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Free drive space by eliminating OS 9 application bits System
After installing the suite of Adobe apps on my 400 TiBook, I noticed how much disk space they used compared to the Classic versions. After some poking around, I figured how to cut disk space usage in HALF for most apps.

Only do this if you never plan to use these apps when booted in OS 9! I trashed 9 this week...

Hold the control Key while selecting an application and the contextual menu will pop up. Scroll down to "Show Pakages Contents" and the application will open like a folder, allowing you to roam around the libraries and bits that make the program work. Open the "Contents" folder and see if there are two folders there. If there are (one called "MacOS" and another called "MacOSClassic"), trash the "MacOSClassic" folder. Close all windows for that application and voila, you just shed 50% disk space (after emptying the trash, of course). After doing this, I haven't experienced any instability at all in those apps.

Applications where it made the biggest difference were PhotoShop and ImageReady, almost 70 MB between them. Other apps such as VPC and AppleWorks were less significant, but hey, when you've only got 10 Gigs, and 4 are used by your music collection, 1 gig by your OS, and 2 by your photgraphs, you try to claw back every MB possible!

If you really want to go crazy, go through all your plugins, too!

[Editor's note: This only works for apps which use this dual-mode configuration. Adobe Acrobat, for example, isn't built as a package, so you can't remove just the Classic bits. As the author states, once you've done this, you'll never be able to use these apps when booted in OS 9, so be sure of what you're doing before you do it!]

[Editor's addendum: Read the comments for an important caution -- make a backup first! Some apps keep OS X required resources in the Classic folder!]
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careful, it killed iMovie
Authored by: h3 on Jul 09, '02 10:52:29AM

Following this hint killed iMovie (it wouldn't launch)

Make backups first and use with caution.

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careful, it killed iMovie
Authored by: Inverted_coma on Jul 10, '02 07:01:31AM

It also kills sherlock (i should have been more careful) anyone know gow to revert the apps or a place i can get a copy without reinstalling mac osx?

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careful, it killed iMovie
Authored by: JKT on Jul 10, '02 07:27:50AM

Get Pacifist (search at Versiontracker for OSX) - it works like TomeViewer for OS9 and enables you to reinstall individual bits of software from the .pkgs on the OS X installer CD's.

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Nice try...
Authored by: jyu on Jul 09, '02 11:04:25AM

It makes sense how the Adobe apps. can work in both 9 and X. Thanks.

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Nice try...
Authored by: Ansgar on Jul 14, '02 04:50:33AM

Be careful with Adobe apps. When updating with an Adobe Installer, it looks for both versions (Classic and OS X). If the Installer can't find the Classic version, it will not work.

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Palm Desktop
Authored by: bbrown on Jul 09, '02 11:39:47AM

Palm Desktop has all of its resources in the folder called MacOSClassic. Deleting it will kill the app. Same with iMovie.

AppleWorks still works fine, though.

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Be careful
Authored by: oeyvind on Jul 09, '02 12:53:43PM

Be careful... you might not be able to apply any future update, where the updater will complain about the missing bits and say sayonara

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