Anonymous on Jul 10, '02 09:15:51AM

Actually, I recently spoke with the author, and he is restoring the 'c' ... it will be called Acquisition.

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Authored by: robg on Jul 10, '02 09:16:52AM

OK, I've edited the article to reflect the newly changed name.


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Not perfect , but still better that Limewire
Authored by: Kikaida on Jul 10, '02 02:50:04PM

If you look at the 'history' you'll realize Acquisition is relatively young, its only been out since Janurary. There are some glitches and some limitations, but at this early stage its already kicking the crap out of Limewire. Even with the limitations, the exisiting features are giving me access to more databases, and more varied results.

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Not perfect , but still better that Limewire
Authored by: Zaven on Jul 10, '02 09:24:43PM

I'll have to disagree. The one feature that keeps me using Limewire is the fact that it is able to download from multiple hosts at the same time, if it is an exact duplicate file, therefore increasing the x-fer rate. I don't believe that this is even a documented feature. It is a very noticeable feature in that you could download from 1 host at 20k/sec, or download from 4 hosts, same file, for a total of 100k/sec.

The one thing I will give Acquisition is that the interface is fast and appears to be stable. Limewire takes a terribly long time to acquire a decent amount of hosts.

Bottom line, if you're not using a broadband connection, Acquisition will work fine for you, but otherwise, Limewire certainly takes advantage of the faster connections if you can stand the slow interface.

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Acquisition does support swarming
Authored by: Porfiry on Jul 11, '02 09:23:50AM

Zaven, Acq does support the swarm download feature you are talking about. It is not yet obvious that it is supported, since there is no UI that dinstinguishes between single source and multiple source downloads (yet).

I'm the developer, btw.

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Acquisition does support swarming
Authored by: mervTormel on Jul 11, '02 04:37:15PM

ha ha! put that in your limewire and smoke it!

porfiry, thanks, and kudos to you.

is that swarm technique documented anywhere? i'd like to grok how it's done.

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Acquisition does support swarming
Authored by: nichrome on Jul 14, '02 10:47:18AM

I'm assuming Acq does what Limewire does, ie. if the file exists on multiple hosts and the app is able to connect to those hosts, it automatically swarms. No wizardry needed, just click Download (or double-click the file...)

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Acquisition does support swarming
Authored by: Porfiry on Jul 14, '02 03:28:19PM

The way it's done, at a low level, is using an HTTP Range request, which most gnutella clients support (since all gnutella file traffic is done via HTTP). When a file is found on multiple hosts, the entire file range is fragmented and each fragment assigned to a host. In this way, you can download the entire file in parallel from multiple hosts.

This is a pretty simple solution. But, given the importance of multi-source downloads for the network, there is a lot of work to improve this part of the network including a protocol for partial file sharing (so clients can share whatever parts of a file they have -- eg. sharing portions of a file you are currently downloading).

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Acq. not working for me
Authored by: cram on Jul 12, '02 04:20:45AM

although it looks fine, I can't get Acquisition to work : in fact it never connects to the gnutella network (which works with other gnutella clients)

Does my location (France) and ISP (wanadoo) has anything to do with it ?

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