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Prevent IE takeover of default browser System
I have hopefully stumbled upon the reason IE hijacks the honor of being the default web browser at seemingly random times.

To see the potential cause of this, control-click on the Internet Explorer application and choose "Show Package Contents". Open the Contents folder and then open Info-macos.plist in your editor of choice. Near the bottom you'll see this key:
Within that key is an array of values in the following form:
<string>http URL</string>
The final association is what we are worried about; LS is OS X's Launch Services which handles all the file typing and associations for the OS. Deleting these lines should prevent IE from hijacking your browser setting.

[Editor's note: I haven't had a hijacking problem in a few months (since 10.1.3, perhaps?). We've also covered other methods of preventing this hijacking in the past (1, 2); they all seemed to work for some people some of the time. So here's one more thing to try if IE continues to override your default browser settings.]
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Doesn't work for me
Authored by: gvitale on Jul 09, '02 03:29:24AM

Unfortunately this hack didn't work in my system (iBook, MacOSX 10.1.5, Navigator as default). I think it's time for Apple to solve this problem.
I didn't have the problem until recently (10.1.3 ??), but now is relay getting on my nerves.

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Don't edit that file!
Authored by: duff on Jul 09, '02 07:45:56AM

IExplorer seems to be the default browser (set by Apple) -- if I delete ~/Library/Preferences/LSClaimedTypes then my browser setting falls back on IExplorer. So if people experience the same, then most likely this file got deleted or corrupted.

The CFBundleURLSchemes inform the Finder about which URL schemes that the program in question can understand, and thus shouldn't be deleted.

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Safe to Edit
Authored by: THEM on Jul 09, '02 11:26:01AM

We aren't deleting that entry, we are changing its additional field of LSIsAppleDefault entry, not what URL types it can handle.

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Safe to Edit
Authored by: gvitale on Jul 09, '02 12:01:58PM

can you explain that in plain english please?

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Is it really random?
Authored by: sinjin on Jul 10, '02 01:59:11AM

I've had IE take over as my default browser many times, but it isn't random. I know exactly when it is going to happen - whenever I install a new non-IE browser. With OmniWeb's frequent updates (every 2 wks or so) I was heading to the prefs regularly to switch back to OW after installation. How does IE know when you've updated your browser? Perhaps this .plist file is the answer (I have no idea). I hope this bit of info will spark some insight in the more advanced readers leading to killing the IE beast.

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Is it really random?
Authored by: ElLeon0 on Jul 10, '02 08:25:10PM
If the problem really is that Internet Explorer is set as a default whenever an old version of the preferred browser is deleted (which has been my experience -- I install a new nightly build of Chimera and delete the old one each day using this hint, and I have to change the setting back to Chimera each day), does anyone know a way of changing the default browser settings from the command line? If they did, it would be easy to just throw it at the end of the auto-update script, and would make my life a little easier, at least.

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Not random in my experience
Authored by: wfolta on Jul 22, '02 12:35:04PM

I've found the same thing you did: when I install a new version of OmniWeb, the system sees the old version as gone and reverts to IE.

Since I spotted that pattern, there has been only one time where I got switched and hadn't updated OmniWeb. On the other hand, I also have had one or two times where OmniWeb has told me it's running in non-purchased mode, but when I go to the Licenses screen it clearly displays a license. So maybe OmniWeb is messing up something sometimes?

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